Aries Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

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Aries Man And Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

When we look into the zodiac compatibility of two signs for the purpose of seeing whether or not a couple has anything in common, we need to compare the astrological charts of both individuals. This is called a synastry reading — two charts, held in comparison, checked for what works and what doesn't.

Sometimes we work with a person's birth information; their place of birth, and even their exact time of birth. The more info we can gather for a synastry, the better.

However, many times all we have is the individual's sun sign and no more. It's then that we turn to the elements and planetary influences of those signs for our comparison.

Can two people find love and happiness if they are not of the same sign or element (Earth, Water, Air, Fire)?

The truth is, love is up to the individual, and a good relationship is up to the couple, no matter what sign they are. But it sure does help to know in advance what we might be up against.

A synastry report on what signs work best together is extremely helpful.

So, let's take a look at what the chances for success might be for Aries man and Virgo woman compatibility!

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Their elements: Aries is a Fire sign, Virgo is an Earth sign

Automatically, one might think that the compatibility of a Fire sign and an Earth sign might just be trouble waiting to happen, but that's not necessarily true.

The Aries fire can manifest as light, warmth, clarity, goodness, and the Virgo earth can work to balance the brilliance of all that light, by absorbing it and using that Aries power for good.

This coupling is all about balance. He can be helpful and protective, and she can be tempered by his show of love and kindness. Virgo earthiness requires the nurturing affects of Aries' Sun, and Aries needs someone to shine on.

How compatible are Aries men and Virgo women in love and intimacy?

Not the ultimate couple, sorry to say.

The Aries man might be a little too much for the Virgo woman. Remember: Virgo is known to be picky, always unsatisfied, easily annoyed and always seeking perfection and order. She may be judgmental towards her Aries man, and he may pick up on that and become highly turned off.

While the attraction may be strong at first, the bedroom is not where the best of their actions will be played out.

Virgo is heady, down to earth, thoughtful, while Aries is more impulsive and risky. Virgo may read that as careless or senseless, while Aries might perceive Virgo as simply closed off or cold.

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What personal values do these zodiac signs share?

When it comes to common sense and the basics for survival, they are both on the same page.

Deep conversations may strengthen the bond; however, the things that the Aries man cherishes are the very thing the Virgo woman thinks are useless and goofy. She will be thrifty and save money, while he will recklessly spend it like wildfire.

While both are success-oriented, the road to success is made of up very different values for both parties. He takes chances and risks, while she is content to stay safe and unmoving.

They are both happy the way they are, and more often than not, their values conflict.

Are Aries and Virgo similar with expressing emotions? 

To put it straight: They get along a whole lot better in the realm of emotion than they do in the sexual world.

They are both deep thinkers. Virgo is the analyst, the ruminator; Aries is the "deep feeler," taking everything to heart.

Oddly enough, with everything this coupling has against them, they're pretty much on the same page when it comes to emotion and expressing feelings. Both are ready, willing and able to work things out, and if one is feeling down, it's no big deal to comfort them — they like it.

What's most important to know about this coupling is that they are better off as friends, rather than as lovers. They have much in common when sex is not on the menu.

Is trust in a relationship the priority for this zodiac sign match?

If the Aries man and the Virgo woman can overcome the problems that rise within their relationship, which mostly revolves around intimacy, they will most definitely be able to thrive in trust.

Aries wishes only to act with integrity, and Virgo will settle for nothing less than loyalty and monogamy. Aries, though not a very monogamous sign, will devote themselves to their Virgo mate simply because they want to do the right thing by their partner.

Once the BS is removed from the relationship, and the lies are exposed, they are both trustworthy and faithful.

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How do an Aries man and Virgo woman communicate?

We've got the warrior personality in Aries, and the shrieking hysteric in Virgo. What could possibly go wrong in communication?

What's interesting here is that they are compatible in communication and intellect. You know how you see couples that always fight, yet they can't live without each other? Bingo. There's your Aries-Virgo couple, right there.

They communicate in extremes. Oh, yes, they will express exactly what's on their minds, and to the outsider who witnesses this kind of wild scream fest, they might think these two seriously hate each other. Not so!

This is how they communicate. They love to yell at each other.

Overall, if both signs are accompanied by houses that add a little more than what the sun signs offer, this coupling has a chance for success.

However, if the Aries man is rife with Fire signs in his chart, and she is solid with more Earth signs in hers, we can basically kiss this couple goodbye! Their energies are way too conflicting, and they will always find something to fight about.

What might keep them together is codependency, or a fear of not having a mate to keep them company. But beneath it all, they are judging each other and waiting around for the next sparring match.

This coupling takes a lot of time to develop, so patience is needed here — a trait neither Aries nor Virgo has.

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