Who Is Micah Plath? Meet The Aspiring Model And Second Plath Son From "Welcome To Plathville"

Meet Micah Plath!

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TLC audiences have spent the first season of Welcome to Plathville learning about the 11-member Plath family of Georgia. Kim and Barry Plath have nine kids, and they live on a large farm where they are disconnected from technology.

On the show, they say that it let their kids have a better childhood. Most of the kids have enjoyed their conservative lifestyle, but as they're getting older, some of them — like the second oldest son, Micah Plath, are starting to explore other ways of life.


Who is Micah Plath?

The main focus of the first season of the show has been on the ways the oldest children are growing up and moving in their own directions in life.

Their 21-year-old daughter, Hosanna, is married and lives in Ohio with her husband and doesn't appear on the show. But son Ethan, the oldest of the kids at 22, is also married and he and his more worldly wife Olivia live right down the road from his family.

The next two siblings, 17-year-old Moriah and 19-year-old Micah, want to spend more and more time having adventures with Ethan and Olivia, and all of it has been causing stress between the parents and the kids.


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Now, thanks to Olivia's business connections, Micah is taking a chance on getting into modeling, something his parents never really expected. 

The Plath family is trying not to let the world intrude on their way of life.

Parents Kim and Barry Plath explain to TLC cameras that their Christian faith and values influence how they raise their family. 


Like a lot of extremely religious families, the Plaths steer clear of things they don't think align with their religious path.

They explain that they avoid TV and video games, the kids are homeschooled, and they live ten miles away from the nearest town. They even avoided feeding the kids sugar for a long time.

Micah didn't grow up in a typical household. 

In the premiere episode, Micah, who was 18 at the time, says, “I've grown up without a TV. I don’t think I need one.” But the kids haven't been completely isolated. They have had a family band for many years, and they have gone on tour performing Christian Gospel music, meeting other Christian families along the way.

How many kids does the Plath family have?

Micah is the third of the nine children in the family. At 19, he's starting to live a life that's more independent from his parents.


Like his siblings, he was homeschooled. All the kids in the family are close to one another — in one episode during the first season they explain that they didn't have a lot of outside friends when they were younger — and Micah seems to be very close to his older brother Ethan.

He and 17-year-old Moriah Plath enjoy spending time with Ethan and his wife Olivia, as well as going off and doing their own thing without their parents. 

What does Micah Plath do for a living?

In the first episode of the show, his parents revealed that he loves physical labor and they can't ever imagine him working behind a desk. He raises cows on the family farm as well as working at another farm nearby.

Micah recently got into modeling, which was documented during the first season, and has amassed quite the following on Instagram with his shirtless modeling shots.



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Micah Plath has a social media presence.

For being a part of a family who isn't so well-versed in technology, Micah sure has a huge social media following!


His Instagram account currently has almost 86K followers, and fans can't get enough of the teen's modeling pics.

"Proud that you went after your dreams," one fan wrote. "Congratulations on your success as a model and being able to step away from your family and follow your dreams. Way to go Micah."

What's next for Micah Plath?

With the premiere of the show's second season right around the corner, Micah Plath is excited for fans to see what he's been up to the last year.

"With season 2 of welcome to Plathville coming November 10th I thought I’d post about the person I am now," he wrote in an Instagram post on Oct. 22.


"I’ve grown a lot just realizing what my values and goals are and what isn’t necessarily worth stressing over," he added.

"Life is difficult but I’m adapting and learning!! And I wanna thank my fans for all the support y’all have given me, Y’all are the best!!"

When does Welcome to Plathville Season 2 premiere?

Welcome to Plathville premieres on Tuesday, November 10 on TLC at 10 p.m. ET.

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