100 Reasons To Love Someone That Seem Inconsequential But Mean The World

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100 Reasons To Love Someone That Seem Inconsequential But Mean The World

When you are in love with someone, you start to notice all of the little quirks that make you fall even more in love with them. While the reasons to love someone are vast, sometimes it's the smallest ones that make you fall in love with them more and more each day.

Sometimes you don’t even realize how important their small acts of love and kindness are. It is important to appreciate your significant other and take time to value all the small cute things you do for one another. Your partner could simply send you a good morning text and it could make you feel loved and happy throughout the whole day. These small things add up. 

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100 Reasons to Love Someone

There are a lot of reasons to love your significant other, and these are just a few of the little things that make your heart swell with affection.

1. They say "thank you" when you do something nice for them.  

2. They ask you how your day was. 

3. You just fit together when you are cuddling. 

4. They randomly tell you that they love you

5. Your hands fit perfectly together.  

6. They surprise you with flowers. 

7. They brush your hair out of your face. 

8. They ask you how you are. 

9. They send you good morning texts

10. They remember the little things about you. 

11. They are kind to your family and friends. 

12. They cheer you up when you're sad and try to brighten your mood. 

13. They are protective of you but not possessive. 

14. You can sit in silence and feel comfortable together. 

15. They kiss you on the forehead. 

16. You finish each other's sentences. 

17. Everyday together feels like a new adventure. 

18. They motivate you to be your best. 

19. They tell you that you're beautiful when you just woke up. 

20. It feels like you have known them your whole life. 

21. They give you space when you need it. 

22. They make time to spend with you. 

23. You trust each other. 

24. You can open up to one another. 

25. They are willing to put work into the relationship. 

26. They admit and apologize when they are wrong. 

27. They listen to you and really hear what you are saying. 

28. They don't judge or criticize you. 

29. You miss them when they are not around. 

30. They have a positive and uplifting attitude. 

31. They are always honest and upfront with you. 

32. It feels like you are a team and can accomplish anything together. 

33. They cook you dinner. 

34. They help you out with your to-do list when you are stressed. 

35. They will watch your favorite show with you even if they don't like it. 

36. They zip up your dress for you or help you put a necklace on. 

37. They love you even when you are mad at them. 

38. They surprise you with a gift just because it reminded them of you. 

39. They are quick to forgive. 

40. They respect your boundaries. 

41. They don't play games or gaslight you. 

42. They are brave and it inspires you to be brave too. 

43. They aren't scared to show you their vulnerable and sensitive side.

44. They entertain and amuse you with funny stories. 

45. They tell you that they would still love you even if you were a worm. 

46. They give you their jacket when you are cold. 

47. You can have intelligent and stimulating debates together. 

48. You can talk about weird things together like ghosts and magic. 

49. You can just lay down in the grass looking at the stars together and everything feels perfect. 

50. They parallel park your car for you when you can't do it. 

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51. They help carry the heavy groceries so you don't have to. 

52. They hide cute notes around the house for you to find later.

53. They tell you how hot you are even when you aren't feeling hot. 

54. They dance with you when your song comes on. 

55. They trust your intuition. 

56. When you go on a walk, they walk on the side closest to the street to protect you. 

57. They stand up for you. 

58. They pick you up when it's late so you don't have to travel alone. 

59. They gossip with you.

60. They listen to your complaints when you have something to complain about. 

61. They always choose you. 

62. They do yoga and work out with you when you need a workout buddy. 

63. They are always willing to be your plus one to any event. 

64. They make sure you are hydrated. 

65. They let you sleep in when you need your rest. 

66. They clean up after themselves and take care of themselves. 

67. They let you borrow their clothes and tell you that you look better in it than they do. 

68. They ask you where you want to go for dinner and when you are too indecisive, they pick the perfect spot. 

69. They have cute nicknames for you

70. They value your opinions. 

71. They want to smash the patriarchy with you. 

72. You make decisions together.

73. They kiss you hello and good-bye. 

74. They want to leave a party at the same time that you do. 

75. They let you pick the movie on date night.

76. They try to be the best version of themselves.

77. They notice when you get a haircut. 

78. They don't rush you when you tell them you are on your way but you haven't left yet. 

79. They always like and comment on your Instagram pictures. 

80. They know how you like your coffee.

81. They understand your weird references. 

82. They laugh at your jokes even when they aren't funny. 

83. They make you laugh. 

84. They listen to your stories even when they've heard it a million times before. 

85. You can be yourself when you are with them.

86. They always shower you with compliments.

87. They look at you like you are the only one in a room filled with people. 

88. They see the good in people and situations. 

89. They pick up that thing you forgot to get at the store. 

90. Awkward moments don't feel awkward with them. 

91. They are different than anyone you've ever met before.

92. They give you butterflies. 

93. You can picture growing old with them. 

94. You can be silly and goofy together. 

95. You have inside jokes. 

96. Their laugh is your favorite sound in the world. 

97. Just thinking about them makes you smile. 

98. They are good for you and you can tell. 

99. They kiss you in the rain and it feels like a movie. 

100. You read this list and were thinking of them the whole time. 

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