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20 Tough 'The Office' Trivia Questions & Answers Only True Fans Will Know

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20 Tough 'The Office' Trivia Questions & Answers Only True Fans Will Know

Everyone's favorite coworkers are here to test your knowledge of their everyday lives with The Office trivia!

If you're like me, you have probably rewatched The Office at least several (hundred) times and do not ever fail to laugh at the same jokes you've memorized by now. 

What is it about these quirky, awkward characters that we all love so much?

I'll tell you what: I'd take working in an office run by Michael Scott over any regular boss any day! 

So, the question begins, why do people love watching and rewatching 'The Office' so much?

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When the NBC sitcom ended in 2013, this did not stop fans from jumping onto the next best thing; Netflix landed a major deal and acquired the streaming rights for all nine seasons! 

Why is this so important? Well, not only did everyone get to relive their love for these characters, but they are still able to visit each season over, and over, and over again.

"Why are you the way that you are?" (shoutout to Michael Scott) is something I had to ask myself whenever I turned on the tv and debated on what to watch, and instead turned on 'The Office' and felt at home. 

And the answer was clear; we resort to rewatching this sitcom because some of us feel at home. We laugh, we cry, we immediately understand every innuendo, and we experience every emotion that each character is experiencing at that moment. 

Whether this is something to watch while you're cleaning the house or watching every Christmas episode during the holiday seasons with your family, this is the show that gets a pass to binge!

Do you think you have what it takes to answer some of these tricky Office trivia questions?

1. How long were Roy and Pam engaged?

a. 3-4 years

b. 5 years

c. 6 months

d. 2 years 

2. What name did Pam and Angela fight over for their babies?

a. Harold

b. Steven

c. William

d. Phillip 

3. Which one of Angela's cats does Dwight kill by accident?

a. Sprinkles

b. Twinkie

c. Lady

d. Honey 

4. What tattoo does Andy get after losing a bet?

a. A woman holding a dog

b. The Cornell University logo 

c. A wolf

d. A nard dog 

5. What is the last name of the person responsible for Diversity Day training?

a. Montgomery 

b. Charles

c. Jones

d. Brown

6. Which restaurant was Pam banned from?

a. Applebee's

b. TGI Fridays

c. Chipotle

d. Chili's

7. Which character received the "Don't go in there after me" Dundie?

>a. Michael

b. Dwight

c. Creed

d. Kevin

8. Who is Michael Scott's favorite actress?

a. Charlize Theron

b. Meryl Streep

c. Anne Hathaway

d. Uma Thurman

9. What is the name of Michael Scott's book?

a. How To Become The World's Greatest Boss

b. Somehow I Manage

c. My Life As a Successful Businessman

d. The One That Got Away

10. During a prank Michael pulls on Pam, what does he accuse her of stealing?

a. His stapler

b. Toilet tissue

c. Coffee cups

d. Post-it notes

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11. What movie is everyone watching when Jan walks into the office?

a. Varsity Blues

b. Good Fellas

c. Kill Bill

d. Toy Story 3

12. Michael claims to be part Native American; how much Indian?

a. 1/3

b. 3/15

c. 2/15

d. 2/10

13. How many people get their arms cut in the baler per year?

a. 2

b. 24

c. 15

d. 10 

14. What is the female warehouse workers name (hint: Michael calls her Pudge)

a. Maggie

b. Deborah

c. Pam

d. Madge 

15. Who does Angela name her son after? 

a. Dwight 

b. The Senator 

c. Her grandfather

d. Her cat

16. What is the name of the security guard?

a. Chief

b. Hank

c. Paul

d. Derek 

17. Who does Michael buy drugs from to frame Toby?

a. Dwight

b. Creed

c. The security guard

d. Vance Refrigeration delivery men 

18. Whose car is hit with a watermelon?

a. Jim

b. Angela

c. Phyllis 

d. Stanley 

19. What is Michael's favorite flavor of cake?

a. Chocolate

b. Birthday cake

c. Vanilla 

d. Mint chocolate chip 

20. How much does Michael donate to Oscar's nephew's walkathon?

a. $3 

b. $10

c. $25

d. $15


1. d

2. d

3. a

4. d

5. d

6. d

7. d

8. b

9. b

10. d

11. a

12. c

13. d

14. d

15. d

16. b

17. d

18. d

19. d

20. c

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