165 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend When You Get To The Nickname Stage

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165 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend When You Get To The Nickname Stage

When you are with someone, it's only natural to start calling them the cutest nicknames that you can think of.

And it makes your partner feel super special when you take the time to give them a nickname.

But, the million-dollar question is: how do you pick the right nickname?

Tips for choosing a cute name for your boyfriend

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1. Avoid using any nicknames used by his previous girlfriends.

2. If you give them a nickname that you take from their real name, then make sure that he is OK with it.

3. Don't choose a nickname that comes from any of his negative qualities.

4. It's a cute idea to coordinate nicknames. For example, Romeo and Juliet.

5. If he speaks another language, it might be cute to pick a nickname from their language.

Here are some of the best nicknames you can call your boyfriend:

1. Bright eyes — A name for your boyfriend who has magical eyes you get lost in.

2. Love — A nickname for the man who you love in your heart.

3. My prince — The love of your life.

4. Soul mate — The name for the person you are going to spend your life with.

5. Crush — Someone you want to be with because you think they are very special.

6. Stud — A very hot man.

7. Dearie — A nickname for a man who you hold affection for.

8. My sunshine — A name for your boyfriend who brings light and warmth into your life.

9. Love muffin — A very cute and loving boyfriend.

10. Romeo — A nickname for someone you love.

11. My heart — Someone you cannot live without.

12. Snookems — A nickname to call your adorable boyfriend.

13. Other half — A term for someone who completes you.

14. Captain love muffin — A man who likes to be in charge.

15. My ride or die — Someone who stays with you through the tough times and the good times.

16. Lovebug — Someone you have been in love with for a long time.

17. Cutie — A very attractive and sexy man.

18. Dimples- A man who has adorable dimples.

19. Adorable — When your partner is just too cute that they make your heart skip a beat.

20. Cowboy — Cowboy is a nickname that means a traditional boyfriend.

21. Heartstopper — A nickname for a man who can make your heart skip a beat with one glance.

22. Freckles — A man who has freckles.

23. Angel — This nickname indicates that your boyfriend has a good heart.

24. Hunk — A very attractive guy.

25. Cuddle bear — A big man who likes to cuddle.

26. Sweetcheeks — Someone that makes you smile every time you see them.

27. Honey — A very sweet boyfriend who makes you happy.

28. Pookie — A boyfriend that will be in your life forever.

29. Knight in shining armor — An endearing term for a boyfriend who saves you from difficult situations.

30. Babe — A nickname for the man you are in a romantic relationship with.

31. Cuddle buddy — Someone who likes to snuggle and make you feel loved.

32. Baby — This nickname is used when you love your boyfriend.

33. Sweet thang — An amazing boyfriend.

34. Handsome — A nickname for a man who is good looking.

35. Fluffy — A bigger man who is cuddly.

36. Beau — A nickname for when you have a great boyfriend.

37. Pookie bear — A name you can use when you love your boyfriend and you want to show them affection.

38. Sweetheart — A very sweet boyfriend.

39. Darling — Someone you love dearly.

40. Knockout — A man who knocks you off your feet.

41. Goof- A man who is very playful.

42. Hon — A very adorable boyfriend.

43. Better half — A cute term of endearment for when your boyfriend makes you feel complete.

44. Cuddle bug — Someone who likes to snuggle a lot.

45. McDreamy — A boyfriend who is very charming and is every girl's dream.

46. Fluffernutter — A very eager boyfriend.

47. Treasure- Someone you love and cherish.

48. Honey lips — A nickname for a man who has very nice lips.

49. Goofball — A silly man.

50. Hot pants — A nickname for a man who looks really nice.

51. Sweetie — A kind and helpful boyfriend.

52. Dear — someone you really care for.

53. Honeybun — A very sweet boyfriend.

54. Bae — Stands for before anyone else.

55. Tiger- A very energetic boyfriend.

56. Copycat — A term for when he mimics everything you do.

57. Boo — This is a sweet nickname to call the person you care for.

58. Honey Bear — A nickname for a sweet-natured boyfriend who is also adorable.

59. Shortcake — A playful name for a short boyfriend.

60. Ladies' man — A man who attracts all the women.

61. Goofy — A boyfriend who is very playful.

62. Hunky — The nickname for a hot guy.

63. Shortie — Someone that is short.

64. Cutie pie — A very charming boyfriend.

65. Hugster — A nickname for a boyfriend that hugs you a lot.

66. Muscle man — A physically strong person.

67. Boo Thang — A term of endearment for someone that makes you happy.

68. Giggles — A boyfriend who is always laughing.

69. Studmuffin — Someone you obsess over.

70. Hun bun — A name to call the one you love.

71. Boobear — A nickname for a boyfriend who likes to cuddle.

72. Silly goose — A boyfriend who causes you to laugh all the time.

73. Hulk — A big man who is tall and broad-shouldered.

74. Cutie patootie — The nickname for a very adorable man.

75. Honey bunny — A very sweet boyfriend

76. Sugams — Someone that brings you happiness and comfort.

