3 Full Moon In Pisces Rituals To Do On September 2nd To Unleash Your Psychic Abilities

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3 Full Moon In Pisces Rituals To Do On September 2nd

It seems there's always a new theme for us, as individuals, to think about every time a Full Moon enters our orbit. This time, we're at the beginning of September, and this phase falls during Pisces.

Because our beautiful Full Moon is in Pisces, it will be this zodiac sign that influences both our rituals and our daily life.

The Full Moon always drives us a bit nuts, and the influence of Pisces on this night will bring forth all kinds of sensitivity, perhaps even feelings of insecurity. And while we may feel extraordinarily open and perceptive, we will also be profoundly in tune with our psychic abilities.

These Full Moon rituals revolve around the betterment of ourselves and the radiant projection of our health.

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If you're a person who enjoys the spiritual side of life, then this night will make for a wondrous Full Moon of spiritual ritual for you.

And because our bodies are very influenced by the Moon, we can incorporate concentration on certain body parts in our rituals, namely: the toes, the feet, the pineal gland, and endorphin system.

1. Perform a meditation for the feet and toes.

Sit in a comfortable position on a chair, or lay flat on your bed. Fold your hands in your lap, your fingers touching. Breath easily and steadily.

Picture the breath entering your body, like a big, beautiful wave of ocean, lapping at the shore, and retreating back into itself. Imagine this for a few minutes, then, with your eyes closed, start to focus on your feet and toes. Do not look at them, just imagine them, feel them there.

Wiggle your toes, stretch your feet, flex and point. Think about how good these feet have been to you, how many steps they've taken with you since childhood.

Think about how those toes of yours have guided your steps since the very beginning. They've taken the brunt of so much pain and work.

Take time in your mind right now to thank your feet for their amazing journey with you. Allow yourself to feel gratitude.

Imagine your feet and toes are radiating pale blue light. Sit with this thought. "Happy feet, happy toes." Let your meditation deepen, and open your eyes after a few more minutes of gratitude.

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2. Give it up — and get it all.

Being that the Pisces influence is going to rev up your psychic ability, in order to jump start that action, you'll want to clear your mind out, which means it's time to practice detachment.

When we set out to do a ritual, often times we focus too hard on what we want, which causes an attachment to the outcome. When we are attached, we aren't open; we can't utilize the power of the universe because we are in our own way, and what stands in the way is our desire, our need for a result, and, worst of all, our need to show off our results, afterwards.

If we have top-notch access to our pineal gland during this Full Moon, then let's make the most of it.

The pineal gland is our gateway to the psychic. To ritualize this, we need to sit quietly and say, "I am open the full power of the Moon. I have no goal. I have no desire. I am here for knowledge only."

Allow yourself the privilege of finding universal truths without the need to tell everyone you know after that you've found something they don't have.

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3. Give yourself a Full Moon Tarot reading.

If you don't have a tarot deck, then get one. Lay out five cards, all in a row. Light a candle and put on some incense for ambience.

As you pick each card and lay it down, set your intention. What do you want? What will you do with your newly acquired information? Assume that this reading is meant for you.

You may not be used to reading the cards, and that's okay. All decks come with an explanation pamphlet, and if you don't have that, then jot down your card names on a piece of paper and look them up after.

Do not put your computer on, ever, during a Full Moon ritual. Keep it natural and magical.

These five cards are not meaningless — this is a Full Moon and everything is special and amazing during this time, most especially readings of Tarot cards.

If you haven't dabbled in cartomancy before, then let this Full Moon be your introduction.

After you've investigated the cards and found a way to interpret and glean meaning, then sit and contemplate for a while, quietly, in peace and solitude.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.