26 Fun 2-Player Card Games You Can Play Anywhere

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Fun 2-Player Card Games You Can Play Anywhere

Card games are one of the best ways to pass the time, and there are some fun 2-player card games that can keep you entertained even if you only have one other person to play with.

We are all so competitive and we like to win, and card games are some of the best ones to play because they are fast. There is an almost instant source of gratification. But with card games, you can play over and over again.

Card games can be something you play with your significant other as a way to just spend time with each other. And during the coronavirus quarantine, card games give you the chance to move away from the screens and interact with other people and do something with someone.

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So, if you are looking for some new types of card games to play with someone anywhere you are at, here are 20 card games that you can play with a deck of regular cards and 10 different types of card-based board games.

Two-player card games with a deck of cards

1. 52 Card Pickup

This card game is played by scattering the cards and whoever can pick all of them up the quickest wins.

2. Speed

This card game is another speed test to put cards in a sequencing order.

3. Gin Rummy

This game is when each person is dealt 10 cards and they must make a hand that is valued to be 10 or less.

4. War

This card game is won when the player who has the highest card, reveals it.

5. Slapjack

Slapjack is a card game that is a good introductory game, where you take turns placing a card in the center of the table and you keep an eye out for a Jack. Once you see it, whoever slaps it first wins.

6. Spit

This game also requires speed and sequencing skills to make a correct sequence as quickly as you can.

7. Golf

Golf is a card game where you try to get the lowest amount of points or a golf score as possible within 9 deals while playing with all the cards facedown.

8. Crazy Eights

This matching card game is when you race someone in matching a number or suit to the current card in the discard pile. Whoever runs out of cards first wins!

9. Spider Solitaire

To play two-person solitaire makes things so much more difficult!

10. BlackJack

BlackJack is when you are trying to get as close to 21 points without going over as the dealer continues to flip cards.

11. Slam

The goal of this card game is to get rid of all of your cards as quickly as possible in specific stacks with one card face up on each stack.

12. Texas Hold'em

 Texas Hold'em is a poker type game that is mostly played in casinos

13. Snap

Snap is where two players take turns flipping over cards and when two cards with the same number appear, the first person who says 'snap' gets the whole pile and puts it under their stack. The person with the most cards at the end wins.

14. Pinochle

This two-player game is when each player is dealt 12 cards and use strategy for the win!

15. Egyptian Rat Screw

Ia a quick game where you try to take as many cards as possible as quickly as you can.

16. Marriage

This matching game is played with 3 decks and you match Kings and Queens into marriages for points.

17. Idiot

Another card game about getting rid of all of your cards by discarding your lowest card then drawing another one. Then when you cannot make a sequence, then it moves on to the next player.

18. Garbage

In this game, you lay 10 cards in front of you in rows of 5, face up. Then you draw a card and replace that card on the number the card specifies. The first person who replaces all 10 cards wins.

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Two-player games inspired by cards

19. Scattergories

This party game is to score points by naming objects in a category only when you know the first letter, under a time limit.

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20. Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit is a trivia game where people ask questions about general knowledge and popular culture.

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21. UNO

This card game's objective is to get rid of all your cards while being penalized before anyone else.

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22. Nertz

In this game, each player gets a deck of cards and the player's race to put them in the right piles starting with the ace.

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23. Magic

This card game comes with collectible cards as a part of the first trading card game.

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24. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Game

In this game, you will take your wizarding powers to try and cast spells to beat the villains of the game.

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25. Dobble

This card game is made up of five mini-games, fill the well, the towering inferno, catch them all, hot potato, and the poisoned gift. This game involves matching two cards where the placement and sizes of the image can be different to make it so much more complicated.

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26. Exploding Kittens

This game is a strategy game that is about cats and destruction. You collect kittens while also demoting other player's amount of kittens.

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