165 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend When You Get To The Nickname Stage

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When you are with someone, it's only natural to start calling them the cutest nicknames you can think of. And it makes your partner feel super-special when you take the time to give them a nickname.

"We create these special names to form a deeper level of intimacy, like a secret language that's all our own," says dating coach Ronnie Ann Ryan. "A massive 87 percent of U.S. couples use nicknames as terms of endearment," she adds. "Couples who do, tend to be happier than couples who don’t use them."

How do you choose a nickname or cute pet name for the guy you love that he will actually love?

It's true that men often have very specific ideas of acceptable nicknames, but over the course of your relationship, you may just naturally create one that suits you both. If you want to give your guy a special name but aren't certain how it would go, then picking a tried and true pet name could help!

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Cute nicknames to call your boyfriend

1. Cutie pie

2. Crush

3. Dearie

4. Cutie

5. Honey

6. Babe

7. Baby

8. Handsome

9. Beau

10. Sweetheart

11. Hon

12. Sugarplum

13. Darling

14. Dear

15. Sweetie

16. Shortie

17. Sugar

18. Ace

19. Precious

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Cute pet names for your boyfriend

20. Honey bun

21. Stud

22. Other half

23. Lovebug

24. Pookie

25. Cuddle bug

26. Cuddle bear

27. Sweet thang

28. Better half

29. Treasure

30. Tiger

31. Hunky

32. Sweet potato

33. Studmuffin

34. Boo bear

35. Hottie

36. Sweet-tart

37. Sugar

38. Jellybean

39. Sugarpie honey bun

40. Cookie monster

41. Pumpkin

42. Apple of my eye

43. Bookworm

44. Carebear

45. Captain

46. Midas

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Sexy names to call your boyfriend

47. My ride or die

48. Lover

49. Heartstopper

50. Hunk

51. Knight in shining armor

52. Knockout

53. Honey lips

54. Hot pants

55. Ladies’ man

56. Muscle man

57. Hulk

58. Adonis

59. Sexy beast

60. Hotness

61. Hercules

62. Sexy

63. Lover

64. Hunk of man meat

65. Crazy pants

66. Casanova

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Sweet names to call your boyfriend

67. Love

68. My prince

69. Soulmate

70. My sunshine

71. Romeo

72. Gumdrop

73. My heart

74. Adorable

75. Cowboy

76. Fluffy

77. Angel

78. Hugster

79. Hun bun

80. Cupcake

81. Cheeky monkey

82. Doodlebug

83. Westley (From The Princess Bride)

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Funny names to call your boyfriend

84. Honey bunny

85. Boo thang

86. Love muffin

87. Snookems

88. Dimples

89. Sweet cheeks

90. Salty French fry

91. Pookie bear

92. Cuddle buddy

93. Captain Love Muffin

94. Freckles

95. Goof

96. Goofy

97. Goofball

98. McDreamy

99. Fluffernutter

100. Sugar biscuit

101. Bae

102. Copycat

103. Boo

104. Honey bear

105. Shortcake

106. Giggles

107. Silly goose

108. Cheesecake

109. Blueberry

110. Sugar puff

111. Wisecrack

112. Boss

113. Captain Awesome

114. Brainiac

115. Flash

116. Feisty

117. Wookie

118. McSteamy

119. Yoda

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Pet names based on eye color

120. Bright eyes

121. Brown eyes

122. Ol' blue eyes (a reference to singer Frank Sinatra)

123. Deep blue eyes

124. Blue eyes

125. Angel eyes

126. Brownie

127. Green-eyed cutie

128. Tiger eye (like the gemstone; for guys with hazel eyes)

129. Ocean eyes

130. Mr. Mesmerize

131. Green eyes

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Cute nicknames for your boyfriend from around the world

Spanish nicknames for your boyfriend

132. Media naranja ("my better half")

133. Mi corazón ("my heart")

134. Mi vida ("my life")

French nicknames for your boyfriend

135. Mon petit chou ("my little cabbage")

136. Mon amour ("my love")

137. Mon saucisson ("my little sausage")

138. Mon cher ("my darling")

139. Mon râleur ("my grumpy one")

140. Ma fraise ("my strawberry")

141. Ma puce ("my flea")

Italian nicknames for your boyfriend

142. Bambino ("baby")

143. Polpetto ("meatball")

144. Biscottino ("my little biscuit")

German nicknames for your boyfriend

145. Maus ("mouse")

146. Mausebär ("mouse bear")

Japanese nicknames for your boyfriend

147. Totemo kawaii ("very cute")

148. Hanii ("honey")

Korean nicknames for your boyfriend

149. Kiyomi ("cutie")

150. Aein ("sweetheart")

Arabic nicknames for your boyfriend

151. Ya helo ("my beautiful")

152. Ya amar ("my moon")

Hawaiian nicknames for your boyfriend

153. Ke aloha ("beloved")

154. Ku'uipo ("sweetheart")

Hindi nicknames for your boyfriend

155. Mere dil ka pyaar ("love of my heart")

Hungarian nicknames for your boyfriend

156. Kicsim ("my little one")

Maori nicknames for your boyfriend

157. E ipo ("darling")

158. Taku kairangi ("my finest greenstone")

Portuguese nicknames for your boyfriend

159. Amigão ("big friend")

160. Amorzinho ("little love")

Russian nicknames for your boyfriend

161. Kotyonok ("kitten")

162. Dusha moya ("my soul")

Turkish nicknames for your boyfriend

163. Nefesim ("my breath")

164. Canim ("my life" or "my soul")

Tagalog nicknames for your boyfriend

165. Mahal ("expensive," used to express the value of someone)

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