Life Path 1 Love Compatibility, According To Numerology

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Numerology & Life Path 1 Love Compatibility

Who is most compatible with you if you're a Life Path Number 1?

Life Path Number 1s are the leaders of numerology, so it stands to reason that these individuals need someone in their life who can keep up with their busy pace and competitive nature.

In general, Life Path 1 is usually compatible with Paths 3, 5, and 6.

(Here is a link that explains how to calculate your Life Path Number.)

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Each Life Path Number represents and shows a lot about someone. 

When you know a person's Life Path Number, you get a lens from which to view their personality traits to specific weaknesses.

Life Path numbers help us to understand more about why we are the way we are and where we are going in life.

Life Path 1

Life Path 1 is all about the “self.” It focuses on independence and individualism; people on this Life Path forge their own way and do not trouble themselves with the opinions of others.

They do what makes them happy at the end of the day. They can sometimes be seen as selfish, but that is the risk they take when choosing to focus on themselves and what makes them happy.

People on this Life Path are constantly progressing and making moves for what they want; they enjoy their freedom and cannot stand to be dependent on others.

Love compatibility for Life Path 1:

Life Path 1 & Life Path 1

Two Life Path 1s do not make the best match as they are too similar in certain areas of life.

They both enjoy being the center of attention and are often argumentative, which can cause some clashing and fights.

Each person will struggle to be in charge; this relationship only works if they both focus on working together instead of dominating.

Life Path 1 & Life Path 2

These two life path numbers do not have much in common from the outside, but Life Path 2 actually makes a fairly good match for a Life Path 1.

The fact that they are so different works for them as they each have specific roles they excel in and provide what their partner lacks.

They typically mesh very well, especially if they are both sensitive to each other’s feelings.

Life Path 1 & Life Path 3

This is usually a good match.

Life Path 1s focus on independence and being themselves and Life Path 3's love of creativity and work very well together.

They both enjoy fun and adventures.

Additionally, this can be a strong match as Number 3’s personality has traits that help them deal with 1's natural tendency to be headstrong and argumentative.

Life Path 1 tends to become stressed or anxious, which Life Path 3’s relaxed and positive nature is an ideal balance for.

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Life Path 1 & Life Path 4

Life Path 1 and Life Path 4 can either be very compatible or very volatile. It depends on each person and if the two can respect each other’s needs and desires.

There are generally some key differences in values and personality that cause issues between the two that need a lot of work to overcome.

If they both commit to the relationship and think about each other, it has potential.

Life Path 1 & Life Path 5

Life Path 5 and Life Path 1 are generally a good match, as Life Path 5 has no problem dealing with Life Path 1’s occasional attitude.

They balance each other well and both bring elements to the relationship the other one needs; they are usually very passionate couples who are never bored; their energies constantly match and vibe well together.

Life Path 1 & Life Path 6

This is a great match as Life Path 6 is very open and friendly; their peaceful nature matches well with Life Path 1.

Life Path 1's need for loyalty finds its ideal partner in Life Path 6, who is known for being loving and faithful.

They work well together and create a safe and harmonious relationship that is very steady and secure.

Life Path 1 & Life Path 7

Life Path 7 falling in love can lead to a great relationship or a total disaster.

They are both naturally curious and eager to learn more about the world around them, yet they are both incredibly private.

This can cause some problems as neither person is willing to bring down their walls to go deep and share who they are with each other.

This pair can only work if they both agree to be vulnerable and emotionally open.

Life Path 1 & Life Path 8

Life Path 1 and Life Path 8 are usually very stubborn; they both want to be in charge and tend to clash as they grapple for control.

These paths must learn to compromise and work together, or a relationship is impossible.

Communication is key for this pair as they are both sensitive people behind their argumentative and hard exteriors.

Life Path & Life Path 9

A match between Life Path 9 and a 1 will not be easy; they struggle to understand each other and see from the other’s point of view.

Maintaining their independence is key for this match as they both love their space and freedom.

They hate to feel tied down, so a successful relationship between the two requires a mutual respect for each other’s independence.

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