The INFJ Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

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The INFJ Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

The INFJ personality type is deep and complex. People with this Myers-Briggs personality type look for intense and meaningful relationships, while their dating strengths and weaknesses play into who they end up in a happy relationship with.

The rarest personality type, INFJs are very warm and affectionate people they need to be with someone who is also as invested in their relationship as they are.

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Here are some of INFJs strengths and weaknesses for you to be aware of if you are an INFJ or are dating one.

INFJ Dating Strengths

1. They are good listeners.

Relationships thrive when the couple listens to each other. This is the most important factor in a relationship for an INFJ because they want to make sure their partner is happy too with the way their relationship is going.

2. They are dedicated.

Once an INFJ is in a relationship, they are committed. INFJs are dedicated and they will do whatever it takes and put the effort in to make their relationship work. They are the most dedicated personality types that you could ever be in a relationship with.

3. They have great communication skills.

INFJs can be very convincing when they want something. They become lively and enthusiastic about things when they have a passion for something or someone.

4. They are sensitive to their partner's feelings.

INFJs are very conscious of their partner's feelings and they can see past any type of manipulations or lies that their significant other might try to use on them.

5. They are very serious about commitments and want lifelong relationships.

As lovers, INFJs are very considerate and they have a great grasp on how they show their partner love because they enjoy letting their partner know how much they love them.

In a sexual sense, INFJs do not take intimacy lightly. When they are intimate with someone, they are bonded with that person. Also, intimacy gives them a chance to take care of their partner, which is such a big part of their personality. So, it gives them a chance to give their partner love in a physical way without really needing anything in return.

6. They have higher expectations for the relationship to go well and last a while.

Now if an INFJ, or if you are with an INFJ, and you decide to become parents, then you are in luck. INFJs make really good parents. They easily shift into their parenting role and they will make any sacrifice necessary to help their children grow up.

INFJs are caring and loving towards their children. INFJs are very gentle and soft-spoken. They also teach their kids to think for themselves as an individual. They always promote making good decisions.

Although INFJs are so loving, they can have very high expectations for their children and they can become disappointed if their children do not meet their expectations, especially when it comes to their behavior. And if they are not happy, then they can be a bit sharp and come across as agitated to their children but this is only because they are so driven to pass on their values to their children.

But overall, most children of INFJs see their INFJ personality parent as being patient. They also see them as being kind and inspirational. Above all else, they remember their INFJ parent as being loving.

7. They are able to move on pretty quickly if their relationship doesn't work.

It's great that an INFJ knows what they want in a partner because they definitely do not want to waste their time with someone who does not have the same values as they do.

INFJ's will always worry about their significant other's health and wellness. They will do whatever is in their power to help them get to where they see the person going. Above all else, INFJs are looking for someone to have the same lifestyle as they do so that there is not a really big learning curve for either one of them and INFJs are so stuck in their ways that it would be hard for them to change.

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Dating Weaknesses

1. They have a hard time letting go of their relationships.

Even though they want what's best for their partner, they can struggle after a breakup if they have invested themselves in their relationship. It can be very difficult for them to move on or let go because they don't want to feel like they have wasted their time and they just don't want to throw away what they have.

2. Their perfectionism can make them question everything.

INFJs deeply desire a long term relationship that will last a lifetime, but because of their need for perfection, they sometimes don't find their happy ever after.

If you are running into this problem while dating an INFJ, you have to realize this is a part of their personality and you can find ways that make it easier for you to balance out their needs for perfection. Yes, it can be frustrating and feel like you cannot match up for their idealistic goals, but you just have to be who you are and help them realize that you are sincerely committed to your relationship. You do not have to change who you are to appease what they think they want in a partner.

Once they get to know you, their wants will change and they will start seeing you as their soulmate.

3. They sometimes hold themselves back.

When they are unsure in a relationship, they don't want to fully put themselves in the relationship until they know its real.

Something they do need in a romantic relationship would be that they need a lot of affirmations and reassurances from their significant other.

4. They have high relationship expectations.

High expectations can be a weakness for INFJs when they have an idealized view of what they want in a relationship.

If you don't think that you want to be with an INFJ after talking to one or going on a date, becoming friends with an INFJ is something you may want to consider.

They do take their friendships seriously, but they have to be with serious and true people. They will never be friends with anyone sketchy.

INFJs are very sought after in the friendship field because they are sought after for their kindness, warmth, and their constant consideration of how they affect their friend. Their greatest happiness is when they can motivate and/or inspire others to better themselves in life.

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