45 Best Libra Memes That Describe This Zodiac Sign

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Libras might be hard to understand, but Libra memes aren’t! In fact, these hilarious posts might even help break down this enigmatic zodiac sign.

Since all Libras do is agree with whatever you say about them, memes are a fun, lighthearted way to understand this people-pleasing sign.


This diplomatic sign won’t be the one to choose the movie or dish out their opinion on what takeout to order, but they will go out of their way to capture your heart and demand your attention... only to ghost you a week later.

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They’re sociable and love to be the peacemakers of the friend group, but when things get heated they’re likely to shut off their phones and ignore their texts in an effort to avoid confrontation

45 Best Libra Memes

If you are a Libra or if you know one, these hilarious memes are sure to make you laugh out loud, even if they are a little too close to home at times. 

1. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.


Libra supporting their fire sign friends: Oh, that’s hot. You are so gorgeous. You’re a natural.

2. Libras aim to please.

Standing up for yourself and what you believe in vs. changing your stated opinions and verbally agreeing with what people say so they won’t dislike you. 


3. Libra trying to tell it how it is.

Libras be like: How to say f*** you in a nice way.

4. See no evil.


5. Libras making any decision ever...

6. This is what haunts the Scales of the Zodiac.


People mistaking you for being fake when you’re just kind and reserved. 

7. Balance heals everything.

Libra reminding you that there are two sides to every story to always be fair and impartial.


8. They just want to be loved.

Libras entertaining multiple people at the same time instead of healing because they’re in love with the idea of being loved

9. But when they are in love, it’s never enough.


Libra crying over the only guy who doesn’t want to date them vs. Libra when he makes it official.

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10. They’ve got a lot on their plates.

11. Oh, the things Libra does for attention.

Gemini/Libra/Leo placements using dating as a form of entertainment: When I’m bored, I think I’m in love with whoever I’m with.

12. They take on everyone’s problems. 


13. Libras avoid responsibility.

14. It's just indecisive Libra things.


15. Tell them something they don’t know.

When they say you are indecisive...

16. They will be liked, whether you like it or not.


17. Libras are basically Switzerland.

Being asked to pick sides between two friends arguing.

18. It’s all an act.


Trying to be nice when you are not in the mood.

19. Win over Libra with a few words.

Bae: Take as long as you need.

20. Libra getting hit by a random mood swing...


21. Take your negative opinions elsewhere.

22. Unless it comes to fashion.


Libra looking for the fashion police to arrest you for that hideous outfit. 

23. Teamwork isn’t really their thing.

When the group project with dramatic people is finally over.


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24. Decisions, decisions...

25. Here comes Libra’s emotions again. 


26. No second chances allowed. 

27. They’ll keep you guessing.


Yes, I am a Libra; therefore, I’m only truly myself 2 hours in a month.

28. Libras on their way to do things they’ll regret later.

29. There are two things Libras are experts at. 


30. They're constantly drowning in problems.

31. Libras love to play it safe.


Libra never taking a single risk: Is this truly living?

32. Why can’t we all just get along?

Libra: Taking a stance in any argument or disagreement and making it known to others vs. changing your stated opinions based on who you’re talking to in an attempt to appease everyone. 


33. Libras in the face of confrontation look just like this.

34. Instant regret.


35. Libras are their own secret admirer.

Paris: Never pass a mirror without looking in it. 

36. Libras during the 'what are we' talk.


You’re boring to me and I’m already dead. 

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37. This is what Libras look like trying to back out on their wedding day.


Libras realizing they got themselves stuck in another relationship. 

38. Libras take everything personally.

When your crush doesn't magically know that you like them and starts dating someone else: Maybe I’m just meant to be lonely. 


39. Libras dream partner = a mind reader.

You never show interest in others, but you want their attention.

40. Emojis make everything sound better.


41. Face masks, candles and avoiding responsibilities are the name of the game.

42. They just want some attention!


Donna, I already love myself. I just wanna French someone

43. Libra is the shopaholic of the Zodiac.

Me: I have no money.

Also me

44. Libra isn't always easy to read.


When you’ve been dating a few months now and you can finally reveal yourself as the psychopath you really are

45. But you’re still the best of a bad bunch.

When you're trash but you're still better than everyone else.


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