Why Do Libras End Up Alone?

But they're so lovable!

Why Do Libras End Up Alone? Dean Drobot/Shutterstock.com

Libras are one of the most likable zodiac signs, so it is surprising that they often end up alone.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love and relationships, so they are very inclined to desire committed romantic relationships.

Why do Libras end up alone?

In many respects, Libra zodiac signs are the lone wolves of astrology.

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Perhaps Libras want that intimacy a little too much making it difficult for them to actually achieve it.

The Libra symbol is the scales representing balance, justice, and fairness.

Their equinoctial placement in the calendar further enforces this need for balance in Libras.

Their strong drive to remain impartial and fair can inhibit Libras from accepting their partners as the flawed humans that they are.

With an inclination towards truth and logic, Libras can treat their relationships as a science to be figured out and perfected.

Taking this type of approach, rather than focusing on the emotional aspects, can cause them to be alone.


They forget that intimacy is what's integral to the health and happiness of both sides of the partnership.

Read on to find out why these sociable Libras tend to end up alone, per astrology:

1. Libra gives too much.

Libras focus too much on others.

Because Libras are inherently attuned to relationships and fairness, their focus can be too steady on the other people around them instead of themselves.

In the Thema Mundi, the natal chart of the world, Libra was positioned in the “fall” of the Sun meaning that the Sun appeared to descend from the sky.

This unique positioning means that the Sun is less powerful, one could even say that the Sun’s power is fading by the time it reaches Libra.


The Sun represents the self, so in the autumn and winter months, beginning with Libra, when the focus is shifted to others over the self.

In a partnership, this is problematic because care and attention are disproportionate towards one side of the relationship.

This imbalance is clearly unsettling for the Scales sign, so to return to equilibrium, they may have to rediscover their independence by terminating the relationship.

2. Libras are big softies.

Libras don’t handle anger well.

Libra’s opposite is the Mars-ruled zodiac sign, Aries. Because Mars is the planet of aggression, its counterpart does not take well to anger.

Libra is always striving for harmony, and a diminished note of anger can make them uncomfortable and cause them to shut down.


In a relationship, even one full of love and happiness, anger can arise.

People are just people, we feel on a huge spectrum of emotions, so when Libra wants to leave out the negative emotions, it can cause a rift between them and their loved ones who want to be able to feel free.

In order to have a healthy relationship, everyone involved needs to be allowed to be human and trust their partner with their not-so-nice sides.

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3. Libras withdraw when they get hurt.

Libras get taken advantage of.

Libras are people pleasers, they want to make everyone as happy as possible. Some people can take advantage of the accommodating Libra creating a toxic dynamic between them.


When one side of a relationship is being entirely cared for by their partner while that partner receives very little care in return, the relationship becomes more parent-child than partner-partner.

Libra’s deep care for their loved ones makes it difficult for them to even recognize when they’ve fallen into this distorted relationship.

It’s important for Libras to remember that they are a part of the balance scales and need to make sure that their needs are met just as much as the other person’s.

This sort of toxicity cannot be sustained, so both partners need to either change the way they approach each other and the relationship or cut their losses and move on.


4. Libras will choose to be alone to avoid conflict.

Libras avoid conflict to a fault.

Keeping the peace seems like a good thing, but avoiding conflict like the plague can lead to bottled up emotions and resentment.

As much as Libras are skilled at solving conflicts, they’d rather there not be any conflict at all.

They will try to solve the problem before it ever arises, but this only pacifies the situation rather than directly addressing it so that it can come to a resolution.


All couples argue at times, and while there can be partnerships that have an unhealthy amount of conflict, there are also partnerships that have an unhealthy amount of conflict.

Disagreements can lead to a better understanding of each others’ perspectives and ultimately bring the two people closer together.

If Libra is too quick to extinguish an arising conflict, they are simply appeasing their partner instead of genuinely listening to what the issue is.

5. Libras’ standards can be unrealistically high.

Libras have strong morals and convictions and an internalized duty to help others. Because they hold such high standards for themselves, Libras also hold those high standards for their partners.


While yes, high standards are a good thing in that no one wants to be with someone who treats them or others poorly, they don’t allow for mistakes or bad days.

Humans are fallible by nature, and if there is pressure to be wonderful and selfless all the time, it can cause great emotional and psychological distress.

As I mentioned before, Libras prefer that anger and conflict don’t exist in their relationships, but these are fundamental aspects of being a person.

In a partnership, both people need to be able to feel how they feel without judgment. I repeat, standards should be high, but they must also be realistic.

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Colleen Fogarty is a writer who covers self-care, astrology, and relationship topics.