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'Welcome To Plathville:' Who Is Micah Plath's Girlfriend, Lexi Marie?

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'Welcome To Plathville:' Who Is Micah Plath's Girlfriend, Lexi?

It's been a minute since TLC first introduced us to the Plath family — with matriarchs Kim Plath and Barry Plath — on Welcome to Plathville but now, we have a major update on one of the oldest kids in the family.

It's official: Micah Plath is in a relationship, and although we have no idea how his parents might feel about it, he seems over the moon. 

Whois Micah Plath's girlfriend, Lexi Marie?

Here's what we know about her now that the couple is Instagram official. 

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Plath has always been one of the more rebellious members of his family. 

Though the family is an extremely conservative one — the children are largely expected to dress modestly, avoid sugar, and are homeschooled — Plath hasn't quite subscribed to his family's beliefs now that he's over 18. Instead, he seems to prefer to spend time with his more "worldly" siblings, like his sister, Moriah, and his older brother, Ethan, and his wife, Olivia. On the first season of Welcome to Plathville, Plath considered becoming a model, which didn't exactly go along with his parents' plan for his life.

Over the weekend, he introduced his followers to his girlfriend.


A post shared by Micah Plath (@micahplath) on May 16, 2020 at 3:50pm PDT

He posted a series of photos with a mystery blonde woman on Saturday via Instagram, and they seem very happy together — by their smiles and from the sweet caption that Plath shared. 

"Life has been amazing with this girl! Can’t believe God put you in my life! Love you so much!!!" Plath wrote, adding a heart emoji. 

Who is Micah Plath's girlfriend? Her name is Lexi Marie. 

We don't know much about the girl in question, other than the fact that her name is Lexi Marie. Though Plath did tag her in his post, her Instagram account is private, which means it's hard to know who she really is (including her last name). From the comments on Plath's original post, we know that she's from Nashville and since Plath is from Georgia, they must be dating long-distance. 

They're pretty flirty on the 'gram. 

On Plath's post of their photos together, Lexi commented, "The sweetest boy. Life is so fun, blessings most defiantly [sic] come out of no where...my sweet Georgia boy." Plath replied, writing, "definitely!! And you’re my sweet Tennessee girl." 

These two are too cute! 

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This appears to be the first time he's mentioned her. 

Most of Plath's Instagram posts focus on his family, since he and his siblings are so close. This seems to be the first time he's shared a photo of his new girlfriend, which makes it a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, it's hard to pinpoint how long he and Lexi have been together, but it definitely seems like this could be a pretty new relationship 

There's no word of when we'll get more of Welcome to Plathville.

So far, TLC has yet to renew the show, but hopefully, news of a second season is on the way. The Plath family and the way they live their lives is definitely fascinating... and hopefully, with a new season, we'll get to find out more about this new couple, too. 

Fingers crossed for good news soon! 

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