What Do All The Emojis Mean? A Guide To All Your Favorite IPhone Emoticons

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What Do All These Emojis Mean?

Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world of text speak where emoji meanings are as much part of our vernacular as word meanings. Every thought, feeling or emotion you could imagine can probably be conveyed through emojis if you wanted it to!

Emojis can really brighten up a text (or darken it if that's what you're going for) but it's important to know the emoji meanings in order to get your point across accurately. So take a look at these emoji meanings and stop scratching your head, wondering "What does this emoji mean?"

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Here are the emojis meanings of all your favorite smileys and symbols.

Smileys and People Emojis

1. Grinning Face

This happy smiley can add excitement to any boring text. It brings an air of joy and brightens up your daily friendly digital exchanges.

2. Grinning Face with Big Eyes

This one is similar to the emoji above but with a touch more surprise, thanks to the wide eyes. It expresses enthusiasm about an upcoming event or plan.

3. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

You know when you laugh so hard your eyes are squinting? That’s what this emoji is for. It’s for the most cheerful, fun-filled moments. 

4. Grinning Face with Smiling Eyes

This is a full force, toothy grin that’s basically saying “Cheese” to the camera. This express radiant, uncontainable happiness. It shows amusement and pride. 

5. Grinning Squinting Face

For when you’re verging of a fit of laughter and struggling to contain yourself. This is also a little bit mischievous for when you’re laughing at something you probably shouldn’t find funny. 

6. Grinning Face with Sweat

Smiling but also kind of stressing. This is good for expressing relief after a close call or for showing the joy you feel after coming through a stressful situation. 

7. Crying Laughing

For jokes so funny that your eyes water. This is widely used for anything hysterically funny. 

8. Rolling on the Floor Laughing

The visual representation of the term ROFL. Save this for responses to the most hilarious of jokes and hysterical situations. 

9. Smiling Face

This emoji radiates bashfulness. The blushing smiley is blissful but timid. Looks like this smiley just got a nice compliment or unexpected praise.

10. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes

A shy grin showing unadulterated happiness. Goes great with an expression of gratitude.

11. Smiling Face with Halo

Expresses innocence when used for someone who does angelically good deeds. It can also be used ironically to try to deflect from bad behavior.

12. Slightly Smiling Face

Shows satisfaction and friendliness without the intensity of a grin. Makes any statement sound more polite.

13. Upside Down Smiling Face

This means the exact opposite of any smiley face. Expresses that feeling you have when things are falling apart but you need to look like you’re holding it together.

14. Winking Smiling Face

This mischievous smiley face is flirting, pulling a practical joke or has a hidden motive.

15. Softly Smiling Face

Peaceful and relieved, this smiley face has had a good day and is carefree and relaxing.

16. Heart Eyes Emoji

Obsessively in love with someone (or something). Expresses infatuation and intense affection.

17. Smiling Face with 3 Hearts

This emoji is oozing with love and looking pretty happy about it. It is a love-filled expression.

18. Blowing A Kiss Face

This can be flirty or amicable, showing love and appreciation. It can also be used to soften the blow of a sarcastic or harsh comment.

19. Kissing Face

Without the heart, this kiss is a bit less romantic, more neutral. It can also be used to resemble whistling or the pouty “duck face”.

20. Kissing Face With Smiling Eyes

This is also similar to whistling. The smiling makes it a good replacement for “hugs and kisses” when sending well wishes to someone.

21. Kissing Face with Closed Eyes

Kissing but also blushing. This is a more timid, shy way of sending love to a crush or friend.

22. Face With Tongue Peaking Out The Side

This can be used to show licking lips after a delicious meal or as a quirky, cheeky little grin.

23. Face With Tongue Sticking Out

Don’t take me seriously! This emoji goes with a funny remark or joke.

24. Face With Tongue Sticking Out And Eyes Squeezed Shut

When you’re making a sarcastic or mocking joke so funny that you’re laughing before you even get it out.

25. Winking Face With Tongue Sticking Out

Joking but also kind of flirting. This smiley is bold and cheeky.

26. Crazy Face

This emoji is going stir crazy or is falling apart because of a hilarious joke.

27. Face With Raised Eyebrow

With one raised brow, this face is skeptical and doesn’t quite believe what it’s being told.

28. Face With Monocle

This posh, 19th-century visual aid is used to examine things a little closer or to ponder important debates.

29. Nerdy Face

With glasses, buck teeth and an awkward smile, this emoji is used when you’re having a smart moment or you’re feeling a bit awkward and out of place.

30. Face With Sunglasses

The cool dude of the emojis, this smiley is relaxed and enjoying the chilled out summer vibes.

31. Grinning Face With Starry Eyes

This emoji is starstruck after being left completely speechless by someone or they’re full of anticipation for an upcoming event.

32. Face With Party Hat and Blower

This emoji is ready to celebrate a birthday, accomplishment or event.

33. Smirking Face

This side smirk is suggestive and playful. Either this face is up to no good or has made a flirty innuendo.

34. Frowning Face

This grumpy face is annoyed or disinterested. The smiley is not looking forward to whatever you have just said.

35. Disappointed Face

The clue is in the name. This face has been let down or is experiencing remorse.

36. Sad Face

This face is sad but contemplative. It needs some time to think and is feeling melancholy.

37. Worried Face

The frowning face and raised eyebrows express anxiety about an upcoming event or a stressful situation.

38. Confused Face

This slight frown expresses uncertainty airing on disappointment.

39. Slightly Frowning Face

This frown looks slightly dejected and even a bit annoyed.

