How To Keep An Aries Man Madly In Love, According To Astrology

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How To Keep An Aries Man Madly In Love, According To Astrology

A guide to what makes an Aries man happy.

When an Aries man falls in love with you, he falls hard and often it's a love that will last. Still his Ram-like personality may make keeping him interested a difficult thing to do. Aries tend to lose interest quickly. If you want to keep the romance going, you need to understand his personal astrology.

Men, in general, are hard individuals to understand. Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of what keeps them happy. With testosterone running through their veins, it can be difficult for them to express their emotions of how they are feeling in the relationship.

Aries zodiac signs are no different. They have specific wants and needs when it comes to being in a relationship with you. Fulfilling some of his needs and wants will show him that you understand him and he will surely pay it forward. 

If you are with this fire sign, you know it can be hard to understand how they are truly feeling. They often mask their feelings with humor. 

He is also known to be extremely HOT!!!

These men have an innate confidence, a smile like no other that can charm the pants off you. Here is what you need to know in order to keep an Aries man in love with you, and to continue falling in love with you for the long haul.


1. An Aries man needs physical intimacy.

Physical touch with an Aries man can be quite a workout; sweat pouring, acrobatic positions, and possibly a bit of consensual rough play. They put their entire body into it and love to experience new ways of doing it. 

Being open to either different positions or doing a little B.D.S.M., will show to him that you want to please him in the bedroom as well. He will be sure that it is not too rough, but just enough for both of you to enjoy. 

2. Do not cross an Aries guy.

Getting into a fight with these Ram's can be a challenge. But don't fear. After a few moments of self-reflection, they will come back around. Unless you cross them. Once you hurt them, they are not likely to come back from the pain that was caused. 

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3. Aries loves adventure.

He values the home as a place to have clothes at and sleep. He loves adventures. Being open to going skydiving, skinny dipping, or just walking around at night in town, these Rams love learning and experiencing new things. 

Take time in planning or be open to going out and find new things to do together. He will see that you are as excited about life and that you want to see the world with him. 

The best type of gift to give him is one that he can go on an adventure on. He also loves personal styled gifts, like a custom-made watch. 

4. Aries men are not neat freaks.

Don't be surprised to see that he is crashing at your place more often. Or if you are living together, be prepared to be on cleaning duty. He gets bored easily, especially when it comes to menial tasks around the house.

Find creative and inventive ways of having him do these chores will make him excited about doing them. 

5. Aries zodiac signs like to think big. Be supportive of his dreams.

These men are hard workers. He is someone who loves to create and see it come true. Being supportive and assisting with his passions will show him that you care. 

Many people are not always up to his side projects. If you are someone who can be that supportive rock, he will fall in love with you in an instance. 

Knowing how these Aries men work will having him love you in no time. He is not oblivious and knows how to say thank you to someone, especially to his girlfriend. Having patience and sense of adventure with this Ram will be the key to his heart.

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Jonathan Mui is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.