What Life Path Number 9 Means, According To Numerology, Astrology, & Tarot Cards

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Numerology Of Life Path Number 9
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The number 9 has the highest vibrational frequency of all the root numbers.

The number 9 is special because it maintains it's vibrational energy no matter how it is multiplied.

What is special about life path number 9, according to numerology?

Did you know that any number multiplied by 9 will always reduce down to the number 9 every time, no matter how large? Yes, it's true. Do the math.

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The number 9 is linked to The Hermit Tarot card. The Hermit card shows up when someone needs to take some alone time to find some spiritual wisdom.

You may even feel inclined to teach spirituality to others and to share the lessons you have learned.

When you connect to the number 9, you will notice that because number 9 works on such a higher frequency, you will notice that you are able to work effectively at a higher pace. You have a deep understanding of humans when you are dealing with the number 9.

You will find that you are more connected to finding your inner wisdom. You may even feel very emotional when you are connected to the number 9. You have larger than life goals and you gravitate to humanitarian work.

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Life Path Number 9 is connected with the zodiac sign, Sagittarius in astrology and the Temperance Tarot card.

Life Path Number 9 & Astrology

Sagittarius is a great mentor and mediator for others. You quickly find common ground and you are good at finding a balance without making judgments or biases.

You are genuine and you are able to work through whatever gets in your way with ease and grace. You probably find that you are constantly looking to learn more and obtain more information.

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Life Path Number 9, Astrology & The Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance card depicts an angel that is pouring water from one cup to another, this act is called tempering, which, according to Tarot.com, is "a slow process of integration that leads to the perfect middle state."

The red wings of the angel represent life through blood and Sagittarius' base as a Fire zodiac sign. The angel has one foot in the water which indicates that a Sagittarius needs to search for a balance to life.

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The greatest thing for a Sagittarius to do is to live a balanced life to find wisdom. Sagittarius is a Fire sign, which indicates the person's characteristics of being passionate and interested in learning new things, ideas, philosophies, and to travel the world.

Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur which is often carrying a bow. The bow symbolizes Sagittarius' need to dream big and aim higher.

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