40. Frowning Face

This emoji is much more disgruntled than the frown that came before. It is extremely dissatisfied and unhappy.

41. Pained Face

Pushing through a tough time. This emojis is struggling but has to trudge onwards.

42. Anguished Face

This emoji is extremely angry and devastated. It’s the final straw and this emoji can’t take it anymore.

43. Fed Up Face

Exasperated and drained, this emoji is lacking sleep and is exhausted.

44. Weary Face

This emoji is used when you’re in need of a good moan to a friend about unpleasant times.

45. Face With Begging Eyes

These puppy dog eyes are adorable and emotive. They are used to plead and get your way.

46. Single Tear Face

This shows that kind of long term sadness that brings a tear to your eye when you just think about it.

47. Tears Streaming Face

This distraught emoji is having an intense cry. It can also be used when you’re crying with laughter.

48. Steaming Face

This can express a build-up of frustration or anger but it can also show triumph and superiority of letting off steam.

49. Angry Face

This face is frustrated and upset but not completely boiling over. You still have time to reason with or explain yourself to this face.

50. Red Angry Face

This emoji is ready to explode. It is furious and is sitting with an anger that has been brewing rapidly. 

51. Angry Face With Symbols Over The Mouth

These symbols represent cursing and the expletives of an extremely angry outburst. It represents an outburst of fury.

52. Face With Exploding Head

This face is mind-blown by something shocking or difficult to understand. This can be used positively and negatively depending on the context.

53. Shocked Face

Wide-eyed and surprised, this emoji looks somewhere between embarrassed and horrified. The cheeks are slightly flushed so this emoji can also be used to express shame.

54. Overheated Face

This face is red hot and in need of a dip in a cold pool or an icy glass of water. Use this when on a tropical vacation or in response to your hot crush.

55. Freezing Face

This tortured expression needs a heated blanket and a hot cup of tea. When winter hits, expect to see this in your frequently used emojis. 

56. Screaming Face

This emoji is horrified. It has seen something terrifying or it’s in a complete panic.

57. Fearful Face

This face is frozen with shock. It seems to be stunned into silence, horrified by something surprising that has happened or terrified of an upcoming event. 

58. Fearful Face With A Cold Sweat

Not only is this face frozen in shock, the worry has caused it to break out in a cold sweat. It is used in nerve-wracking situations like when you have to do public speaking or meet up with your ex!

59. Disappointed Face With A Cold Sweat

This is often used as a crying face but the placement of the water droplet is similar to some of the sweating emojis. This suggests this emoji symbolizes someone who is let down but maybe a bit relieved. 

60. Face With A Cold Sweat

This emoji is stressing or worrying about a disappointing situation. 

61. Hugging Face

This is a warm cordial gesture from someone who wants to reach through their phone and give you a hug. It also resembles jazz hands for your inner musical theatre kid.

62. Thinking Face

A thoughtful expression. Someone who is contemplating a topic, weighing up their options or still deciding on something important. 

63. Face with Hand Over Mouth

This emoji is gobsmacked and can’t quite believe what it has just been told. This usually expresses disbelief.

64. Shushing Face

This is what you send to your friend when they’re making too much noise in the library or when you’ve told them a secret that isn’t to be uttered to anyone. It basically just mean “Shut it”. 

65. Lying Face

Just like Pinnochio, this emoji has told an untruth and is paying the price with a growing nose. This symbolizes an unlikely story or falsehood. 

66. Face Without Mouth

When you’re at a loss for words out of shock or just have nothing to say about a particular topic. 

67. Neutral Face

Poker face. This emoji isn’t giving anything away or just doesn’t have anything to give away. It is completely indifferent. 

68. Expressionless Face

This emoji is emotionless. It has nothing left to say and has reached the end of its patience. 

69. Grimacing Face

Well, this is awkward. This is the face you use when you’re cringing hard and feel tense. It’s a terrified looking smile. 

70. Face With Rolling Eyes

This emoji is DONE! It is bored or annoyed and needs to exit the situation fast. 

71. Speechless Face

This jaw-dropped emoji is used when you’ve been left shocked by something or someone and don’t quite have the words to respond.

72. Frowning Face With Mouth Open 

This emoji has been let down in the most shocking way. It can’t believe what someone has just done and is feeling hurt and betrayed. 

73. Frowning Face With Mouth Open And Brows Raised

Like the emoji above, this one feels hurt and betrayed but is in even more pain and horror about this. It is frustrated and fearful. 

74. Face with Open Mouth

This emoji is astonished and looking perplexed. It can be used negatively or for a good surprise. 

75. Astonished Face

Something incredible has happened and this emoji is overwhelmed with surprise. Its jaw is on the floor. 

76. Yawning Face

Either this emoji is lacking in sleep or it’s just bored. This can be used when you’re exhausted both mentally and physically. 

77. Sleeping Face

Sweet dreams! The “Zzzz” represents snoring because this smiley face is out for the count. 

78. Drooling Face

This is an expression of interest or desire. Whether it’s used about a person, dream car, delicious food or a fancy new handbag, this emoji has a craving and is lusting after it. 

79. Sleepy Face

The bubble emerging from this emoji’s nose is a typical symbol of sleep in manga and anime. This emoji needs rest or else is extremely bored with this conversation. 

80. Dizzy Face

This emoji is feeling lightheaded and needs to sit down. This can be used in a variety of contexts to convey drunkenness, shock, confusion or extreme emotions. 

81. Zipper-Mouth Face

This emojis lips are sealed. This is typically used when talking about a secret or if you’ve been stunned into silence. 

