Meet Kim Plath — Controversial Matriarch Of Family Raising 9 Kids Technology-Free On TLC's 'Welcome To Plathville'

Who Is Kim Plath? New Details On Controversial Matriarch Of Family On TLC's 'Welcome To Plathville'
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TLC recently introduced the world to the Plath family via the new show "Welcome to Plathville." The Plaths are a musical family from Georgia that tour as a Southern Gospel group. Kim and Barry are the parents of nine very blonde (and very seemingly sheltered) children. They are religious. Kim and Barry also mandate that their kids not use technology. They live on a 50-acre farm. So ... who is Kim Plath?

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The Plath parents moved their kids to a farm that's 10 miles from the nearest town. They're very isolated. Like many of TLC's hti shows, like the Duggar family, Kody Brown and his sister wife clan, and the quintuplet family on Outdaughtered, TLC is giving us a glimpse into a large family with a way of life that is strange to most people. No TV? No soda? No friends or social lives? That's reality for the Plath kids. Let's take a look at what we know about the matriarch of the Plath family and what led her to this extremely conservative lifestyle.

1. She's been married for 22 years

Kim's been married to her husband Barry Plath for 22 years. She claims that God told her that she was going to be married to Barry. On the show, she claims God told Barry he was going to marry her. This allegedly happened on the same day before either of them expressed any romantic interest in each other. When they discovered they both had the same "vision," they decided it was their destiny and got married soon after. 

2. She's a naturopathic doctor

Kim is a naturopathic doctor who sees clients out of her home office — or at least she used to. Her 'Energy for Life' website is down and redirects to a Go Daddy page. If she's still seeing patients, as a naturopathic physician Kim uses natural remedies to treat the body for illnesses. Her practice is science-free. 

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3. She has nine kids and homeschools them

Kim Plath has been having babies for more than two decades. Her oldest, Ethan, is 21. Hosanna is 20. Micah is 18. Moriah is 17, Lydia 15, Isaac is 13, Amber is 10, Cassia 8 and Mercy is 6. The youngest six are still in school and Kim homeschools them. 

4. She doesn't want her daughter to go to college

In a recent episode, Moriah talked to her mom about wanting to go to college. What was Kim's response? "Everywhere you go there are just pornography and junk," she said on the show. Moriah then told her mother that she felt like she favored the other kids over her. She expressed a desire to go to a nearby college where she could visit home whenever she wanted to. Kim bristled at this idea as it isn't the vision she has for her daughter's life. It's been rumored that Moriah emancipated herself from her parents and moved to Minnesota.


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5. She was against her oldest son's marriage

The oldest Plath, Ethan, married outsider wife, Olivia. Before they got married, Kim was against the marriage and asked her son to break up with her. Olivia does not live the "traditional" lifestyle that Kim forces her family to lead. Olivia's more free-spirited and has opened Ethan's eyes up to the world outside of the Plath family compound. (Think: red wine, going to the gym, getting on an airplane, etc.) Through Olivia, Ethan was able to find out what sugar tastes like. He started going to the gym, which in turn has led to a fractured relationship between Ethan and his mother and they reportedly haven't spoken in months. In fact, on the show Kim and Barry state that Ethan and Olivia are not allowed around the rest of their siblings without the two of them present.

6. She lost a son in a tragic accident

In the fall of 2008, Kim Plath was pregnant with her 8th child and doing gardening on her property. She was in the family's Suburban and she accidentally ran over her 17-month old son Joshua, a tragedy she details on her blog saying, "I lived in Hell on earth. I woke up every morning and functioned. But just barely. I wanted to  die." Her son died before he ever got to the hospital. She also addressed the accident on a recent episode of the show saying that her husband actually hard it harder than her because instead of just losing a son, he actually lost a son and a wife because following the incident, she was simply going through the motions to stay alive.

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