50 Hilarious Astrology Memes For All Signs

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We all secretly (or not so secretly) love checking our horoscopes and nine times out of ten find them to be super relatable. You’ll feel the same way about these hilarious zodiac memes.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, these astrology memes will have you saying, "that’s so me!"

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1. Water signs pretending to be fine all day vs. when you ask them what's wrong.

Water signs are a bit on the sensitive side and have no trouble turning on the waterworks. 

2. There are two kinds of people.

Not all of the signs can put aside their competitive nature to look on the bright side. 

3. Fire signs, this one's for you!

Fire signs always keep it real ... whether you like it or not. 

4. Water signs five minutes into giving someone the silent treatment.

Water signs simply cannot keep their emotions to themselves (which is better than giving the silent treatment in the long run).

5. Are you OK, air signs?

Air signs always have to be up to date on all the tea.

6. When you check your crush's sign and you actually match.

Zodiac compatibility is key.

7. Zodiac signs with a strange and unique sense of humor.

You never know what you're going to get with these sun signs.

8. What the signs do when they're sad.

We all have our own ways to cope with emotions.

9. We know exactly who needs to hear this.

It's still fun to look though, right?

10. It's always something.

We all have those days. 

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11. How obsessed with astrology are you?

We all have a different level of obsession. Kudos to you if you checked every box.

12. Happens to the best of us.

When things escalate a little too far. 

13. The zodiac signs as types of friends.

Which type of friend are you? 

14. Choosing not to believe this.

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Okay, but why can't it?

15. Filling up on astrology memes.

Photo: Tumblr

You can honestly never get enough astrology memes. 

16. Me talking about astrology.

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Real astrology nerds would never find this boring. 

17. Me discussing astrology.

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Honestly, what's really more important here?

18. Astrology told you so.

Photo: Cheezburger

When the signs aren't compatible, things will never work out. 

19. When you look to astrology for literally everything.

We don't have all the answers. Come on. 

20. When your birth chart exposes you.

At least we can always use our birth chart to grow!

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21. The real ones know.

It's not as easy as it looks to be one with the zodiac world. 

22. Me on the phone with my crush's mom trying to figure out his birth time.

Sometimes you just have to get all the facts before you can get serious with someone. 

23. What it's really like being an astrologer.

Being enlightened isn't always easy. The truth hurts. 

24. Describing the last few days of Mercury retrograde.

Two words ... Mercury retrograde

25. That feeling when Mercury retrograde is over.

Things do eventually get better once this terrible time period for all of the signs is over. 

25. Is there any correlation?

One of the most important questions to ask your crush. 

26. Ah, the beauty of being exposed.

Be careful about exposing yourself too much. Some of the signs could take advantage of this. 

27. Don't do it!!

Practice what you preach!

28. Gotta start somewhere.

I mean ... It is a powerful thing to discover about yourself. 

29. That part.

Where's the lie? 

30. Always.

It's important to spread the word about what's going on in the stars. You're basically predicting the future. 

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31. You know how it is.

As a Leo, I can personally admit that this is true. 

32. When you can't get enough of astrology.

When you have to drop *subtle* hints about your interests. 

33. We are not the same.

If ya know ya know ... 

34. Wow, thanks moon.

Full moons are beautiful but drive us all crazy on a consistent basis. 

35. Ultimate deal breaker.

Never date a man that exhibits that type of negativity. 

36. That feeling when Mercury goes retrograde again.

Unfortunately, we've all been there. 

37. Beautiful.

Real astrology nerds know this is an actual blessing. 

38. I mean do we really believe in a thirteenth sign?

Are we still trying to make the thirteenth zodiac sign a thing?

39. I don't need it, I don't need it... I need it!!!

When you need astrology memes to survive through life. 

40. Aht aht!

Just because I'm into astrology doesn't mean I can solve your problems. 

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41. Relatable.

When the moon in Scorpio gets you in your feels. 

42. What it feels like when Mercury is retrograde.

When Mercury retrograde takes the last bit of energy you had. 

43. Important.

When you can't help but ask everyone you meet what their zodiac is.

44. Say it ain't so!

Wishing this was a joke. 

45. Truth.

46. How people see me vs. how I see people

Photo: Pinterest

Analyzing people from day one.

47. Blame the stars.

Photo: Someecards

Turns out it's not your fault at all!

48. Nice try.

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Good luck getting an Earth sign to be vulnerable!

49. Which friend are you?

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There are two types of people.

50. Old soul or young at heart?

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You can thank your zodiac sign.

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