150 Good 'Who's Most Likely To' Questions

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150 Good 'Who's Most Likely To' Questions

It’s always fun to learn new things about the ones you love. 

Whether you’re playing 21 questions or ‘would you rather,’ we can always expand our knowledge on people. 

That’s why ‘who’s most likely to’ questions are so popular. 

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Their unique, and oftentimes humorous, approach to discovering all you know about yourself and another make for a great game. 

Maybe you’ll play with your best friend. What about a significant other?

Use this question game as a way to determine which of you is more likely to do something. 

Have fun with it and be honest! You might be surprised by how much you know about each other. 

Here are 150 good ‘who’s most likely to’ questions for the next time you want to be entertained and challenge yourself. 

Funny "who’s most like to" questions

1. Not take a shower for a week?

2. Be a drama queen?

3. Do weird things in public?

4. Have weird phobias?

5. Die of something stupid?

6. Get in a fight?

7. Get arrested for walking around naked?

8. Fall asleep in class?

9. Eat with their mouth open?

10. Be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse?

11. Smoke weed?

12. Laugh at the wrong moment?

13. Cry in a public place?

14. Run away to join the circus?

15. Spend all their money on something stupid?

16. Fart in public?

17. Obsess over a celebrity?

18. Get a face tattoo?

19. Get kicked out of a cinema?

20. Use a fake I.D. to get into a club?

21. Become an alcoholic?

22. Be a gang member?

23. Be imprisoned?

24. Have a stalker?

25. Stay the longest in the bathroom?

26. Sleep naked?

27. Be afraid of watching horror movies?

28. Be a cool parent?

29. Freak out during a storm?

30. Sleep through an alarm?

31. Remain in the shower the longest?

32. Arrive late to an important event?

33. Get mad after losing a game?

34. Lose their phone at a party?

35. Steal their parent’s car?

36. Be expelled?

37. Forget their keys in the car?

38. Stay with their parents longest?

39. Sneak out for a party?

40. Fail a lie detector test?

41. Mess up during an interview?

42. Go bald first?

43. Have an imaginary friend?

44. Be attacked by a wild animal?

45. Forget where they parked their car?

46. Lock themselves out of the house?

47. Snore?

48. Have the most piercings?

49. Fail a simple test?

Romantic "who’s most likely to" questions

50. Always be the heartbreaker?

51. Embarrass themselves in front of their crush?

52. Have a one night stand?

53. Be a perfect kisser?

54. Marry their best friend’s ex?

55. Pick up someone at a funeral?

56. Make love in public?

57. End a relationship after a week?

58. Go on a blind date arranged by their mom?

59. Watch romantic movies?

60. Marry a celebrity?

61. Fall in love with their teacher in college?

62. Cling on to a toxic relationship?

63. Date their boss?

64. Marry into a royal family?

65. Remain single forever?

66. Marry without love?

67. Fall in love with his/her best friend?

68. Be dating two people at one time?

69. Get married first?

70. Be interested in same-sex?

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"Who’s most likely to" questions about the future

71. Be rich?

72. Be poor?

73. Live in a big city?

74. Give all their money to charity?

75. Always be happy?

76. Adopt a child?

77. Win the lottery?

78. Go on a world tour?

79. Win an Olympic Medal?

80. Become a high school teacher?

81. Win an Oscar Award?

82. Break some world record?

83. Invent something useful?

84. Be in a commercial?

85. Become President of the United States of America?

86. Write a bestseller?

87. Move to a different country?

88. Become the kindest person in the world?

89. Appear on some reality show?

90. Win a Nobel prize?

91. Become a famous actor/actress?

92. Be a stand-up comedian?

93. Join the military?

94. Be a world traveler?

95. Be a supermodel?

96. Play the role of a superhero?

97. Have children first?

98. Buy a luxury car?

99. Never leave their country?

100. Be a horrible boss?

101. Quit their job and travel the world?

102. Be a poet?

103. Go into space?

104. Become a doctor?

105. Take up professional sports?

106. Be the Miss Universe?

107. Live alone on an island?

108. Become a magician?

109. Retire in a desolate farm house?

110. Have more than 10 children?

111. Tour the world by sea?

112. Live the longest?

113. Live in the wilderness?

114. Become a private investigator?

115. Become a race car driver?

116. Die without ever having children?

117. Make some change?

118. Get plastic surgery?

119. Build or buy a house next to a beach?

Random "who’s most likely to" questions

120. Listen to classical music?

121. Go to a museum very often?

122. Be in a choir?

123. Be the best at math?

124. Hold their breath the longest as possible?

125. Punch a wall?

126. Cry because of a sad movie?

127. Worry about small things?

128. Bungee jump?

129. Not have a computer?

130. Take care of the others when they are sick?

131. Live in a zoo?

132. Read every book in a school library?

133. Forget important birthdays?

134. Lie to the police?

135. Have a million followers on social media?

136. Be sensitive?

137. Dye their hair?

138. Change their first name?

139. Be a gambler?

140. Go bankrupt?

141. Give their train seat to a pregnant lady?

142. Go on a spontaneous cross country road trip?

143. Have straight A’s?

144. Spend hours on a phone call?

145. Be self-employed?

146. Spend all day online?

147. Spend the whole day in bed?

148. Start a YouTube channel?

149. Get offended by a joke?

150. Give up on a fitness goal?

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