10 Kissing Games And Makeout Challenges All Couples Need

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Kissing is, to me, the heart of all foreplay. It's how we reconnect after a long and terrible day, and it's often the first step toward initiating sex with your partner.

But the longer you are in a relationship and the older you get, the more kissing can lose its luster. But couples should still kiss every day

It's super important to maintain that closeness — that's where playing kissing games in real life comes in.

I know, kissing games? What is this, high school? No, it's worse. It's being an adult. You've got bills to pay, teeth that need tending to by a dentist, and all sorts of miserable adult tasks to see to. 

But kissing games let you forget all of that, and revel in the pure bliss of kissing and romance, even if it's just for a little while. 

Sure, you might not go back to high school for any amount of money, but wouldn't you like to recapture some of that heart-fluttering passion of being an amorous teenager?

These 8 kissing games can help you get there.

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1. Spin the Bottle

This is the ultimate kissing game, be you in middle school, high, school, or all grown up. Trying it now at your next party can be just as titillating as it was when you were just learning about love.

Use an empty bottle placed in the center of the circle, and spin it to pick who you're expected to kiss. Sparks will fly. Start your challenge off right by throwing a party with folks who are down to play this awesome game. 

2. 7 Minutes in Heaven

Continuing with party games from days of yore, use the same bottle that you used for spin the bottle to pick partners. Take your partner to the nearest closet for a hot and heavy seven-minute mouth-to-mouth make-out session. All of the clothes stay on. If you cheat and pick the partner your heart desires, we promise not to tell. 

You don't need to throw another party to get this day of your makeout challenge done. Find the nearest closet and set a timer on your iPhone. Then? Make out, folks! 

3. Suck and Blow

This is an oldie but a goodie, and for a reason! You've probably seen it in "Clueless." 

Here's how it works: Standing in a circle, pass a business card or credit card around the room using only the power of suction and your mouth. If you drop the card, you wind up getting a kiss. It's racy and flirtatious and also totally harmless. 

The challenge here is to make this a game for just the two of you. It's hard to keep that lip action going for long, but that will just lead to more kissing which is what we want anyway. 

4. Secret Pecks

I love this one. You've got to play it in a crowd in public or at a party. Find a place where you and your partner can make out or sneak a kiss or two without getting caught. See how many secret hook ups you can manage in one day without getting caught in the act.  

The challenge here is not getting caught! And let's face it, even if you do, that just makes things a little bit hotter. 

5. Marathon Kissing

Kiss as long as you can stand it. The first person to break away and take a breath is the "loser," but let's be real — in this game every single person is a winner.

That said, in this game, the winner gets to pick the punishment, provided said punishment is sexy. 

Half the challenge here is coming up with punishments that are appropriately thrilling as they are "punishments." There really are no losers in this game. 

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6. Kissing Quota

Looking to inject a little spice back into your long-term relationship? This kissing game is a great place to start.

You and your partner pick a number of times a day you need to kiss (really kiss, not just a peck on the lips). Start with at least ten times, and see how quickly you can reach that number in a day and then double your quota! 

This is a fun challenge to keep going for all 7 days of the week. It's a nice little constant in a week of non-stop boundary-pushing. 

7. Red Light Smooching

When you and your kissing partner are in the car together, make sure whenever you are stopped at a red light to make out passionately for the entire duration of the light. This is an exercise in concentration and passion. It doesn't get much hotter than that.

This challenge is adorable, just make sure you don't get in an accident in the process.

8. Eyes Wide Open

Take that, Stanley Kubrick! I'm subverting you! In this kissing game, the challenge issued is to kiss your partner with your eyes open for as long as you can.

The hotter the kiss gets the more likely you are to lose yourself in bliss. Hold out though, because the winner gets to make the other person do whatever they want. The challenge here is not pretending to lose just to make your partner happy.

9. Kiss And Slap

This is a rendition of rock, paper, scissors that has a little twist to it to make the game super, super fun.

The rules are the same for rock, paper, scissors. The twist is that if the girl wins, she gets to slap the guy across the face, but if the guy wins, he gets a kiss.

Of course, we aren't all in hetero relationships,  so you can decide who is the slapper and who is the kisser beforehand!

10. Post Office

Post Office is more when you play this game in a large group.

So this game everyone gets kissed... literally. First, you need to designate a room as the "post office." Then send either all the guys or all the girls to the post office.

If you send all the guys, then all the girls will send one girl at a time to the "post office" where she'll get a kiss from everyone in there (i.e. all the guys). Once all the girls have gone, they switch.

Pretty straightforward and a good time for everyone!

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