77. Hot stuff — The perfect nickname for a very sexually attractive boyfriend.

78. Adonis — Use this nickname when he is a very handsome man.

79. Sexy beast- A good looking guy.

80. Hotness — A very hot guy.

81. Sex god — Someone who has very good sexual skills.

82. Hercules — A nickname for a man that is really good at pleasing you in the bedroom.

83. Lover — The term for someone you feel deeply attracted to.

84. Sexy — A very sexually attractive man.

85. Dirty boy — A man who is kinky.

86. Hottie — A very attractive man.

87. Cheesecake — A boyfriend who is sweet and soft-hearted.

88. Blueberry — A term for a handsome boyfriend.

89. Sweet-tart — A term for a kind-hearted and adorable boyfriend.

90. Fruit cake — A sweet and charming boyfriend.

91. Sugar — A very sweet and enticing boyfriend.

92. Jelly bean — A boyfriend who acts tough but is really a softie.

93. Pumpkin — someone who is really cute and sweet.

94. Hunk of man meat — A hot boyfriend.

95. Sugar Puff — A sweetheart.

96. Salty French fry — Someone who gives you salty comebacks.

97. Gummy Bear — The nickname for a man who is very sweet-natured and caring.

98. Sugar biscuit — A very good looking boyfriend.

99. Cupcake — An irresistibly sweet boyfriend.

100. Sugarpie honey bun — The sweetest boyfriend.

101. Yummy bear — someone that you are very attracted to.

102. Cookie monster — A nickname for a very sweet man and is someone you just want to be around all the time.

103. Sweet potato — A very attractive, loving, and caring boyfriend.

104. Gumdrop — A very irresistibly sweet man.

105. Sugarplum — A boyfriend that is very sweet.

106. Apple of my eye — This nickname is a term of endearment.

107. Cheeky monkey — Use this nickname when your partner is crafty and smart.

108. Ace — This nickname is perfect for genius boyfriends.

109. Wisecrack — A boyfriend who cracks a lot of jokes.

110. Boss — A term for your boyfriend who likes to be in charge.

111. Doodlebug — A man who doodles often.

112. Captain awesome — The nickname for a very awesome boyfriend.

113. Brainiac — A nickname for a very smart boyfriend.

114. Chief- The boyfriend who rules the household.

115. Firecracker — A very excited boyfriend.

116. Sailor — A very confident boyfriend.

117. Braveheart — A man who is admirable and fearless.

118. Captain — Captain means that your boyfriend is a very reliable and great boyfriend.

119. Book worm — The nickname for your boyfriend who is always reading.

120. Flash — A very fast runner.

121. Carebear — A boyfriend who has a big heart and is very caring.

122. Feisty — A very independent, tough, and high spirited man.

123. Champ — A term of endearment for when your boyfriend has everything under control.

124. Crazy pants — The term for a very extroverted and loud boyfriend.

125. Wookie — For a Star Wars fanatic and for someone who is a bit hairier.

126. McSteamy — For you, Grey's Anatomy fans out there.

127. Yoda — Your boyfriend is full of wisdom.

128. Precious — Is your boyfriend as precious as the ring in Lord of The Rings?

129. Westley — Is he your savior in your own Princess Bride story?

130. Midas — Everything he touches turns to gold.

131. Casanova — For when he makes you melt inside.

Cute nicknames from around the world

Spanish nicknames

132. Media naranja — which means half of an orange or my better half.

133. Mi corazón — The meaning is my heart.

134. Mi vida — My life.

French nicknames

135. Mon petit chou — In French, this means my little cabbage but it is a term like sweetie.

136. Mon amour — My love.

137. Mon saucisson — This means my little sausage, which is strange to say in English.

138. Mon cher — My darling.

139.  Mon râleur — This means my grumpy one in English.

140. Ma fraise — My strawberry.

141. Ma puce — My flea.

Italian nicknames

142. Bambino — This means baby in English.

143. Polpetto — In English, this Italian word means meatball.

144. Biscottino — Means my little biscuit.

German nicknames

145. Maus — This German word is an endearment meaning mouse in English.

146. Mausebär — This means mouse bear.

Japanese nicknames

147. Totemo kawaii — This means very cute in English.

148. Hanii — In English, this means honey.

Korean nicknames

149. Kiyomi — In English, this means cutie.

150. Aein — This means sweetheart.

Arabic nicknames

151. Ya helo — In English, this Arabic term means my beautiful

152. Ya amar — In translation, this term means my moon.

Hawaiian nicknames

153. Ke aloha — This term means beloved in English.

154. Ku'uipo — In translation, this term means sweetheart.

Hindi nickname

155. Mere dil ka pyaar — In English, this means love of my heart.

Hungarian nickname

156. Kicsim — This Hungarian term means my little one.

Maori nicknames

157. E ipo — In English this term means darling.

158. Taku kairangi — This Maori nickname means my finest greenstone."

Portuguese nicknames

159. Amigão — This nickname translates into big friend in English.

160. Amorzinho — In English, this name means little love.

Russian nicknames

161. Kotyonok — In English, this Russian nickname means kitten.

162. Dusha moya — This translates to my soul.

Turkish nicknames

163. Nefesim — In English, this nickname translates to my breath.

164. Canim — This means my life or my soul.

Tagalog nickname

165. Mahal — This nickname directly translates to mean expensive in English, so they use this word to mean that they value someone.

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