The Phenomenon Of Engagement Chicken

engagement chicken recipe

Bake chicken, get engaged. What will the ring-hungry think of next? (Includes recipe!)

We swear to God. Some women treat a marriage proposal like it's an ancient rain dance or some witchcraft-type of ritual requiring a full moon, a lock of hair, linens from Tibet, three lit candles and a stack of self-help books. Steve Harvey Advises Ladies To Think Like Men

We've suffered through The Rules. The Bachelor. Countless lady magazine articles. He's Just Not That Into You. But now they're bringing chicken into this. And lemons. Why?!

Get thee to the kitchen! Engagement Chicken is on the menu tonight, and if you follow this recipe, some are saying that diamond ring is good as yours, my friend.

Glamour was the first to jump on the Engagement Chicken phenomenon back in 1982 when, according to their website, then-staffer Kim Bonnell gave the recipe to her assistant Kathy Suder. Kathy made the chicken and fed it to her boyfriend and, yeah, yeah, you know what happened next. Engagement Ends In Suit Over Ring

"It's a meal your wife would make," Jon Suder said. "It got me thinking." Jon asked Kathy to marry him within a month. Howard Stern's wife Beth Ostrosky supposedly cooked the meal and snagged him afterward, too.

It's a pre-pre-pre-feminist wet dream. Tighten that apron, keep your mouth shut, cook a nice meal and sometime after he digests, "ring shopping" will magically appear on his to-do list.

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