5 Waxing Moon Spells

Grow your magic during this moon phase!

5 Waxing Moon Spells Getty Images

Each phase of the moon holds a magical potential for energy work.

You don't have to wait for the next full moon to manifest your desires.

The waxing moon brings us the courage to explore our dreams and attract our desires.

The waxing moon can be used to water the seeds we planted during the new moon.

Waxing moon spells encourage the growth of the ideas we are planting.

The waxing moon phase increases our wealth and power as the light of the moon builds to a full moon.


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The waxing moon phase comes shortly after the new moon as it is becoming the full moon, ending up back into a waning moon until it is a new moon once more.

So, the energy is building and set for releasing what you no longer want.


That's why a spell that is done during the waxing moon phase is uniquely powerful.

Five waxing moon spells:

1. The visualizing waxing moon spell

Create a vision board under the waxing moon.

Since this is such a great time for manifesting, creating your own vision board based on art, magazine, and book clippings and words of affirmation can really benefit the practitioner.

The idea of a vision board is to create a visual of all the things you wish to manifest.

Taking a large poster board and a pair of scissors, start cutting out clippings from your disposable media of the things you want in your life.

Use headlines for powerful words you want to bring into your life; money, sex, love, family.


Cut out pictures of models doing the actions you wish you could do and paste them all on the board any way you wish.

You can even cut out media that are more related to the vibes you wish to emanate, or aesthetics you find to be pleasing.

Place the board in a room that you walk by or visualize every day; by your door, near the foot of the bed, in view of your favorite mirror.

This is a spell using the law of attraction, to help visualize and slowly make the changes you wish to be by rewriting your subconscious desires using art you created through mixed media.

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2. Bay leaf waxing moon spell

Work using bay leaf magic.

Work under the light of the waxing moon, whether under a window or actually moving outside.

On the bay leaf write what you wish to manifest this lunar phase. Be specific and be direct; don’t hesitate to ask for your exact desire.

Place the bay leaf in your palm, putting it directly into the light of the moon.

Your hand may start feeling the current of the moon’s energy; this means the magic of the spell is working.

When you start feeling this, bring the bay leaf to your chest and visualize the life you want to live.

When the picture in your head becomes clear enough, set the bay leaf on fire in a container that can keep it at a contained burn.


Visualize the smoke being sent to the moon, manifesting your desires.

Allow it to burn out naturally. Discard the ashes, and know your spell is completed.

3. Aphrodite waxing moon spell

Call on Aphrodite to surround your dreams with divine love.

Aphrodite is a great manifestor and wonderful to call upon if you need some support, especially if you’re having a tough time creating dialogue in your daily life.

I would advise using a pink pillar candle so you can carve in sigils you’ve created or runes that relate to your specific goals.

You can anoint this candle with oil; be sure to be pulling the oil to the base of the candle from the wick to encourage manifesting divine love.


When you light the candle, invoke Aphrodite! You can do this through spoken or written words; it truly is whatever you are the most comfortable with.

Tell her what you crave in your life, ask for support, detail to her the ways in which you need more support and love.

Keep the conversation as the candle burns, taking a pause to get a clear vision in your head.

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4. Cleansing waxing moon spell

Cleanse your social media devices with a ritual, especially if you are trying to build a social media presence.

If it is numbers you seek, you may be looking to release some of the negative energy that you hold in your phone.


Cleans it after looking up people from their past that have no business being in your search history. You don’t want energy ruminating on your phone.

If you are looking to engage in having a social media community and up your likes, you can use a mugwort bundle to help cleanse negative energies from your phone.

This includes people who are peeping on your page that you have exiled from your life and texts you’ve saved from exes and helps stimulate dreams.

This cleansing waxing moon spell can lead to a boost in your social following and boost you in the algorithm.

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5. Happiness waxing moon spell

Create abundance with a happiness spell.

One of the best ways to manifest is to be in a positive mind state; why not create an overflow of smiles and joy in your life?

The best way to help influence happiness into your life is to make a spell jar.


Gather some freshly picked flowers from around your community parks and wooded areas (please don’t pick from people’s gardens without permission)!

Add them to a clean jar along with some jasmine oil, and some used coffee grounds to put a little pep in your step; if you prefer tea put your favorite tea leaves from a used tea bag in your jar! Write on a piece of paper with your intention.

This is what will make you happy or what you’d like to let go to feel more at peace. Using a tea candle, burn the paper.

Put the ashes and wax into the jar, sealing it shut, and putting it somewhere you can forget about it. With this, happiness will follow!


You are the creator of magic in your life.

If you wish to see a change and to bring new things into your life, only you can make that happen!

You don’t have to keep waiting on the people around you for your environment to change.

Take your power into your own hands by casting a spell and manifest the life you know you are meant for.

Utilize each phase of the moon to create the world you want to be in by using one of these waxing moon spells.

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