Angel Number 3 Meaning And Symbolism In Numerology, Astrology & Tarot

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If you've been seeing the number 3 everywhere or in a series of numbers, such as a 333, you might wonder what it means.

The number 3 is an Angel number that implies forces at work are in your life. Numbers allow angels to communicate as our guardian to provide guidance and encouragement during times when we are down.

When you pray, your guardian angels of a higher power send you messages and can only help if you ask them to intervene in your life. Thus, these Angel numbers are a sign that divine forces are working in our lives by sending us important information through numbers.

When you receive an Angel number, you are connecting with your Source Energy and can make your desires manifest. Numbers are on their own vibration frequencies, which angels are believed to use to communicate with us.

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But what is the specific number 3 meaning for this Angel number?

As a spiritual number, seeing 3 means your guardian angels are always there to help you when you're in need, but it's time for you to make something happen. They have always heard your praises, desires, and prayers, and have been by your side, so now you need to have the courage to take on more responsibility.

For example, do you remember the last time you were having a really rough time and thought there were no answers or solutions to your problem? Then, suddenly, something came out of nowhere to help you fix it?

This is the act of your guardian angels, and creating something out of nothing is a function of the number 3.

Number 3 and the Bible

The number 3 has a vibrational frequency of self-expression and creativity; as an Angel number, naturally, it connects to themes found in the Bible.

There are lots of scriptural references to the number 3, and it's mentioned 287 times in the Bible.

In creation, 3 is the number associated with divinity and completion.

In Christianity, on day 1, God created the Universe, and on day 7 after the completion of Earth, He rested. Thus, 3 is the middle of the week, connecting the creation of man to the number 3.

There is significant spiritual and creative energy associated with the number 3. In fact, the first time this number is mentioned relates to the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

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3 is the number of government in the Bible. It's also associated with completeness and wholeness of one's being.

In the Book of Ecclesiastes 4:12, a scripture verse states in marriage "a three-strand cord can't be broken" to describe the strongest bond possible between a husband and wife, and their joint union with God.

Jonah was in the belly of the whale for 3 days. Jesus was buried and resurrected on the third day. Satan tempted Jesus 3 times before he left him in the wilderness. Adam had three sons — Cain, Abel and Seth.

The number 3 is also relevant in the Bible in relation to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They are known as the Patriarchs of the people of Israel, and are important in three relgions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


Peter denied Jesus three times before Christ was crucified. Speaking of the crucifiction, there were three people in total that died with Jesus that day: Jesus, and one man on each side of him. Three disciples were also with Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Life Path Number 3

Three is a significantly holy number according to scripture, but that's not the only place where this number carries creative potential and life-giving energy.

In numerology, a person can be born with a karmic number 3 and also have Life Path Number 3.

People who have Life Path 3 in a numerology reading carry great creative potential but struggle with focus. Because they lack discipline, it's hard for them to finish creative projects. They may also struggle with naivety and egotism.

But 3 is also associated with optimism and an abundance of energy. Life Path 3s enjoy drawing, writing, singing, or performing, and have to stay active with their energy so depression doesn't settle in.

This Life Path is called "The Communicator" due to their lively personality and social life. Famous Life Path 3s include John Travolta, Shania Twain, and Barbara Walters. These individuals are highly creative; some work in the field of communication and journalism.

In the midst of all of these traits, Life Path 3 may find that they are depressed at times, but that is not often because of their optimism.

To become a more well-rounded and complete 3, work towards finding a deeper spiritual meaning through hard work and discipline. They may find their emotions are very high because they feel a bit more sensitive, which makes it easier to connect with their spiritual self.

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Number 3 in Astrology

In addition to numerology, the number 3 is highly present in astrology. 

The number 3 is the third of the zodiac signs, Gemini, and its planetary ruler, Mercury. Mercury is the third personal planet of the Zodiac. Mercury and Gemini relate to the third house of astrology, which involves creativity.

Jupiter is also associated with the number 3. Jupiter is the planet of ambition, abundance, wisdom, and knowledge. This planet rules Sagittarius, the luckiest sign in astrology.

The number 3 brings optimistic views, playful emotions, and is a magnetic personality when it appears in your natal chart.

Number 3 in Tarot

The Empress card is the third Major Arcana card in Tarot, is ruled by Pisces and Neptune, and connects with intuitive energy. This Major Arcana card refers to an abundance, divine feminine energy, creativity, and benevolence.

Also associated with the number 3 is the Death Tarot card, which is thirteenth in the Major Arcana. Death appears when there are major life changes upcoming, leading to a transformation. It signifies letting go, resistance to change, new beginnings, and fear.

In the Minor Arcana, made up of four suits — Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles — the number 3 exists in each suit.

The Three of Wands signifies calmness and positivity on a journey you will soon take, and encourages you to be open to new opportunities.

The Three of Cups represents friendship, creativity, celebration, and a good quality of life.

The Three of Swords has a slightly negative meaning when drawn upright, signifying the end of a romantic relationship or freeing oneself from toxicity.

The Three of Pentacles is associated with achieving greatness through creating with others, as both are skilled in their craft.

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