5 Common Roadblocks Stopping You From Manifesting Your Dreams

Are you blocking your own manifestation without realizing it?

5 Things Stopping You From Manifesting Your Dreams getty

When manifesting, it's not only important to work on the process. You also need to be sure you aren't sabotaging your manifestations without realizing it!

Are you wondering why you are not manifesting your dreams successfully? 

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Sometimes, we can subconsciously create obstacles to manifesting what we want in life. 

Here are the 5 common roadblocks that are stopping you.

1. You don't really want what you're trying to manifest.


This may seem obvious, but we tend to justify and convince ourselves that we want something, even when we really don't. It could be that society makes us think we want it, or we may be influenced by those around us.

So, really be sure this is something you want and that it's right for you and your soul. If it goes against your purpose and who you are at a soul level, you won't be able to manifest it, no matter how hard you try.

Be thoughtful about what you really want. Don't waste time working on manifesting the wrong thing.

2. You procrastinate.

If you're procrastinating on anything in any area of your life, that energy will also block your manifesting process. It may not have anything to do with what you want to manifest, but it will block you anyway.


We are whole beings, and we manifest with all areas of our lives at once. If one area of your life is off or ignored, it will always affect your manifesting.

So, really take a look at things you have been putting off and get them done. Don't procrastinate on anything.

Even when not manifesting, procrastination will always block you from moving forward. Always work on pushing through, and don't allow procrastination to creep into your life!

Procrastination halts your life and keeps you stuck in areas that may have nothing to do with what you're actually procrastinating on.

Think about what you've been putting off and get it done now. Once you do, your manifesting process will speed up a lot!


3. You're not getting things fixed or replaced.

During your manifesting process, as you start changing vibrations to match the new thing you want, things will break and stop working.

Those things can't come with you to the next vibrational level and must be fixed, repaired, thrown out, or updated in order to reach your manifesting goal.

When this happens, it usually means you're close to reaching your goal.

When I'm manifesting, I always get excited when something breaks, because I know I'm close! There will always be things that will go wrong right before you reach your goal, and that is a good thing.

Take care of it all as quickly as possible so you can reach your manifesting goal.


Delaying fixing, repairing, or updating anything will only cause more mishaps and distractions to come and block your manifesting. Be sure to take care of things as soon as possible, so you don't get stuck in the dissonance.

Take care of everything swiftly so you can move past it towards your manifesting goal! Not doing so will keep you in that yucky dissonance period indefinitely, so it's very much worth it to take care of everything fast!

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4. You're not on the same page with your partner.

This one can be frustrating. If you're married or in a partnership and you both want different things, it will block both of you from manifesting.


So when working on manifesting at the same time as your partner, spouse, or business partner, really be sure you both want the same thing and are very clear about what each of you wants.

The good part about manifesting together is that if you both truly are on the same page and work together, it can speed up the manifesting process. Two manifesting forces working together instead of just one is very powerful!

5. You work against your own blueprint.

Without realizing it, so many actually work against their own personal manifesting blueprint. This one can be tricky if you don't know your manifesting code.

We all have a unique way that we manifest, and if even just one of those things is off, it can block manifesting.


It's so important to work with how you manifest only. There's no "one size fits all" with manifesting.

We are all unique and manifest differently. What works for one person will not work for another.

So really work on manifesting using your personal blueprint, not anyone else's.


More focus on the elements of your manifesting blueprint will bring great results. Also, look into areas where you may be doing the opposite of your blueprint, as well.

Sometimes, just fixing one thing is all you need to reach your goal immediately!

Follow your manifesting blueprint very closely and check your actions often to be sure you aren't blocking your manifesting without realizing it!

So, overall, pay attention to what is blocking your manifesting process. Sometimes, you may be doing everything right towards manifesting but just one of these things is blocking you.

Pay attention to avoid these most common manifesting blockers!

Now, go manifest what you want!


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