What Is Venus In The 8th House & How Does It Influence Your Horoscope, Per Astrology

What does it mean for you?

4 Ways Venus In The Eighth House Affect Your Horoscope, Per Astrology pexels

What is Venus and what does it mean when Venus is in the eighth house in your natal chart or during a particular transit?

You've probably heard it before, but you may have no idea what a house actually means or why Venus, as a planet would have any significance to your horoscope.

Venus in the eighth house has to do with synastry, and its often associated with Scorpio.

Synastry is the study of two or more different horoscope signs, and their compatibility and relationships. Scorpio relates to rebirth and transformation.


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Venus as a planet has to do with what it rules: love, partnership, property, what you perceive as beautiful and how you relate to others.

Wherever Venus is in your natal chart can influence the way that you love, experience pleasure, gain or lose money, and express romance.


It also demonstrates how you might be compatible with another person.

When your astrological personalities match up forming an aspect, there's a combined energetic relationship that forms that empowers both of you.

Venus coming together with the eighth house makes for a heavy and intense combination.

This is because the eighth house is a mysterious sector known for being associated with money, sex, birth, death, transformation, and energies that bond at a deep level.

The eighth house is also known for bringing about sudden events. When this house and planet come together, big attraction forms.

Here are 4 ways that Venus in the eight house influences your zodiac sign during a transit or when in your horoscope and/or natal chart.


1. The 8th house involves sexual attraction.

When Venus is in the eight house, sexual attraction is at an all-time high. You might feel an instant attraction to someone.

It might feel like some sort of connection, but what it really can be is sexual energy.

A lot of times we confuse love and lust. Venus is known for sexy and steamy feelings between two people, so it's quite possible it will happen to you.

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2. Venus in the 8th house will be a transformative time for you.

Venus in the eighth house is also known as a time for transformation.

This change has to do with the relationships in your life.


A special someone may impact your life forever and they are helping you become the best version of yourself.

The people who appear in our lives are there for a reason and they help us grow as people.

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3. Your creative energy is impacted.

Don't be surprised if you're feeling extra creative while Venus is in the eighth house.

This is a great time to dive into something artsy and make something from scratch that you're proud of.

It's also a good time for discovering new music.

Step out of your comfort zone and listen to a genre or an artist you normally wouldn't gravitate towards.


You'd be surprised at how much you like a song from an unexpected artist or album.

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4. Venus in the 8th house influences how you feel about commitment.

Venus in the eighth house brings about feelings of commitment. People with Venus in the eighth house tend to put their relationships as a priority.


They'll be feeling dedicated to making all of their relationships in life work, whether it's in romance or friendships.

However, you'll sense who is in your life for the right reasons and who is around for ulterior motives.

You only make time for the important, positive people in your life.

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