Meet Timothy Noble, 'Welcome To Plathville' Star And Hosanna Plath's Husband

He's a musician, too!

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Season 2 of the hit TLC reality show Welcome to Plathville is right around the corner, and fans are ready to get another inside look at all eleven members of the Plath family.

The series, which focuses on the "strange and unusual" Plath family — who take "living off the grid" to a new level — features Kim and Barry Plath and their children. One of the children, Hosanna Plath, is married to Timothy Noble.


Who is Hosanna Plath's husband, Timothy Noble?

That's been the question on everybody's mind since they first met Timothy Noble on TLC's hit reality show, Welcome to Plathville.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Timothy Noble. 

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They met as part of her family's singing group.

Music is a wonderful force of nature that can bring people together. And such was the case with Hosanna Plath and Timothy Noble.

In 2016, while traveling as part of her family's singing group, Hosanna Plath stopped at the National Quartet Convention. There, she met Timothy Noble, who was playing in his family band. Sparks flew, and the young couple almost instantly fell in love.

After dating for three years, Hosanna Plath and Timothy Noble tied the knot. Now that they're married; however, they not only play as part of their respective family bands, but they play as part of a duet together (which is so cute). 

Hosanna Plath's husband is connected to the Duggar family.

The Duggar family is another family that's ultra-conservative/ultra-religious, and owes their success to the TLC network. (Who knew that we'd ever be in a place where a network once known for dinosaur shows would become a reality TV haven?)


And while there's always been some rumors about the Duggar family's connection with the Plath family, nothing's ever really been confirmed... until recently.

The rise in popularity of the Plath family prompted some people to come forward about their Duggar connection — specifically, from a woman named Nurie Rodrigues.

You see, Nurie was in the bridal party when Hosanna Plath and Timothy Noble got married.

Nurie was being "courted by" Anna Duggar's younger brother, Nathan Keller, at the time of Hosanna's wedding to Timothy Noble (they're still courting, as well).

While that's not really a "direct" connection to the Duggars, it's certainly no coincidence that these two uber-conservative families are connected. 


Noble "joined ministries" with Hosanna Plath and her family after they got married.

The Dominion Agency has represented Timothy Noble for event bookings for the longest time.

And when Timothy married Hosanna, the company put out a press release saying that the Noble and Plath families had "joined ministries."

What that means, in this context, is that the duo uses their music as "ministry," or a way to worship the Christian God, and by coming together in marriage, they've "joined their ministries."

"Dominion Agency has been proud to represent Timothy Noble for some time now, and we invite you to join us in congratulating he and Hosanna (Plath) Noble on their recent marriage! With this union, Timothy and Hosanna have also launched an incredibly dynamic duo ministry," read the press release.


He's been playing the piano since he was 3 years old.

Timothy Noble began playing the piano at three years old.

By the time he was six, his family had enrolled him in proper lessons. By the time he was 10, he was traveling the world with his family as part of their "ministry" collective. 

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Noble owns his own recording studio.

Thanks to his success in the Christian music world, Timothy Noble now owns Noble Recording Studios, which is not only where he records his work, but where he provides recording industry services for other Christian artists. 


Is there tension between Noble and the Plath family?

Hosanna Plath is considered the "musical prodigy" of the family, so much so that there's been some suggestion that she taught the other Plath family members how to sing and play their instruments.

So when he and Hosanna Plath got married, and moved to Ohio (away from the rest of the Plath family), rumors began flying that he was the "Yoko Ono" of the Plath family singers — and we all know what that means.

He doesn't have social media.

Perhaps in keeping up with the image of being "off the grid," the Plath family's presence on social media is limited — and that "limitation" includes Timothy Noble.


Though he doesn't have any known social media accounts (including Instagram), there are videos of him performing with Hosanna Plath and he has an entire website dedicated to their music, including upcoming tour dates, CDs for purchase, and photos and videos of the pair performing together.

We're definitely going to be hearing more about Timothy Noble in the future!

When does Welcome to Plathville season 2 premiere?

You can catch the season 2 premiere of Welcome to Plathville on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. 

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