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Why Your Family Relationships Are So Complicated, Per Astrology

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Why Your Family Problems Are So Complex, By Zodiac Sign

Some family dynamics are more complicated than others. You may not always understand the complexities of your family problems, but nearly every zodiac sign has them.

I am a firm believer that we to some degree inherit the unresolved karmic lessons of our parents and in general, ancestors.

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Each new generation is a new chance for the journey to continue and unresolved issues our parents, grandparents and so on have had and perhaps were not settled at the time of our births.

In some ways, these ancestral lessons can become our own to resolve. Kind of like the idea of family streams of consciousness. Self-proclaimed spiritual catalyst, Teal Swan has spoken on the topic of family problems and dynamics. She starts from the perspective of a child's purpose in the continuance of our learning. 

Our families in this concept, is a stream of consciousness, part of the larger consciousness of all, but each stream could also so be viewed as a branch from the main trunk of thoughts and experience. 

In this path to understanding, I began to notice my parents and even my brothers' natal horoscopes sync surprisingly well together as if indeed what our parent's lessons are/were in some ways became ours to work on too.

As if its a birthright to continue the journey of self—actualization. 

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I spent some time researching is anyone else had considered the astrological connection, and indeed, yes, there are others too that have noticed and spoken about it. 

I think it's really beneficial when studying your family astrology connections, to have a basic understanding of how family karma is thought to play out in our lives. 

Family dynamics are certainly complicated which you probably understand. Understanding that we are karmically connected to the family, whether it be biological, step-relatives, or adopted families. The family we land in, regardless of the path there, will offer us and the others in those units, the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Many people feel that these family dynamics can help resolve family karma, adding further to that concept though, I understand it as growth we can all have for the greater consciousness. We all have roles to play in the healing of the whole. Its really not about us as individuals as much as it is about the growth of humankind together. 

If there is a wound we heal in our time here, I mean truly heal, then the whole is a little bit stronger. The ramifications of our personal choices far outreach our selves or just our family alone. 

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The family unit gives us a precious chance to work with healing and growth on an immediate level of the family as these are often the first people we bond with. whatever family looks like to you, these concepts apply.

Material world genetics all aside, the universe knows where our best lessons will come from and where our unique brand of healing has the most opportunity to work within. 

Of course, we all have a strong level of free will in that, we react in the ways we do freely regardless of the obstacles. There are often circumstances we aren't pleased with, though as uncomfortable a fact that is for many people to consider, the truth lies there in that we choose our behavioral responses to circumstances. 

There is a great book I can recommend: Your Erroneous Zones. This book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, it goes a long way to understanding, no one can "make" you feel anyway, we are ultimately the owner of our feelings, and especially how they are expressed.

Our astrology charts give a good read on how we may respond in situations. Using a natal chart and compatibilities between them you may be able to see the places you are being offered a chance to grow in your families.

How you can help yourself and your loved ones to work more fluidly together, that is indeed deep healing. 

In the above chart, using my birth family as the example, my mom, chart C, is a Sun in Libra and a Moon in Libra — birth time unknown. I am represented in chart A and have a Moon in Libra and an Ascendant in Libra too.

Just looking at that combination, its present that there would be many opportunities in the relationship to develop. 

The moon is our place for the feminine side, the way we find our security and nurturing in love, shared moons between a mother and daughter in Libra shows that both need the same type of nurturing to flourish.

A placement like this shows me that we share a need for the same type of nurturing. In fact, in our actual relationship, this is quite true, and my mom agrees. 

Dad and my younger brother, have a Capricorn connection with my brothers Sun and Dad's moon. Expert astrologer and YourTango writer, Aria Gmitter says about those chart placements, "The Sun reflects back to a person what they think that they are so that relationship would be one where there is some competition".

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It rings true, I think they had a healthy competition because they had a similar work ethic and both leaned toward engineering type hands-on work. Very Capricorn there. The competitiveness showed in their mutual love of fast cars. 

Each of these complimentary placements has allowed places we could connect to our parents' energy and vice versa using the familiar energy in their natal charts for guidance and growth purposes. 

