5 Ways To Make Your Life A Little More Interesting Every Day

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How To Be Happy, Live Life To The Fullest, & Be Spontaneous

Learning how to be happy is harder than it seems, but there's a small trick in happiness, and that's in spontaneity!

Making your life and your relationship with your partner have special, spontaneous moments that stand out from the rest is important.

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It can be hard to be spontaneous in life when you have a lot of things to do first like your work, bills to pay, household chores, and if you’re a mom, you have to think of your kids and husband — the to-do list is endless!

You establish this daily routine, stick with it, and let yourself be in auto-pilot mode.

You feel that there's always something holding you back from doing what you want in life. As a result, you feel that you are living in a monotonous and boring life.

So, how will you make your life more exciting and interesting? There are simple things that you can do to be more spontaneous.

1. Change your usual daily routine.

You can start doing something different yet simple that will let you see new places and possibilities.

You can change your route when you go home from the office, do your grocery shopping in another grocery store, or you can clean and rearrange your bedroom to change the vibe in your room.

When you do something different, you will feel less afraid to try new things.

2. Try something new every day.

The first thing you need to do to break out of your comfort zone is to do at least one thing new every day.

You can go for a bike ride, start a new workout, or quit social media for a week.

When you step out of your comfort zone, you will build courage, alleviate boredom, expand your worldview, learn more about yourself, and give yourself the opportunity to find something you enjoy.

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3. Meet old friends.

It's nice reconnecting with friends that you haven’t seen and talked to for a while.

Meeting and talking to old friends brings the youth out of you again which is such a refreshing feeling.

It makes you feel nostalgic when you talk about all the fun and embarrassing things that happened to you when you were younger and lets you realize you've already come a long way.

4. Do whatever makes you happy.

Life is short, and you need to enjoy every moment of every day so that you will be happy no matter what.

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Life is giving you chances to enjoy yourself and it is up to you if you will grab the chance and enjoy the ride. Most of the time, you may just let that chance slip, and eventually, regret it.

So, do what you want regardless of what other people might think. It’s your life and you choose whatever makes you feel happy and alive.

5. Stop doubting yourself.

Self-doubt is the voice in your head that makes you hold back from seizing the opportunity. Tell yourself that you can do it.

Van Gogh said, "If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."

The more you tell yourself you can’t do it, the more likely you won’t. Don’t be afraid to make a “yes” decision, and if you make a mistake, correct your course as you go along.

Your life is meant to be lived, so live it! Stop wasting your time doing things that don’t make you happy. You have responsibilities, sure, but it doesn't mean you cannot live spontaneously.

The last advice that I would give you is to be happy in everything that you do. Whether you are working in the office, doing household chores, or attending the needs of your family, if you take out all the negativity in your thoughts and just be thankful on what you currently have, the happiness and the spontaneous person inside of you will come out naturally.

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