82. Woozy Face

This emoji doesn’t feel so good. The uneven eyes and mouth show that the emoji is bewildered or maybe feeling queasy. If that’s the case the next 2 emojis might track the emotions that are coming next.

83. Nauseated Face

This emoji is ready to throw up. This is best used in reference to something disgusting that has happened that is making you feel unwell. 

84. Face Vomiting 

This puking smiley can’t hold it in any longer. This can be used to talk about an actual illness or just something that repulses you. 

85. Sneezing Emoji

Either this emoji has caught a cold and is sneezing into a tissue or it’s just feeling a bit emotional and teary-eyed. 

86. Medical Mask Emoji

This emoji is protecting itself and others from infectious diseases. It can be used to talk about a doctor’s visit or as a reminder to not leave the house without your mask. 

87. Face With Thermometer

This sad face is feeling under the weather or has been diagnosed with an infection.

88. Face with Head-Bandage

This is for injuries of the head or any kind of external injury. The bandage symbolizes a cast but it can also be used ironically to express emotional injury. 

89. Money-Mouth Face

This emoji has dollar signs in its eyes and mouth. Either it has just gotten a raise or its ready to blow some cash. 

90. Face With Cowboy Hat

Yeehaw, giddy up cowboy. This can be used for any trip to the wild west or just to express excitement and confidence. 

91. Smiling Face With Horns

This devilish, grinning purple face is mischievous and cunning. This is used when you want to cause some trouble. 

92. Angry Face With Horns

This is also used to represent trouble but not the fun kind. The angry face suggests the person using this emoji has malicious intent. 

93. Japanese Ogre

Based on the namahage or oni, a symbol of hell in Japanese mythology, this terrifying image is used to ward off evil spirits. 

94. Japanese Goblin

The Tengu is an evil but magical figure from Japanese mythology. He is responsible for bringing disaster. 

95. Clown Face

This can be funny or terrifying depending on your phobias. Typically this is used to represent practical jokes or humiliation.

96. Pile of Poo

This one stinks. It might look like a soft-serve chocolate ice cream but don’t be fooled. This one is used to refer to a crappy situation or as a replacement for an inappropriate word beginning with ‘S’. 

97. Ghost

This ghost is cheerful but spooky. You’ll find this one in your frequently used during October or all year round if the people your dating keep ghosting you.

98. Skull

This one has two completely different meanings. You’re either describing something dangerous and deadly or you’ve heard something so hilarious that you’re dying of laughter.

99. Skull and Crossbones

Beware! This is a symbol of hazard and toxicity. Use only in the most dangerous of contexts.

100. Alien

He comes in peace! This smiley alien is used to refer to anything extraterrestrial or out of this world. 

101. Space Invader

This purple pixelated figure looks like something straight out of a 90s arcade game. It is used in reference to gaming or for all things weird and wacky. 

102. Robot Face

Often this is used by people who feel like they’re being controlled or overworked like a robot. This robot is grimacing and doesn’t look particularly happy to be here. This also works well if you feel a bit robotic or dead inside.

103. Pumpkin Lantern 

Trick or treat? This Jack-O-Lantern is another Halloween favorite. 

104. Smiling Cat Face

Smiley emojis but for cat lovers. This furry friend is happy and enjoying life.

105. Smiling Cat Face With Smiling Eyes

This is one satisfied looking kitty. This cat is having a good time and at ease with the conversation happening. 

106. Cat with Tears of Joy

Something silly has happened and this cat can’t control its laughter.

107. Heart Eyes Cat

Cats aren’t usually ones to give affection so if you receive this emoji someone must have a lot of adoration for you.

108. Cat With Wry Smile

This side smile shows that the cat is keeping something to itself. This is often used in sarcasm or flirting. 

109. Kissing Cat

Pucker up, this cat is ready to give you a peck. Cats choose their partners carefully so accept this with flattery. 

110. Cat Screaming In Fear

This cat is startled, horrified, or just doing the world’s most intense yawn. The interpretation is up to you.

111. Crying Cat

A cat with turned down ears, a frowning face, and a single tear. Bad news has been given.

112. Grumpy Cat

Just like the world-famous Grumpy Cat meme, this emoji is not happy. It is frustrated and angry.

113. Palms Facing Up

In American Sign Language, this is the symbol for an open book. This emoji is about openness and acceptance. Either that or someone’s asking for money. 

114. Open Hands

This can stand for a hug. Like the palms emoji, it represents openness. 

115. Raised Hands

These hands are stretched upwards in celebration. They’re raising the roof. This is used as a symbol of praise and celebration. 

116. Clapping Hands

This is used as applause when you’re cheering for someone or else sarcastically for things that don’t deserve applause. 

117. Handshake

This can be a greeting, a farewell or an agreement. Two people are figuratively making a pact. 

118. Thumbs Up Sign

This is also a term of agreement or else appreciation and approval. Be careful though, in Arab countries this is interpreted as showing the two fingers. 

119. Thumbs Down Sign

Things aren’t good. This is a sign for disapproval or dislike. 

120. Fist Bump

This can be a greeting or gesture of agreement between two friends. A way to say “S’up?”. It may also be a more threatening gesture symbolizing an incoming punch.

121. Raised Fist

Fight the power! This is a sign of solidarity and resistance. Someone might use this to say they are standing with you as you fight for a cause.

122. Fist Pointing Left

This is a way to greet friends or as a sign of respect. 

123. Fist Pointing Right

Just like the other fist emojis, this is a punch or a term of greeting.

