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Why Social Media Users Think Melania Trump Was Photoshopped Into The White House Christmas Portrait

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Donald Trump and Melania Trump

Another day, another Melania Trump Christmas scandal.

Only this time, it’s not what Melania said about Christmas at the White House or the decorations she chose (although, will that ever NOT be a point of conversation about Christmas at the White House?) — it has to do with her and Donald Trump’s Christmas portrait. 

Social media users everywhere have been talking about the portrait of the couple, which was released on Sunday, Dec. 20, and it’s not because Donald and Melania Trump are sporting matching outfits. 

Instead, social media users are fixated on the fact that the photo looks fake, and some are going as far as to say that Melania Trump was completely photoshopped into the portrait. 

Was Melania Trump photoshopped into the White House Christmas portrait?

Let’s take a look at what social media users are saying about the White House Christmas card, and what a photo expert concluded about the potentially photoshopped portrait. 

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Donald and Melania Trump’s Christmas portrait is their last.

Although the couple did not pose for a Christmas portrait last year, since it’s their last holiday in the White House, it seems like the Trumps figured they should have one last holiday memory before Joe Biden and his administration take over. 

A photo expert analyzed the portrait, and thinks it’s totally fake.

David Mager, a photo expert from the New York Film Academy, says that the biggest “telltale” sign that the portrait is photoshopped is that there is no “contact shadow” between Donald and Melania.

“A contact shadow is when two objects are actually touching each other in really life,” he explains. "So I would expect to see a contact shadow underneath the feet where the shoes are actually touching the red carpet and that for me is missing."

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Mager then went on to say that both Donald and Melania look like “paper cutouts” in the portrait:

"There definitely has this feeling of sort of a paper cutout to the hairline for both of them, especially with the first lady. What you notice, if you zoom in close, there is really no contact between his arm and her jacket.

You would expect to see some kind of pressure where two things are pushing against each other, even a little ripple in the fabric or something like that.”

Social media users think the portrait is completely photoshopped.

Along with Mager’s photoshop suspicions, social media users also believe that Donald Trump and Melania Trump were totally cut from other pictures and pasted into the White House Christmas portrait.

“Melania’s Christmas card is photoshopped with an old @realdonaldtrump picture,” one Twitter user alleged, while another said, “I could tell immediately it was photoshopped, thanks for finding the original!”

If you compare the two photos above, Trump looks eerily similar in both pictures.

“We all know that Trump is ‘not all there’, but in this case, he's not there at all. Trump loves Christmas so much he has to be photoshopped into his own Christmas card,” one Twitter user quipped, while another wrote, “Whoa this photoshop fail is unreal. You guys even lie on a Christmas card! Sheesh, January can't come soon enough.”

And while many social media users were busy pointing out White House photoshop fail, others weren’t as concerned about it, given the current state of the country.

“Bruh I just watched people from @InsideEdition talk about how the @WhiteHouse Christmas card could be photoshopped,” one Twitter user wrote. “They had some guy behind a computer analyzing trumps [sic] feet and stuff [skull]. Who cares? We got a global pandemic going on why don’t you make some videos about that.”

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