Who Is Micah Plath — Meet The Aspiring Model And Second Plath Son From "Welcome To Plathville"

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Who Is Micah Plath? New Details On Second Plath Son And Aspiring Model On Welcome To Plathville
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TLC audiences have spent the first season of Welcome to Plathville learning about the 11-member Plath family of Georgia. Kim and Barry Plath have nine kids ranging in age from six to 21 years old, and they live on a large farm where they are disconnected from technology.

On the show, they say that it lets their kids have a better childhood. Most of the kids have enjoyed their conservative lifestyle, but as they're getting older, some of them are starting to explore other ways of life. (Cough, cough, Moriah Plath...)

Who is Micah Plath?

The main focus of the season has been on the ways the oldest children are growing up and moving in their own directions in life. Their 20-year-old daughter, Hosanna, is married and lives in Ohio with her husband and doesn't appear on the show. But son Ethan, the oldest of the kids at 21, is also married and he and his more worldly wife Olivia live right down the road from his family.

The next two siblings, 16-year-old Moriah and 18-year-old Micah, want to spend more and more time having adventures with Ethan and Olivia, and all of it is causing stress between the parents and the kids.

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Now, thanks to Olivia's business connections, Micah is taking a chance on getting into modeling, something his parents never really expected. Who is Micah Plath? Read on for all the details about the second Plath son and aspiring model. 

1. The Plath family is trying not to let the world intrude on their way of life.

Parents Kim and Barry Plath explain to TLC cameras that their Christian faith and values influence how they raise their family. Like a lot of extremely religious families, the Plaths steer clear of things they don't think align with their religious path.

They explain that they avoid TV and video games, the kids are homeschooled, and they live ten miles away from the nearest town. They even avoided feeding the kids sugar for a long time. 

In the premiere episode, Micah, their 18-year-old son, says, “I've grown up without a TV. I don’t think I need one.” But the kids haven't been completely isolated. They have had a family band for many years, and they have gone on tour performing Christian Gospel music, meeting other Christian families along the way.

2. Who is Micah Plath?

Micah is the third of the nine children in the family. At 18, he's starting to live a life that's more independent from his parents. In the first episode of the show, his parents say he loves physical labor and they can't ever imagine him working behind a desk. He raises cows on the family farm as well as working at another farm nearby.

Like his siblings, he was homeschooled but he doesn't seem to have any plans for college. All the kids in the family are close to one another — in one episode they explain that they didn't have a lot of outside friends when they were younger — and Micah seems to be very close to his older brother Ethan. He and 16-year-old Moriah Plath enjoy spending time with Ethan and his wife Olivia, as well as going off and doing their own thing without their parents. 

3. He went on an audition for a modeling gig.

Marsha Doll could be a reality star all on her own. 

Micah is undeniably good-looking and he says that friends have suggested he try modeling. His sister-in-law Olivia is a photographer and has contacts in modeling so she offers to take him to meet a modeling agent in Florida. 

As they are getting ready to leave to go on the appointment, Kim, who frequently seems to live in fear of the worst-case scenario happening, asked if Micah would be wearing clothes if he models. (Kim also worried that her daughter would fall victim to human traffickers if she went to San Francisco with Olivia to do a wedding photography job.) Micah assured her that he wasn't going to be naked and they all took off.

The meeting with the model agent was one of those special treats that TLC pops in for viewers sometimes. The agent is a woman named Marsha Doll, who is a bold, eccentric, woman with big glasses and big hair. She completely owned her scene on the show and it would be amazing if she and her agency got their own show someday — watching her do business would be great fun. 


She takes Micah right in hand and teaches him to walk and pose before offering him a job on a shoot for a local boutique. Micah accepts, saying that he hopes he can make a lot of money modeling. 

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4. Micah has a social media presence.

Micah lifts, bro. 

One of the things Marsha Doll asks about is Micah's social media following. His family's low-tech lifestyle means he isn't exactly a major influencer but he admits that he does have an Instagram account. He doesn't say how many followers he had before his family became reality stars but right now, he has almost 19 thousand followers.

He doesn't have a whole lot of pictures posted but the ones he does have are surprising. Micah clearly works out and his body-building shots show that he has a serious fitness routine going. It's quite a contrast to his older brother who apparently had never been in a gym before.

When Olivia took Ethan to work out in an episode of the show, he treated the weight machines like playground equipment. Micah, on the other hand, looks like he could be a cover model for Men's Fitness.

5. He might actually have a future as a model.

As excited as Micah was for his first modeling gig, he didn't manage to wake up on time and he arrived late. After apologizing and getting acquainted with the crew, he got started posing in different outfits.

He was working with a female model who seemed more experienced than he was. She helped guide him through the shoot, even though he expressed discomfort at having to get so physically close to someone he just met. He got over that enough to smile into her eyes and look like they were a happy couple for the sake of the photos. But when someone on set quipped, "As a model, you fall in love for a day!" he told the cameras that he hoped that if he had a connection with someone, he would get to talk to them more than once. 

Presumably, if he continues his modeling pursuit, he'll realize that modeling means acting like being in love for a day, not actually falling in love at every job then leaving heartbroken and alone with nothing but a paycheck at the end. 

6. What's next for Micah Plath?

TLC hasn't announced if the reality show will be picked up for a second season. The finale was all about how sister Moriah is moving to Minnesota to live with her grandparents, but Micah didn't share his upcoming modeling or lief plans.

His most recent Instagram post shows him hanging out with The Voice contestant Royce Lovett at a watch party for the show. Could something musical be in the future?

Welcome to Plathville wrapped its season this week but episodes are online for binge-watching. 

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