Here's why your family problems are so complex, per astrology, by zodiac sign. 

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) & GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Sibling Connections— Astrological Sextiles

Both of these siblings will compliment each other with their high energy and bright minds. These siblings are going to be active together, with engaging dialogue. In the Aries, Gemini will find a sibling companion to adventure with. 

They will challenge each other because although their energies are similar, the Aries sibling will be more physically inclined and the Gemini will spend more time studying new things with a more mental perception. The Aries sibling can get aggressive or emotional quickly and the Gemini sibling may be inclined to tease and further bush the Aries buttons. 

CANCER (June 21 - July 22) & LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Parent-Child Connection — Astrological Squares

Benefits this parent—child connection thought of from the Libra parent cancer child perspective will likely foster an environment for the Cancer child to be doted on by the Libra parent.

A Libra parent will understand the home and family needs of the Cancer child. The Libra parent would be well capable of providing a comfortable and beautiful home environment.  

Lessons to be learned from this pairing could be along the lines of the Libra parent overly protecting the Cancer child from the ills of the world, therefore, creating a dependency long term perhaps into adulthood for the Cancer child. The Libra parent would need to learn to loosen the apron strings so the Cancer child can find his or her own footing in life.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22) & SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21) 

Sibling Connection — Astrological Squares

Benefits as siblings may be the Sagittarius actually being successful in getting the Virgo to go to say a carnival or out on any adventure. On the other side of the coin, the Virgo can help Sagittarius remember the benefits of structure and organization as a route to freedom. 

The Sagittarius sibling may feel constriction from their Virgo sibling, in a balanced sibling relationship the Sagittarius may encourage the Virgo to explore outside life beyond just helping everyone else. In a more unbalanced sibling relationship, these very qualities could prove to foster distance that is hard to overcome. 

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) & TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) 

Parent-child connection — Astrological Opposites

Benefits for these signs placed as parent—child is for one they both have a strong connection to family bonds. Scorpio as the parent for this example will see the beauty present in their Taurus child, the Scorpio parent will appreciate their Taurus children need for calmness and stability and Scorpio would strive to provide for the emotional and security needs of the Taurus child.

Lessons here will arise from the different energies of these signs. Scorpio is intense and can be quiet brooding, Taurus more complacent and not easily ruffled. They can each benefit from lessons taught by the other to.

The Taurus child may sometimes feel intimidated by their Scorpio parents general nature, but Taurus is likely to see the greatness present in the parent's strength of character and learn from that quality to further increase their own inner strength.

The Scorpio parent may see their Taurus child as being restrained and if Scorpio understands parent-child dynamic of equal parts teacher and student, they will feel they can trust the Taurus child allowing the family to be more stable and peaceful as a result.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19) & LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Sibling connection — Astrological Quincunx

Perhaps a little surprisingly, as sibling these signs can be very protective of each other from outsiders, these signs are highly supportive of each other from the world at large. If you imagine one of these signs getting into a dispute with neighborhood bullies, these signs are likely to team up quickly to put the bullies in their place. A strong team when fighting for the same cause. 

As siblings these signs can be volatile at times, two strong wills, when one pushes the other may push harder, this could be ongoing until a mediator is brought in. This would be a lesson in self—control for both signs to learn from each other. The Capricorn may struggle to understand the energy and childlike qualities of the Leo sibling even into adulthood. 

PISCES (February 19 - March 20) & AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18) 


Benefits to these signs placed as parent-child with in mind an Aquarius parent and a Pisces child, one can see that the Pisces child needs plenty of care and attention from their parents. The Aquarius parent is well capable of providing a caring and supportive atmosphere for a Pisces child.

Lessons for these sign placements would lean in the direction of Aquarius tendency to escape into their mind leaving the Pisces child to themselves maybe a little too much.

Luckily for these zodiac signs, they have an intuitive understanding of each other and the Pisces child is likely to appreciate the intellectual qualities of their Aquarian parent, and the Pisces themselves understands the need to mentally escape.

I believe even if you are not able to find direct similarities in the charts, any angles of connection hold useful insights and If you see little to none, then remember often times what we don't see speaks volumes too. 


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