What The Full Moon In Cancer Means, According To TikTok Astrology

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What The Full Moon In Cancer Means, According To TikTok Astrology Tashatuvango/Shutterstock.com

The Cold Christmas Full Moon in Cancer is here, and you can find out what the Full Moon in Cancer means, according to TikTok astrology when using the app.

Yes, astrological effects can be discovered with some TikTok navigation, even after the Full Moon has passed.

TikTok has something to say about astrology, and many TikTok astrologers are making predictions about the Full Moon in Cancer, and why it is so important for your zodiac sign.


TikTok has a large astrological community on the app, and many astrologers like Maren Altman found their platform by making accurate astrological predictions to followers.

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TikTok astrologers characterize the zodiac signs, make predictions, and give advice and horoscopes using the popular app to spread this cosmic information.

If you’re looking for some astrological guidance during the Full Moon or any astrological event, go to TikTok and you will find plenty of answers from many TikTok astrologers or TikTokers who simply love the topic of astrology.

You can find these astrological TikToks by following astrologer TikTok users or by searching hashtags like #witchtok, #astrology, #zodiac, #insert-your-zodiac-sign-here, etc.

Here's what the Full Moon in Cancer means, according to TikTok astrology:

The Full Moon in Cancer will create strong emotions.

The Moon is the closest celestial body to Earth and therefore has a strong influence on us earthlings.


When the Moon is in its full phase, its power and influence on us become the strongest.

The Moon rules over emotions, astrologically, and Cancer is a water zodiac sign which also ties Cancers strongly to emotions.

The bottom line is that this Full Moon in Cancer is going to evoke some strong emotions.

The past will be resolved.

As I mentioned before, there is going to be heightened emotional power during the Full Moon in Cancer.

Many TikTokers give explanations for the Full Moon and even do moon tarot readings to go more in-depth on the subject.

Users like xarascoven and msashycat have moon tarot cards that specifically read the energies channeled from the moon as opposed to general tarot which reads the energies from the cosmos in general.


The consensus of the moon tarot readings and predictions from many astrological experts on TikTok is that this Full Moon is about resolving the past and allowing for a change in the near future.

This reading feels very appropriate because the Full Moon in Cancer is occurring at the end of this year and there was one at the start of 2020.

Time is shifting and our lives are shifting with it.

To here her Moon tarot card reading and astrology predictions, click here.

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Everyone is affected differently, depending on their zodiac sign.

TikToker Milk (@milkastrology) explains that figuring out the more specific influence this Full Moon will have on you all comes down to your natal chart.


There are many natal chart generators that you can find online, then look to see where you have Cancer in your natal chart.

The house that Cancer is in within your natal chart will describe the realm of your life where you will see the strongest effects of the Full Moon at the end of December. 

To hear @MilkAstrology's statement on what this means, click here.

Now is a good time for a Full Moon ritual.

Many astrologers like to channel their cosmic energies with rituals so that the energies can work with your desired intentions.

Astrologers like mysticxicana and venusinscorpio6666 post about rituals that they like to do and how to do them with their TikTok videos.


Full Moon rituals can help to guide the moon’s energies towards goals that you would like accomplished in your life.

A Full Moon ritual can help you to soak up all of the moon energy possible during this powerful time. 

Here's what Mysticxicana has to say to her followers about astrology.


Make use of your spiritual lessons.

Astrologers keep.the.channel.on.love and mrsrochholz decided to use their TikTok channels to explain this Full Moon in Cancer as well as provide advice.

The advice is about how to handle these few days when the moon is full and how to go about life after the Full Moon.

Even though the Moon is full only for three days, this astrological event is meant to have a lasting effect on you.

Take the lessons you learn from the Full Moon in Cancer and carry them with you into the new year and the following Moon phases as it enters confident, active Leo.

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