Who Is Twitter Astrologer, IJaadee?

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Who Is Twitter Astrologer, IJaadee?

IJaadee is an astrologer who vocalizes her cosmic knowledge mainly on Twitter.

She has 116.3K Twitter followers, and some of them are quite famous. IJaadee is the personal astrologer for both Kehlani and SZA.

So, who is Twitter astrologer, IJaadee?

IJaadee is a Leo and her larger than life attitude is apparent even when she only uses 280 characters or less.

She makes connections to perfect strangers through her knowledge of astrology and her need to help people.

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As she mentions in an interview with The 777 Show, IJaadee’s mission in her astrological readings and teachings is to facilitate an open and honest discussion about people’s questions about the world and how astrology can explain them, whether those questions are general or personal.

IJaadee started her career with a simple google search.

She had a question that astrology answered sparking her interest and curiosity on this cosmic philosophy.

And so IJaadee delved deep into the study of the subject and continues her study now making sure that she is as well informed as possible to give her clients the most accurate readings she can.

Read on to learn more about IJaadee and how she can be so accurate in her astrological readings.

How does IJaadee answer questions so accurately?

IJaadee uses horary astrology to answer her clients’ questions.

Horary astrology is a form of astrology that uses charts much like natal charts.

IJaadee asks her clients to note the time and place that they first thought of the question so that she can generate an accurate chart of the planets’ positioning and patterns that will explain the answer astrologically.

If the exact time is forgotten or unknown, IJaadee will use the time that the client messaged her instead.

Horary astrology is what has made IJaadee’s readings so mind-blowing to her followers, so they continue to come back asking for her services.

If it hooked Kehlani and SZA on IJaadee it could hook you too.

IJaadee also pays close attention to the details of the charts that she reads.

She uses the degrees of the planets and the north and south nodes of a person’s chart to yield further accuracy and nuance to what is going on in the sky when whoever’s personal question was evoked.

The exaltation of the planets adds a lot more depth to IJaadee’s readings, and she is aware that these details should not be overlooked.

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How to contact IJaadee:

IJaadee, as a Twitter astrologer, prefers to be DMed on Twitter.

It is fast, efficient, and enables a wide audience to get in touch with her.

Of course, considering her fame, sometimes her DMs can get clogged with so many messages, but IJaadee encourages people who don’t hear back to be patient or try again.

She ensures that she will get back to you sooner or later.

How IJaadee responds to feedback:

IJaadee is conscious that not everyone is 100% right 100% of the time.

IJaadee welcomes feedback and loves to learn from when she is wrong or off in her readings.

Astrology is very much open to interpretation, and IJaadee finds that readings are the most personalized when her clients can help to guide her.

Astrology is a study that is ongoing no matter how ancient it is.

IJaadee tells The 777 Club that she is always trying to learn new things whether it is a general study session or if she is researching a mistake she may have made.

Despite this disclaimer, most still cheer IJaadee’s accuracy.

She is warm, honest, and helpful in her readings as well as her Tweets to the public.

If you have a pressing question that you are not sure how to answer or need some cosmic guidance in your life, DM @ijaadee or browse her page.

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