124. Fingers-Crossed

Wish me luck! This emoji is holding out hope for a favorable outcome. This may also be used to cancel out an oath or promise.

125. Peace Sign

Hippies of the 1960s adopted this as a symbol for peace but it can also be considered a V for victory. This interpretation arose after British Prime Minister Winston Churchill used the hand sign following the end of World War II.

126. Love You Gesture

In American sign language, this gesture means “I love you”. It’s the emoji equivalent of ILY. 

127. Sign of the Horns

Rock on! Metal rock fans love to throw this one up at concerts before a guitar shred. 

128. Ok Hand

This gesture is typically used to say “I’m good” or as a term of agreement. In American sign language, this is the symbol for the number 9. In parts of Europe, the Middle East, and South America this is an offensive gesture.

127. Hand Pointing To The Left

Just as Beyonce said, “To the left, to the left”. This can be used to point to an important part of a message.

128. Hand Pointing To The Right

Trigger fingers pointing to the right this time as if to say “Right this way”.

129. Hand Pointing Upwards

This can be used to point to something or as a way of saying “I” in agreement. 

130. Raised Hand

Stop. This hand is used to silence someone or say “I’ve had enough”. It may also be used as a high-five in congratulations. 

131. Raised Back of Hand

This can be used in a similar way to raising your hand in class. It is to draw attention to yourself or ask a question. 

132. Raised Hand With Splayed Fingers

This is used in the same way as the raised hand, just maybe with more urgency.

133. Vulcan Salute

Also known as a Spock greeting, this was used by the Star Trek character to say “Live long and in peace”. It is a V symbol based on sacred Jewish letters. 

134. Waving Hand

This emoji is similar to the raised hand but it is slightly tilted and is outlined by lines that denote motion. It is used as a greeting, a way of saying “Hey” when you send a text. 

135. Call Me Hand

Fingers are splayed to replicate an ear and mouthpiece from a telephone. This is often sent as a way of saying “Call me”. It also replicates the shaka or “hang loose” gesture used by surfers. 

136. Flexed Bicep

Welcome to the gun show. This emoji is flexing its muscles to remind us to feel strong. You got this. 

137. Middle Finger

Don’t send this to your boss by accident! In Western culture this is an offensive gesture that means “F- off”. You can send this one to anyone who’s really getting on your last nerve, so long as you’re willing to accept an equally rude response.

138. Writing Hand

Take notes. This is a right hand who’s busy at work doing homework, taking a test or writing a poem. 

139. Folded Hands

Two hands pressed together. In Japanese culture this means “please” or “thank you”. The hands may also be interpreted as praying hands and used to express hope. This emoji can also symbolise a high-five. 

140. Foot

Love them or hate them, we all have them, so we need an emoji to match! This can be used to talk about going for a walk (though there’s an emoji for that too) or for when you’re standing alone on your own two feet.

141. Leg

Gym goers can use this emoji for Leg Day. Like the flexed bicep, this leg is ready to pump some iron in the form of squats.

142. Mechanical Arm

Bionic limbs were added to the emojis in 2019, making them more inclusive for people with paraplegia or disabilities. 

143. Mechanical Leg

The mechanical leg has a trendy red sneaker on, suggesting it is ready to go for a run. 

144. Lipstick

Most emoji platforms display a classic red lipstick with the lid off for this emoji. It can be used when getting ready for a glam night out.

145. Kiss Mark

A little later in the night, after using your red lipstick emoji, you might use this flirty lip print. It means “Many thanks” and can be used after a successful date. 

146. Lips

This emoji shows a mouth with the lips slightly parted. It is usually used in reference to the spoken word, a chatterbox, or as a kiss. 

147. Tooth

Call the tooth fairy! This tooth has come loose and perhaps symbolizes a toothache or an upcoming trip to the dentist.

148. Bone

Accompany this with the puppy emoji to symbolize a dog’s perfect day. This might also be used at Halloween or as a way of conveying being tired after getting “worked to the bone”. 

149. Tongue Out

This is a gesture of defiance or as a teasing way of saying “Just kidding!”. It can also be used to refer to a delicious meal that has your tongue watering. 

150. Ear

When someone sends this they’re all ears. They’re listening carefully to every word you have to say. 

151. Ear With A Hearing Aid

This emoji means the same as the ear emoji except this time it is used by someone who has a hearing aid to help them with their hearing loss. 

152. Nose

Someone might use this when they’re being nosy and all up in other people’s business. Typically, however, this is used if there’s a strong scent around. 

153. Footprints

Two human footprints mid-step. This means someone is on the way. 

154. Eye

I’m keeping an eye on you. Something interesting or attention-grabbing is happening so we have to keep an eye out. 

155. Eyes

Eyes wide in shock. This emoji is used to say “I’m watching you”. It can also be a flirty comment under a photo of your crush that says “I like what I see”. 

156. Brain

When you’re feeling filled with knowledge or you’re acting like a smarty pants someone might use this emoji.

157. Talking Head

This human silhouette is in the middle of telling a good story. This can be used to refer to an announcement or someone who is always shouting. 

158.  Bust Silhouette

This is a shadowed outline of a head and shoulders. It suggests secrecy or anonymity. This is often the symbol used on social media in the absence of a profile photo. 

159. Two Bust Silhouettes

This is best used to refer to a community or a collective group of people. It suggests the two are standing in solidarity with one another without necessarily being together in person. 

160. Baby

A smiling baby face with a single ringlet. This is a symbol of youth, a baby on the way or a reference to someone acting childish. 

