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'Welcome To Plathville:' Where Does The Plath Family Live?

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'Welcome To Plathville:' Where Does The Plath Family Live?

If you ever watched Welcome to Plathville, either on TLC or now on Hulu, you've noticed that the mega-sized family lives on a remote piece of land in Georgia. Dad Barry Plath brags that the farm is their own "little piece of heaven" and both parents say it has given them a chance to raise their kids away from influences that they don't like. The devoutly Christian parents prefer to homeschool and keep their kids away from technology and mass media such as TV and movies. A farm seems like the perfect place to live in that kind of isolation.

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However, it didn't take internet sleuths long to look into the location of the family farm and discover their living situation isn't as simple as they describe. For one thing, the farm is listed on Airbnb as a rental. They also own a house in the nearby town of Cairo, Georgia. Not only that, but some of the older kids are living apart from their parents now.

Where does the Plath family live?

The farm may not be the primary Plath home. 

While the family reality show is filmed on their farm, which they say is ten miles from the nearest town, you can also find it featured somewhere else — specifically Airbnb. Mom Kim Plath has a listing on the site where she is ranked as a "Super Host." One of the properties available is the farmhouse, which goes for $125 per night. 

"Nestled on a private and quiet fifty acre farm. Large field is perfect for frisbee, soccer etc. Volleyball net, swings, hiking trails," the listing for "Farmhouse at The Retreat at Silver Rein" says. "You have the house all to yourself. There is a caretaker on the property if you need anything. There's a wood stove you can use in the winter that makes the house super cozy, or you're welcome to use the central heat."

The listing doesn't specify limitations on dates and it appears to be available to renters year-round. And the listing sure sounds like the caretaker is the only other person on the property, as opposed to a large family being present most of the time as well. 

The farm is listed on Airbnb.

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That's not the only rental the Plath family has.

The Plaths have a second property listed on Airbnb as well. This one is a cozy cabin near Cairo, Georgia. The $75-per night property boasts "Cute cabin. Lots of woods, nature, and privacy. Fishing and kayaking on pond. Relax by the fire pit after a dip in the pond. That's the good life!"

The property is small, with only one bedroom. It can sleep up to five people if you don't mind sleeping on pullouts in common areas of the space. The photos certainly look idyllic and the rating for this property, as well as the farmhouse, are very good. 

They own a small cabin as well.

Then there's the fixer-upper in town.

In addition to the farm, where they may or may not live, and the rental cabin, they have an old house in Cairo, GA that the family has been renovating for several years, according to the Facebook page "Kim's Old House." They describe the home as "1923 house we are loving back to life with lots of dollars and sweat! We will post before & after pics as we go." They started posting photos of the house in 2017 and slowly added more shots as the renovations continued. The most recent pictures are of the kitchen renovation from March 2019. We don't know if they stopped renovating or just stopped updating social media. 

When they first started posting about the fixer-upper, different people in their comments asked if they were leaving the farm. The Plaths replied at the time, "This house needs a lot of work! No one is moving anytime soon! But we will be there every day cleaning painting fixing!"

They are fixing up a house in Cairo, GA.

Their eldest daughter left Georgia.

Hosanna Plath Noble, who is 21 years old, wasn't featured in the first season of the show, partly because she doesn't live with the family anymore. She married fellow musician Timothy Noble in 2019 and she moved to Ohio, where he lived. The couple tours together regularly and has released an album together. They're expecting their first child sometime later this year. 

Some of the kids have moved out but stayed close by.

Oldest child Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia had a big role in the first season of the show. The couple had married shortly before filming began and their drift away from the strict religious teaching of the parents was a significant plot point. They were able to be on camera regularly because they have a house in Cairo, GA not far from the farm. 

Second son Micah Plath — who has a new girlfriend, Lexi Marie — has also moved out but stayed local, according to his older brother. Ethan told a podcast that Micah had moved out in December 2019 and was staying with friends at that time. 

At least one Plath daughter is out on her own.

At the end of the first season, audiences got to see Moriah Plath announce that she was moving to Minnesota to stay with extended family for a while. The teenager had been chafing against her parents' rules for a while and wanted to get some distance. Since then, she has returned to the east coast and she has a boyfriend who lives in Florida. It's not clear where she lives currently, however. 

There are rumors of a second season of Welcome to Plathville filming right now. If the new season is released let this year, we may get an update on where everyone in the family is living. 

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