What Your Favorite Character From 'The Office' Says About You

That’s what she said.

What Your Favorite Character From 'The Office' Says About You netflix

The Office isn’t exactly known for having relatable scenes; in fact, we love it because of just how bizarre and out there it is.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some truths to be revealed by examining what your favorite Office character says about you. 

The employees of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office gave us many iconic moments throughout the 9 seasons of The Office, and these 18 characters have been right at the center of all the chaos.


From secret office romances to faking deaths and playing pranks, each day at Dunder Mifflin is as wacky as the next.

Here’s what your favorite character says about how you navigate career, friendship, love, and everything in between. 

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Ryan Howard



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You’re an intellectual who loves honest, insightful conversation. You aren’t one to mess around when it comes to your career.


Just like when Ryan ruthlessly dumped Kelly in order to accept his promotion in the New York office, you will always strive for success, even if it means stepping over people to get to the top.

Be careful that your harsh tendencies don’t come back to bite you, or you may just lose it all and end up working in a bowling alley. 

Darryl Philbin



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Like Ryan, you’re ambitious and hardworking. Unlike Ryan, you’re willing to use honest means to get to the top.


You’re quietly confident and don’t need others to give you credit in order for you to feel validated.

Darryl started out as a warehouse worker in Dunder-Mifflin before working his way up to the office and eventually leaving to become a VP at Athlead with Jim. You also use your imagination and determination to achieve success, but you always make sure to laugh and have a good time while doing it. 

Dwight Schrute



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You’re logical and serious when it comes to most aspects of life.


Not one to cut corners, you appreciate rules and just want others to do the same. You don’t want to mess around by throwing birthday parties at work or having movie days.

Outside of work, you’re always finding other ways to advance yourself and make more money.

Between Schrute Farms and Dwight Schrute's Gym For Muscles, you keep yourself pretty busy, but you still have time for a lowkey, secret romance here and there. 

Angela Martin



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Speaking of secret romances, fans of Angela aren’t afraid to make deep, intense connections with the people closest to them (ahem, Dwight). That’s because you’re serious and want to find true meaning in your life.


You like rules and hate to waste time. You have strong integrity and will cut off everyone who breaches the rules you set.

Just like when Angela dumps Dwight for lying about accidentally killing her cat, you’ll gladly send anyone who crosses you a notarized letter, terminating your relationship.

Michael Scott



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You’re extroverted and not afraid of trying new things, even if they’re things you know nothing about.


Like Regional Manager Michael, you have a desire to lead and want to command respect from others, though sometimes you’re not exactly deserving of this respect.

Others may get frustrated with you since you’re not exactly in tune with their emotions. Maybe tone down the “that’s what she said” jokes and petty jabs.

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Oscar Martinez



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You just want to get through life as simply as possible without running into trouble. You have the answer to everything.


Like Oscar, you’re usually always right, even if no one will give you credit for it. Often, you’re better off alone, working quietly and efficiently without any interruptions.

You aren’t one who likes to be the center of attention, nor do you care to have all eyes on you. You’re happy and confident within yourself, and don’t need others in order to feel validated

Andy Bernard



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You and Oscar are exact opposites.


You love to be in the middle of it all and command attention from your peers. You want to be worshipped and adored and will achieve this by all means necessary.

You want to be fun and optimistic, but you struggle sometimes when things don’t go your way. If you’re unable to capture the attention you crave, you get frustrated and angry, maybe even throwing a pizza box at a wall.

Be careful — this behavior may cause you to lose friends, a job, or be forced to enroll in anger management classes in order to repair your relationship with your boss.

Kelly Kapoor



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You’re a passionate people-person who just wants to love and be loved.


When it comes to your career, you don’t take anything too seriously (or seriously enough) and just want to have fun. Work is more of a place to hang out with friends than to grind to the top.

Your devotion and commitment is more focused on love than money. In relationships, you’re all in and don’t hold back.