161. Girl 

Face of a young girl with pigtails. You might use this to refer to a youth in your life. 

162. Child

This is a gender inclusive alternative to the boy and girl emojis. This child does not have a specified gender.

163. Boy

This is the male equivalent of the girl emoji and is different to the man emoji because it has no facial hair.

164. Adult

The gender of this emoji is not specified but we do know that it is older and more mature than the child emojis. 

165. Adult with Blonde Hair

While the non-hair color specific emojis change their hair with each skin tone, this emoji remains blonde no matter what skin tone is selected. 

166. Adult with Red Hair

Red heads were neglected from most emoji packs until the last couple years but luckily now they have their own set. 

167. Adult with Curly Hair

This emoji embraces a hair texture that went unrecognized by emoji platforms in the initial release of emojis.

168. Adult with White Hair

This one is for those who have white hair at a younger age. This is different from the blond emojis and the white haired older emojis. 

169. Bald Adult

The facial features on the adult emoji are gender neutral and aren’t to be confused with the man and woman emojis which also have bald versions. 

170. Woman

This emoji has long hair and soft, feminine features. You might use this to refer to a strong woman you admire, a friend or neighbor.

171. Woman with Red Hair

Only 1% of the world have naturally red hair so if this emoji looks like you, you’re a rarity. 

172. Woman with Curly Hair

Curly haired ladies, this emoji captures the hair look most girls spent hours with curling irons and rollers trying to recreate. 

173. Woman with White Hair

Since the other emojis with white hair are shown on short haired women, this one is for those with long, flowing white locks. 

174. Woman with Blond Hair

This is one of the few emojis with hair tied up. Whether your blond or you’re just a fan of a ponytail, this hairstyle is perfect for on the go. 

175. Man

The male emojis are identified by facial hair, a moustache on most platforms. 

176. Man with Red Hair

Prince Harry, Robert Redford and Boris Becker are some famous male redheads who might be symbolized by this emoji. 

177. Man with Curly Hair

The curly haired emojis can be a range of hair colors and skin tones. 

178. Man with White Hair

This is a man with a moustache and a full head of white hair. 

179. Man with Blond Hair

The non-gender based blond haired emoji has a slightly longer, shaggier cut while this emoji has more of a clean comb over. 

180. Bearded Adult

This emoji has a lot more facial hair than the other male and female emojis. You might traditionally associate the beard with a hunter or a lumberjack but in recent years beards have been snapped up by trend-starting hipsters. 

181. Elderly Adult

This is a gender-neutral emoji for adults of an older generation. They have a short, tousled haircut and a pair of glasses.

182. Elderly Woman

This adorable old lady is wearing a smooth updo and glasses. For some reason emoji designers seem to think all old people wear glasses. 

183. Elderly Man

This older gentleman has a moustache, a balding head and forehead wrinkles. The elderly emojis can also be used in a joking way if you’re calling someone old-fashioned or if you’re feeling aged.

184. Man with a Chinese Cap

This is a traditional head piece that dates back to the Qing Dynasty and is known as a gau pi mao. Use this emoji to celebrate Chinese identity and culture. 

185. Person with a Turban

Turbans are a headpiece that can be worn by Sikhs or Muslims. The turban is made up of several long strips of fabric wrapped around the head using a special technique. 

186. Man with a Turban

While the previous emoji is non-gender specific, this emoji is considered male. This emoji has a beard and a traditional turban. 

187. Woman with a Turban

This is the female version of the man with a turban. The emoji has more feminine facial features.  

188. Woman with a Headscarf

Headscarves or hijabs can be worn for both personal style or for religious reasons. This emoji was invented by a 16-year-old Saudi teen who lives in Vienna. She proposed the idea because she wanted an emoji that looked like her and many girls she knows. 

189. Police Officer

A non-gender specific police officer wearing a blue hat with a gold badge or shield in the middle. This emoji can be used to denote that someone is in trouble or that someone is policing something. 

190. Male Police Officer

Unlike the non-gender based police officer, this policeman has a mustache like a true 70s cop.

191. Female Police Officer

Caught driving over the speed limit? This policewoman is coming to get you!  

192. Construction Worker

This is a gender-neutral person wearing a hard hat and yellow safety vest. 

193. Male Construction Worker

Differing from the construction worker in hairstyle and facial features, this is a male builder wearing a construction uniform. 

194. Female Construction Worker

This is the female version of the construction worker emoji. The emoji has long hair but wears the same uniform as the other construction worker emojis. 

195. Guard

I’ll protect you! This guard replicates the guards that stand outside Buckingham Palace to protect the British royal family. 

196. Male Guard

Currently, this emoji looks identical to the non-gender specific guard emoji except with an open mouth. 

197. Female Guard

This lovely female guard is in full uniform with a bearskin hat and ceremonial red uniform. 

198. Detective

Going undercover? The detective emoji can be used when you’re sleuthing around or if you need to get to the bottom of something. 

199. Male Detective

If Sherlock Holmes was an emoji. The male detective has a mustache on for an extra disguise. 

200. Female Detective

The detective emojis wear tan trench coats, fedora hats and carry a magnifying glass to aid them in spotting clues. 

201. Healthcare Worker

The healthcare worker emojis can represent doctors, nurses, therapists, dentists, pharmacists,  and surgeons.

202. Male Healthcare Worker

The healthcare worker emojis wear white lab coats, scrubs, and stethoscopes. 

203. Female Healthcare Worker

Use this emoji if you’re off for a trip to the doctor or if you’re knee-deep in your medical study. 

