Love Horoscope For Friday, December 18, 2020

Friendships are where love is expressed most for 3 zodiac signs on Friday.

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For today's love horoscope by zodiac sign, resident astrologer, and YourTango's Senior Editor, Aria Gmitter shares how current astrological events affect you on Friday, December 18.

Historically, the longest-lasting relationships are rooted in friendship.

And, your daily love horoscope gives a boost of confidence in relationships that help to build trust and common interests.

Venus is in her happy place— Sagittarius.


Sagittarius has a reputation for being a little freaky when Venus is here, but for some zodiac signs, this is a good thing!

Venus in Sagittarius allows guards to be dropped and honest conversations to be had.

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There is the courage to say what we are thinking as Mercury is in Sagittarius, too.

The Sun in Sagittarius provides a boost to the ego, and what you don't do well in love, you may have enough desire to learn and grow from it.

And on Friday, Venus begins her communication with Saturn, who has just entered Aquarius.

Saturn in Aquarius provides structure and stability to the unknown, and it also fortifies what we do know when in a relationship with others.

What today's love horoscope has in store for each zodiac sign on Friday, December 18, 2020:



Venus in wayward Sagittarius harmonizes with a friendlier Saturn on Friday, and you have a desire to conquer the unknown wherever the road may lead.

You're braver now that Venus is no longer in detriment. And, this can become the stepping stone to greater things, especially if your love life has been on the rocks.

Saturn in your friendship zone is still young, but you may start to see the light where a love needs to be put in their place.

If you have to distance yourself a bit to regain perspective or hear your inner voice, this weekend is the perfect time to pursue your me-time in the name of love.

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Venus is in your shared resources sector, but being that she's in Sagittarius the wealth to be found may be hidden in knowledge and banter that you have with others.

Now is a good time to study love or to explore the cultural aspects of it.

If you're dating or coupled with a partner who comes from a different background, this can be a great time of discovery.

Perhaps cooking cuisine that reminds your partner of home or learning about the little cultural nuances that they learned as a child can become a bonding time for you both.

Venus is also harmonizing with stable Saturn who is now gaining its bearings in innovative Aquarius continuing to introduce you to the idea of career and culture and its impact on love.

This is a great time to dedicate yourself to the labor of love, and to try and view it as a long-term effort, wherever your love life takes you.

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It's a good thing you're a curious person because Saturn in your sector of higher learning can really bring out the intrigue in you, and not without any flights of feeling.

Saturn in Aquarius for the next two years may help you to stabilize areas of your love life that have left you commitment phobic for a long while.

You may desire to dive into a new romance or one that you've cultivated over time, especially with Venus in Sagittarius.

Venus harmonizes with structured Saturn this weekend, but remember that these transits are new, so even though there are hints of improvement taking place in your love life, it's still too soon to know where this path will lead.

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Saturn spent two solid years in your relationship and marital sector, and this could have put a significant strain on your love life.

Now that it's officially moved into Aquarius, where it still rules, things start to become less complicated, but perhaps there are feelings of sadness associated with the change.

Venus, the planet of love in your sector of health and wellness encourages you to take this time to do what you need.

Be tender with your emotion. While advice that suggestions 'push through' or 'toughen up' may work for other zodiac signs, yours is a little bit different.

The Moon is in Aquarius, and as your ruler, it's also encouraging you to take this time to relax and participate in some self-care.

Don't go beyond the point where you feel numb inside. Instead, allow yourself the time you need to process and to grieve, even if it's just gratitude that 2020 is almost over.

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Being ruled by the Sun, and is moving into a more flexible zodiac sign like Sagittarius can be like the pot stirred in a way you aren't necessarily comfortable.

You may love attention, but not if it's on things you prefer to keep private and out of the public's eye.

Venus in Sagittarius with blunt Mercury and the Sun all bring out the romantic in you.

No problem, but with Saturn in Aquarius joined by the Moon, you may feel like you have to tread a bit lightly before you wear your heart on your sleeve.