Watch out that you don’t end up in a one-sided relationship, though! You don’t want to be the person whose significant other spends most of their relationship trying to get away from them. 

Jim Halpert



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You like to have fun in life and aren’t one to get caught up in drama. You’re more interested in keeping your head down and doing your thing, though you do like to stir the pot occasionally with some harmless pranks.


You like to make others laugh, particularly if “others” are attractive receptionists who you see as more than a friend. You’re a devoted worker, friend, and partner — an all-around good catch. 

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Phyliss Vance



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You’re warm, caring, and social, hence making a great member to any party-planning committee.


People might think they can take advantage of your sweet nature, like Micheal with his incessant name-calling, but you know when to play dirty and are always armed with a sassy response.

In love, you’re devoted and loyal. Like Phyliss, who had one of the longest standing and most stable relationships in the show, with her beloved Bob Vance, you’ll stick with your significant other, even when people tell you that the perfume he got you smells like a funeral home. 

Pam Beesly



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You’re idealistic and optimistic, bubbling with enthusiasm for all aspects of life.


You aren’t one to get involved in conflict, preferring to remain diplomatic in times of unrest. This isn’t a fault, but it does help to speak your mind from time to time, just like Pam does in the later seasons.

When it comes to love, you just want a happily ever after, and though you might be inclined to settle, like Pam did when she almost married Roy, if you follow your heart you’ll eventually find your Jim. 

Jan Levinson



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You’re a real go-getter who gives a lot but expects even more in return. Ambitious and hot-headed in equal measure, you’re a big personality and a force to be reckoned with.


Your efforts to whip people into shape may be thrown back in your face — or, in your case, thrown into a plasma screen TV. Don’t let your frustrations get the better of you; the fall from grace has a hard landing. 

Creed Bratton



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You’re an unassuming but secretive person who will never reveal your true self to anyone (if you did they might call the police!).

Whether it’s shrugging off your work responsibilities or commuting to your Pennsylvania office from Toronto in order to take advantage of the welfare state, you’re always finding ways to scam and cut corners to better your life.


You’re mysterious and amoral, more interested in kleptomania, and faking your own death for tax purposes than making friends. 

Robert California



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You're ruthless and terrifying. You know how to use the power of intimidation to get what you want from people, especially if those people are named Andy Bernard.

You aren't afraid to offend people, even if it makes you look bad. You can be manipulative at times if you want to get your way, so people may find it hard to trust you.


You also really don't like The Black Eyed Peas, which only adds to your untrustworthiness

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Stanley Hudson



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Some might say you're lazy, others might say you're grumpy, but really you just want the simple life.


You don't want to be here, and by here we mean anywhere other people are. You just want to sit and do your crossword puzzles with as few disturbances as possible.

You aren't one to start drama or even involve yourself in any drama. As long as people leave you to your own devices, you can get on with everyone. 

Kevin Malone



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You're quiet, subdued, and keep to yourself. You're not one for intelligent conversation... or really any conversation.


Sometimes your introverted nature gets you in trouble because you find yourself awkwardly saying the wrong thing and accidentally offending people. You have some dark interests that might be better to not say aloud.

Meredith Palmer



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You're a risk-taker who isn't afraid to think and act outside of the box.

At work, you'll do anything asked of you, and even some things that no one asked for, just like when Meredith admitted to sleeping with a paper supplier to lower their costs. 


You're spontaneous and act on impulse, which can get you in trouble when you do socially inappropriate things, such as asking people like Jim to sign your fractured pelvis cast.

Toby Flenderson



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You're mild-mannered and quiet, and you'd rather more people be this way. You get bothered by the incessant talking from the Kellys of the world or the reckless antics of people like Michael.

You know what's right, such as not inviting Boy Scouts to an office casino night, but sometimes have a hard time sticking up for yourself when others challenge you.


This causes some stress for you as you struggle to articulate, but if others are willing to listen to your suggestions, they'll see you are almost always right. 

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