204. Farmer

Get back to nature with the farmer emojis. These emojis can be used to refer to anything rural. 

205. Male Farmer 

The farmer emojis wear straw hats, dungarees, and carry vegetables from their harvest. 

206. Female Farmer

The female farmer’s wear the same uniform as the other farmer emojis except with long hair in a side ponytail. 

207. Chef

These emojis can show off your culinary skills. The chef emojis wear white shirts and chefs hats and carry wooden spoons. 

208. Male Chef

Whether you’re a caterer, a gourmet culinary expert, or just an amateur chef at home, the chef emojis are suitable for any occasion. 

209. Female Chef

Too many chefs spoil the broth. The female chef emoji has long hair and is ready for work. 

210. Student

Hard work pays off! You’ve made it to graduation day after endless study and assignments. 

211. Male Student

At many schools and colleges, caps and gowns or doctoral caps are worn at graduation ceremonies.

212. Female Student

The graduate emojis can be used to refer to an actual graduation or anything related to academia. 

213. Rockstar

Get ready to belt out an anthem to your captive audience. This emoji is putting on a show to remember. 

214. Male Rockstar

The Apple singer emoji is wearing Bowie-inspired makeup featuring a dramatic red lightning bolt across his face. 

215. Female Rockstar 

With pink hair and makeup, this is a twist on Bowie’s iconic image. 

216. Teacher

A person standing in front of a chalkboard wearing glasses and holding a book. 

217. Male Teacher

This emoji can be used to refer to anything academic or in a joking way if you’re about to give someone a serious lesson. 

218. Female Teacher

Two-thirds of all schoolteachers are female. 

219. Factory Worker

The factory worker is carrying welding equipment and protective goggles. This emoji can be used for a range of manufacturing jobs.

220. Male Factory Worker 

The male factory worker carries welding materials and has a mustache. 

221. Female Factory Worker

The female factory worker has long hair but it’s probably safer to tie up hair when carrying flammable objects!

222. Technologist

A computer nerd, blogger, or IT expert might best be described with this emoji. 

223. Male Technologist

The technologist emojis are tucked away behind laptops, clearly invested in their work, studies, or online recreation. 

224. Female Technologist

This working lady is typing, searching, and emailing up a storm. 

225. Office Worker

Suited up! The office workers emojis wear shirts and suits. No smart-casual office attire here!

226. Male Office Worker

On Apple, the male office worker wears a blue shirt and striped tie. 

227. Female Office Worker

These emojis can be used for just about any job relating too (you guessed it) an office. 

228. Mechanic

Need an oil change? Better call this emoji.

229. Male Mechanic

The mechanic emojis wear blue overalls and carry a wrench. 

230. Female Mechanic

You could also use these emojis to refer to a plumber or any handy work that needs doing. 

231. Scientist

The scientist emojis wear white lab coats, protective goggles and carry an interesting looking chemical. 

232. Male Scientist

Some serious testing is being done in this lab!

233. Female Scientist

The scientist emojis can be used to refer to your chemistry class or if you’re trying to come up with solutions to anything. 

234. Artist

There’s an artist in all of us! This emoji is about to whip up a masterpiece.

235. Male Artist

This emoji wears painter overalls and carries a paint palette and brush. With the beret and Dali-esque mustache, he’s a stereotypical image of an artist.

236. Female Artist 

The painter emoji can be used for anything related to art or creativity. 

237. Pilot

Come fly with me. This emoji is ready to take flight.

238. Male Pilot

The pilot emojis wear classic black pilot uniforms with gold trims. 

239. Female Pilot

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. This emoji can be used in relation to anything to do with flights. 

240. Astronaut

Up, up and away. The astronaut emoji is going to break through the atmosphere and explore outer space. 

241. Male Astronaut

This emoji can be used for anything that’s out of this world. The emoji wears a spacesuit and helmet. 

242. Female Astronaut

Of the 565 total astronauts who have been in space, only 65 of them have been women. 

243. Firefighter

Red alert. The firefighter emoji is ready to enter burning buildings and rescue cats from trees. 

244. Male Firefighter

Firefighters need lots of protective gear to keep them safe while at work. Here the emoji wears a helmet and inflammable coats and carries an ax. 

245. Female Firefighter

If not referring to an actual fire, the firefighter emojis might also be used for a hot topic or if your friend is looking so hot he/she needs extinguishing. 

246. Judge

This emoji is judging you. Judges wear black robes and carry gavels so they can call “Order” when the court gets rowdy.

247. Male Judge

Justice is served. The judge emojis can be used for anything relating to judgment or the law.  

248. Female Judge

When this emoji comes out some tough decisions are being made. 

249. Bride 

Today is the big day! This emoji has flowing locks and wearing a white veil. It is typically used for anything relating to a wedding or serious relationship. 

250. Person in Tuxedo

This might also be considered a groom emoji. Any formal or black-tie event might have cause for this emoji. 

251. Princess

What a fairytale! The princess or queen emoji is a royal figure wearing a gold tiara or crown.

252. Prince

The prince or king emoji is a symbol of royalty, wealth, or aristocracy. Either that or it’s just your personal Prince Charming in emoji form.  

253. Superhero

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the superhero emoji. This costume hides the emojis identity while the hero fights off villains. You might use this emoji if someone has been a hero to you or if you’re coming to someone’s rescue. 

254. Supervillain

In contrast, if you’re feeling evil or cunning, you might use this emoji. The supervillain is darker and more foreboding than the hero. 

255. Mrs. Claus

Mother Christmas wears a cheerful red hat and glasses. Use this in the run-up to Christmas for some festive cheer. 

256. Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Father Christmas spreads festive joy and brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve. 

257. Magician

Whether you believe in magic or you think it’s all just hocus-pocus, everyone can appreciate a good magician costume. This magical figure is here to cast spells and make your wishes come true. 

258. Elf

With pointed ears and a green costume, this timid creature is here to protect and serve. 

259. Vampire

This fanged being is coming to suck your blood. The vampire emoji is perfect for any Halloween costume party. 

260. Zombie

Zombies are undead creatures who creep and haunt. You might use this emoji if you’re feeling so tired and overworked that you’re walking around like a zombie.

261. Genie

Your wish is my command. Thanks to Aladdin, we think of genies as supernatural figures living in a lamp who are available to grant 3 wishes. This emoji can be used in a tongue-in-cheek way if you’re making someone’s dreams come true. 

262. Merperson

The merperson, mermaid and merman emojis are half-human-half-fish with colorful scales and tails. Just like in Disney’s Ariel, only a true love’s kiss can give a merperson their legs.  

263. Fairy

Modeled after Tinkerbell, the fairy emoji wears a green costume and has delicate wings. This could be used as a tooth fairy emoji also. 

264. Baby Angel

The baby emoji with a halo around its head is a symbol of purity and hope. This emoji might be used if someone is behaving so well their almost angelic. 

265. Pregnant Woman

This emoji is cradling her growing belly as she waits for her new arrival. She might also be cradling a food baby after eating too much.

266. Breast-Feeding

Someone has been up all night caring for their newborn! 

267. Person Bowing

This bow is known as dogeza in Japan and is a gesture that expresses an apology or a request for a favor. 

268. Person Tipping Hand

This emoji has their hand tilted flat as if they are carrying a tray. This might be used in a cheery way to say “How can I help you?” or as a flippant way of passing off a remark or question. 

269. Person Gesturing No

No deal! This emoji is creating an X using their arms. This is a gesture of defiance or a signal to stop. 

270. Person Gesturing Ok

Creating an ‘O’ with your arms means “Ok”. This pose might also be used as a ballerina emoji. 

271. Person Raising Hand

This usually means someone has a question or request. The emoji looks cheerful and inquisitive. 

272. Person Facepalming 

A hand pressed to someone’s face usually expresses frustration, embarrassment or shock at someone’s stupidity. 

273. Person Shrugging

I dunno. Raising your shoulders and hands conveys a lack of knowledge or care about a question or situation. 

274. Pouting Person

Pursing your lips or pouting usually suggests someone is annoyed or dissatisfied. 

275. Frowning Person

This frown expresses sadness or disappointment. The emoji looks like they have been let down. 

276. Person Getting A Haircut

Snip snip, it’s time for a change. This emoji can be used when you’re heading to the hairdressers for a new look. 

277. Person Getting A Massage

Well doesn’t that look relaxing. This emoji is getting a head rub to relieve tension. You could use this emoji if you’re off to the spa and don’t want to be interrupted. 

278. Nail Polish

There’s a special occasion happening and it is time to get glam. This emoji is often used to express nonchalance or a lack of interest. 

279. Salsa Dancing

This beautiful emoji wears a dramatic red dress similar to what a salsa dancer might wear. This emoji can convey excitement about an upcoming night on the town. 

280. Disco Dancing

Let’s boogie. If disco music is more up your alley you might choose this groovy emoji in a purple suit. 

281. Dancing Duo

This pair are wearing bunny ears and doing a synchronized dance routine. They are often thought to be ballet dancers, tap dancers, or show dancers. 

282. Person Levitating

This hovering figure wears a suit, hat, and glasses. The emoji is similar to the logo of the 70s band ‘The Specials’. 

283. Person Walking

This pedestrian is out for a leisurely stroll. Use this emoji if you’re inviting someone out for a walk with you. 

284. Person In A Manual Wheelchair

This emoji is sitting in a wheelchair with their hands on the wheels so they are ready to move. 

285. Person In An Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchairs are great for people who do not have enough power in their arms to use manual wheelchairs at the only require you to use a lever. 

286. Person With A Cane

A cane is typically used by those who are visually impaired so they can recognize objects obstructing their path. 

287. Person Kneeling

This is typically a reverent pose that may be used to express prayer or servitude. 

288. Person Running

This emoji is in the middle of a serious cardio session. “Out for a jog, can’t talk”. 

289. Man And Woman Holding Hands

Friends or lovers, these two are standing together in solidarity. 

290. Two Women Holding Hands

Hand holding is an affectionate way to show support to someone you love. 

291. Two Men Holding Hands

This emoji can represent a friendship or a gay couple. 

292. People Holding Hands

This is typically used to represent a gender non-conforming couple or a pair whose gender is unknown. 

293. Couple With A Heart

This emoji comes as a set of non-binary people, a woman and a man, two women, and two men. It may be used to express an exchange of love (romantic or platonic) between two people.

294. Couple Kissing

This also has the same gender options as the couple with a heart. The kiss insinuates a romantic connection between the two. 

295. Family

The first of the family emojis does not specify the gender of the parents or child. 

296. Family: Man, Woman, Boy

This is a couple and their young son. The family emojis might be used to refer to your immediate circle or a family event. 

297. Family: Man, Woman, Girl

This couple is with their young daughter. 

298. Family: Man, Woman, Boy, Girl

One of each! This couple has both a son and a daughter. 

299. Family: Man, Woman, Boy, Boy

This mother is outnumbered by her two sons and their father. 