This can be a dance, especially if you've not been dating for keeps.

But if you in a relationship you want to stay in for a long while, trouble can brew and some of your flaws may come up to the light.

That's OK. Own then, and everything will work out, especially during this weekend when loving Venus harmonizes with Saturn, and things can become fodder for bonding and closeness with a person you love.

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There's no place like home unless it's the last place you want to be.

You may feel that home is not where your heart is as Venus in wanderlust Sagittarius makes you itch for new adventures.

However, her relationship with Saturn this weekend encourages you to stick to what you know.

Saturn in Aquarius is still at a critical degree, so this is the hardest you may feel when it comes to the stress of changes before the new year begins.

If you have a friend or partner that you can hang out with, it can satisfy your need to try something new.

If you are hanging out solo, maybe bring in a safe adventure that keeps you out of crowds and away from areas that compromise your safety or health.

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Venus is in your sector of communication, and while you may not always like to talk about love, you do feel it and do so deeply.

Now that Saturn and the Moon are in your relationship sector can take the indecisiveness out of your mind (at least for a short while).

You may be feeling more open and willing to share your thoughts about romance, but not just for the sake of it. While Saturn is in Aquarius at a critical degree on Friday, you may waiver back and forth about what love really means to you.

It's a great day to view life and love as it is perceived with the collective, but also to take time to understand your own heart, especially before you share what you have been thinking with someone new.

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Venus in your house of money and personal possessions can feel a bit like a relief.

And even though you are romantic in nature, it's good to not be so intense for this weekend. You can turn your attention to the action of love instead of the emotional aspects of it.

With Saturn and the Moon in Aquarius, your sector of home and family, there are lots of things to do to make life better for yourself and people you love. Have you taken care of the little things that aren't always fun to talk about but necessary?

Before the new year rolls in, be sure to have your intentions in place for medical, afterlife and even what you would like to do now, so everyone is in the know.

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Sagittarius season is well underway, and with so many planets in your zodiac sign you may be feeling intensely fortunate without any reason at all.

Mercury in your sign can make you bolder than ever, and perhaps you will speak your peace more than usual.

Venus in your sign can encourage you to do things to beautify yourself and to make your love shine from the inside out.

Venus harmonizes with stern Saturn in Aquarius Friday through this weekend, so even though you are ready to roll with whatever comes your way, the timing may feel like it's slow and just not right.

When this happens, focus on your personal development. Don't be afraid to wait when time says hold off.

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This Friday through the weekend is a great time to evaluate your wants list and make it a long one!

Jupiter and Pluto are still making waves in your life by magnifying what you need to change and helping you to avoid missing it clearly.

Now that your ruler is in Aquarius, with the Moon, the emotional aspect of change turns to money and personal property. Love can be emotional, right? But you also have to pay the bills!

Venus in Sagittarius harmonizing with Saturn can be an encouraging sign.

You may want to evaluate what worked, what hasn't worked, and what you need to try when you're not making emotional decisions.

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Saturn in your zodiac sign may feel like a rock has hit and you're wondering what to do next.

Saturn in Aquarius can help to restructure your love life, but it also can make you see things in a way you had not considered.

Saturn is harmonizing with Venus this Friday through the weekend, and you can feel the changes taking place within your friendship circle.

You may learn about love, your love life, and things that you had not considered through friends.

Be open-minded and willing to listen as tidbits of wisdom can come to you this week.

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You are unafraid when it comes to doing the work of love, but you may feel like you need someone who is also open to sharing what this means.

With Venus in Sagittarius now, you may see love as something you do, not just what you feel.

Venus harmonizes with Saturn who has just entered Aquarius and spends Friday in your hidden enemies sector, too.

You may come to realize that there are some areas where you've given your heart over too readily, and it's time to pull back a bit.

You may not feel strong enough to do that without your friends to see you through.

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Aria Gmitter, M.S, M.F.A., is YourTango's Senior Editor of Horoscopes and Spirituality. She studies with the Midwestern School of Astrology and is a member of the South Florida Astrological Association.