What The Pallas Asteroid & Jupiter Retrograde Mean For Your Relationships Through 2020

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What The Pallas Asteroid & Jupiter Retrograde Mean For Your Relationships Through 2020

We get an extra dose of intense energy as both Jupiter and Pallas turn retrograde during the week of May 14th, bringing with it time to spend looking at the connection — not just between our head and heart, but how that ties into our sense of abundance.

While both the planet Jupiter and the asteroid Pallas are transiting through the signs at all times, once they turn retrograde, they create the biggest difference in our lives.

Because both planets are turning retrograde around the same time, they will combine energies, likely creating a theme for the duration of this transit that will last roughly four months.

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Jupiter is the largest planet in the zodiac, and the one that is about far-reaching horizons and our sense of abundance. This is the planet that, whatever he touches, he makes bigger, grander and more epic.

Jupiter really wants us to focus on what the future means for us and to not hold ourselves back from experiencing the most amazing moments it has to offer.

What can we expect from Jupiter retrograde?

During Jupiter’s retrograde, it we’re asked to spend more time considering the current themes in our life to make sure the track we’re on is the one that will lead to where we want to go. In this case, because Jupiter retrograde is in Capricorn, this idea is emphasized with us calling into question the previous structures and foundations we have built in our lives.

Turning retrograde on May 14th, Jupiter will spend the next four months moving through the lessons of Capricorn, until turning direct again on September 12th.

While we have so many planets either already retrograde or about to turn, the trine this planet makes with the Sun right at the time of turning, as well as stationing direct, means there's a light at the end of the tunnel — and this transit is it.

In a span of two months, we will see Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, Pallas, Mercury and Neptune all turn retrograde. If this seems abnormal or intense, that’s because it is.

Not often do we see so many planets turning at the same time. Along with an early and extended Eclipse Season, while uncomfortable, what we’re moving through collectively and personally isn't only necessary, but will lead us to that future we’ve been dreaming of.

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In Capricorn, we’re asked to look at what we’ve built in our lives so far, and to truly take an honest reflection of how strong and stable those plans are. While Jupiter asks us to take a generalized look at whether our current lives feel stable and fertile for new growth, in this case, because of the other planets being retrograde, everything is going to feel much more specific.

That translates to everyone slowing down, going within ourselves more so than we already have, and facing the hard truth about our lives, our choices, career,s and romantic relationships we’ve cultivated.

This is about leaving no stone unturned in the truth of ourselves, our choices and the resulting reality of those. The benefit to that is the Pallas retrograde.

What is Pallas, and what can we expect with Pallas retrograde?

In astrology, Pallas is an asteroid or minor planet that is one of those major enough to be used in popular astrology. According to Greek Mythology, Pallas is the daughter of Jupiter, a masculine planet. So, that energy of father-daughter relationships is something that could be brought up during this time.

Pallas is one of five planetary bodies that influence astrology, just as strongly as a conventional planet or lunar occurrence. This asteroid usually turns retrograde once a year, though depending upon her cycles, she can skip a year.

While Jupiter’s retrograde usually lasts four months, Pallas retrograde lasts for three. The energy from these two turning within days of one another will linger through to September and the rest of 2020, until each changes signs, both entering Aquarius in the beginning of December 2020.

The Pallas asteroid is one that will bring up different aspects of our lives, complementing Jupiter’s quest to take a good hard look at our lives.

The father-daughter relationship that Pallas illustrates is one we will evaluate in terms of our own relationships, and how that has affected our significant romantic relationships. But it’s also about the potential healing we’ve had the opportunity to partake in, which involves what we went through as children.

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Pallas is most concerned with approaching life in a creative, intuitive and just way, a feeling that's affected by the love we did or didn’t receive in childhood. And it's also one of the foundations that Jupiter will call into question.

Together, these two planetary bodies will highlight the objective of our head versus our heart.

If our heart was hurt or felt rejected as a child, it’s less likely we’d trust it to lead as adults, which means we’d choose a more cerebral-based path in life of trying to do the right thing, still seeking that external validation from others.

During this retrograde period, Jupiter will ask us to evaluate and be honest with ourselves if we’ve done this; if so, Pallas will enable us to delve deeper, bringing healing to the parts of our lives that need it most.

We need both our head and our heart operating in a confident and productive way to make choices that don’t just sound good, but feel as good, too. But to do so, we first must be honest about our current life choices and situations so we can be truthful about any work we may need to do.

Many of these lessons will overlap as we move through the numerous retrogrades this year, resulting in us gaining a new level of awareness and healing for ourselves and those experiences that have shaped the people we have become.

An unhealed head space will never allow the heart to lead.

And as long as we’re making decisions and plans from that space of wounding, we’ll never be able to move into that future of love and abundance.

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