300. Family: Man, Woman, Girl, Girl

Girls rule! Two daughters and their parents. 

301. Family: Man, Man, Boy

Two dads and their son. 

302. Family: Man, Man, Girl

These dads are raising a daughter together. 

303. Family: Man, Man, Boy, Girl

Two dads with their daughter and son. 

304. Family: Man, Man, Boy, Boy

Two fathers and two sons. 

305. Family: Man, Man, Girl, Girl

These two fathers have two daughters together. 

306. Family: Woman, Woman, Boy

This couple share a son together. 

307. Family: Woman, Woman, Girl

This is a girls-only household!

308. Family: Woman, Woman, Girl, Boy

This perfect family has a boy and a girl.

309. Family: Woman, Woman, Boy, Boy

A family with two mothers and two sons. 

310. Family: Woman, Woman, Girl, Girl

Who runs the world? Girls! These lucky ladies have two lucky daughters. 

311. Family: Man, Boy

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Single parents were added to most emoji platforms in 2016. 

312. Family: Man, Boy, Boy

This dad is joined by his two young sons. 

313. Family: Man, Girl

Daddy’s girl! This is a father and his young daughter.

314. Family: Man, Girl, Boy

The single-parent emojis can also be considered as older and younger siblings. 

315. Family: Man, Girl, Girl

Here a father is with his two young daughters.

316. Family: Woman, Boy

This may be a mother with her son or an older sister with her younger brother.  

317. Family: Woman, Boy, Boy

A mother, aunt or sister with two younger boys. 

318. Family: Woman, Girl

This mom is spending quality time with her daughter. 

319. Family: Woman, Girl, Boy

A woman is joined by her younger siblings or children.

320. Family: Woman, Girl, Girl

Two girls with their mother.  

321. Yarn

This ball of wool is perfect if you’re doing some knitting and need to text someone about it!

322. Needle And Thread

Sewing or embroidery requires a needle and thread. 

323. Coat

It’s cold out, make sure to bring a jacket! This tan trench coat looks like something out of a detective movie. 

324. Lab Coat

Medic and scientists need clean, white lab coats as part of their uniform. You might also wear something like this for your chemistry class. 

325. Blouse

What are you wearing today? This blouse can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

326. T-Shirt

It’s t-shirt weather, leave your coats at home! 

327. Jeans

Keeping it casual. There’s nothing you can’t wear with a good pair of blue jeans. This wardrobe staple can make an outfit. 

328. Shirt And Tie

If you have to host a more formal event you might send this out in your invites to give people an idea of the dress code. 

329. Dress

This is a symbol of fashion or elegance. You can send this emoji to give your friends an idea of what you’re wearing for the night. 

330. Bikini

This two piece set would be worn on a tropical vacation or on a hot pool day.

331. Kimono

Kimonos are traditional Japanese garments worn by both men and women. 

332. Ballet Flats

This is a chic but practical alternative to high heels. Great for office attire or for dressy-casual events. 

333. High-Heeled Shoe

This heeled shoes is typically worn for more formal occasions or for some workplaces. 

334. Sandal

This heeled sandal looks chic for a spring or summer event. You could send this to someone to show off what you bought on your shopping spree. 

335. Heeled Boot

These boots are made for walking. When fall and winter hit, you need to replace your heels with this boot.  

336. Dress Shoe

These brown leather shoes are typically worn by men for formal events or as office attire. 

337. Sneaker

Sneakers are comfortable footwear for a run, walks or style. 

338. Hiking Boot

Off for a group hike? Send this to your friends to remind them what footwear to bring. 

339. Socks

Has someone knocked your socks off recently? Or do you just want them to put a sock in it? Here’s the emoji for that. 

340. Gloves

It’s cold out, don’t forget your gloves!

341. Scarf

Wrap up! Scarves are great for keeping your neck warm in winter or just as a glamorous fashion accessory. 

342. Top Hat

The monopoly man might be the only person we see wearing this hat these days but in the 19th century this was daily attire for aristocrats and gentry. 

343. Baseball Cap

This cap originated with US baseball plays but are now worn to shield the sun or as a fashion statement.

344. Sun Hat

This straw hat is another great sun shield but can also be a symbol of status at a formal event.

345. Graduation Cap

This is typically worn on graduation day by high school and college students. This can be a symbol of academia, intelligence or education.

346. Rescue Worker’s Helmet

Typically this emoji appears as a red helmet with a white cross similar to ones that might be worn in emergency situations. In Japan, these helmets are worn on construction sites. You might send this emoji as a reminder to be careful. 

347. Crown

A crown is generally a symbol of royalty or power. You might also send this as a way of saying e the best”. 

348. Ring

Proposing over text definitely isn’t the romantic thing in the world but if you have to do it, here’s the emoji to use. This could also be a way of conveying that you’re taken or spoken for. 

349. Clutch Bag

Clutches are the perfect size for storing your phone, keys, and lipstick without being too bulky when you’re tearing up the dance floor on a night out. 

350. Wallet

Get your wallet out, we’re going shopping! This small purse stores coins, cash, and cards. 

351. Handbag

Bags look great and can store more things than you could ever need in one day but it’s always better to be prepared.

352. Backpack

Typically worn by school students, bookbags have space for notebooks, textbooks and some snacks.  

353. Glasses

Let me see… Glasses help those with poor eyesight see more clearly. 

354. Sunglasses

Dark glasses protect eyes from UV ray damage on sunny days. This emoji is also used as a symbol for coolness. 

355. Closed Umbrella

Don’t forget your umbrella, it might be raining later! This emoji is a weather warning. 

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