How To Manifest Anything You Want, According To TikTok

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What Is The 369 Manifestation Technique? How To Manifest Anything You Want, According To Diehard Believers On TikTok

According to the law of attraction, your thoughts directly affect your reality. Learning how to manifest something is as easy as thinking it into existence, and there are supposedly different techniques you can use to attract your wants.

One of these is the 3, 6, 9 manifestation method popularized by Nikola Tesla.

Clark Kegley posted a TikTok video about the 3, 6, 9 manifestation method, crediting Tesla, who said "the numbers three, six, and nine were sacred numbers and that you can see this in your daily life."

Kegley then draws a circle and says that "no matter how many times you divide that circle, it will always equal three, six, and nine."

This post aired as a way to help people start manifesting their desires. Sometimes when you focus on something hard enough, you can will them to happen.

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How to use the 3-6-9 manifestation method:

According to Kegley, this is how the 3-6-9 manifestation technique works:

1. Pick 3 affirmations that you want. 

2. Say them 6 times each day.

3. Focus on your wants for 9 seconds as a way to just think about what you want to manifest. 

It gets easier to keep thinking about it the more you focus on them and the easier it becomes. 

the more energy and attention you give these thoughts, they manifest easier because they have more of your energy given to it. 

Do this for 21 days and your desires will manifest. 

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TikTok user babyyjennerr tried her own version of the manifestation method and reported her experience on TikTok.

She did her manifestation method with a person in mind. 

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Here are the alternative steps to the manifestation method: 

1. Write your focus 3 times. 

2. Wite out your intention 6 times.

3. Write out the action that you want to happen 9 times. 

For her first attempt, she wanted her friend to miss her. So she said her friend's name, that she wanted her friend to miss her, and that her friend will text her saying she missed her. 

She claims she got a text that next morning from the friend.

Her second attempt was to get the person she liked to contact her. And the next day, she received a message from the guy saying he missed her. 

This is an amazing type of way to focus on your wants and make them known. My grandfather likes to tell me to figure out what I want in life and then go for it. 

It's interesting to see this as another way of using your own self to will something to happen. 

If you incorporate this technique into your daily life, then you may see your wants manifest into the real thing. 

You'd be surprised how the universe listens when you focus your energy on something you truly desire in life. 

This technique can be used for a variety of different topics from relationships, to jobs, to vacations. You can make anything happen by your own sheer will because you have your very own power within you.

So, when you know what you want to manifest, start following the 3-6-9 manifestation method and watch your greatest wants manifest into reality.

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