Why Gemini Is The Most Hated Zodiac Sign In Astrology

Is it cause Geminis are "two-faced" that makes them the most hated zodiac sign?

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Yes, us Gemini zodiac signs are the most hated, and we get more beef than any other zodiac sign — especially on social media, and if you're wondering, I'm looking at you, Facebook.

Being a Gemini myself, I can proudly say that Geminis are the most hated zodiac sign.

Why is Gemini the most hated zodiac sign?

While I'm confused as to why anyone would hate a Gemini, the following reasons might help me to understand such hatred.


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Zodiac signs — if you're wondering, there are 12 of them in total. Hating or liking a zodiac sign has a lot to do with preference.

While someone could love one sign and hate another, another person could hate that same sign.


They may not agree with who the first person likes. In fact, they may like a different zodiac sign collectively.

However, since Gemini has made it to the top of many hate-lists, it's reasonable to wonder why.

Here is why Gemini is the most hated zodiac sign of them all, according to astrology:

1. Gemini is most hated because of their listening skills.

Gemini can't listen to save their lives, and they over-communicate.

Now now, while I will admit to over-communicating with most, if not all of my past therapists, I would disagree over whether all Geminis are poor listeners.

If someone tells me to correct something, I do just that.

Sure, it might take me awhile, but that's not a sign that should show you that I don't listen.


I could always be busy since I too have a life outside of writing... imagine that.

However, if you told my Gemini ex-boyfriend to correct something, he would probably disregard what you have to say and would call you crazy — so don't do that, since he's probably the crazy one by the end of the day.

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2. Gemini's gossip.

Gemini zodiac signs are allegedly two-faced.

They're nice one second and quite harsh two seconds later.

Geminis are your friend one second, and then want to be your enemy the next second.

It gets so tiring playing these mind games with a Gemini, and it's hard to believe what they want.


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3. People hate the way Gemini zodiac signs get bored easily.

Nothing entertains a Gemini for more than five seconds.

I don't know if it's because us Geminis have a short attention span or what, but nothing seems to pique our interest for more than five seconds.

With me, I want to do everything and anything.

I wanted to go to law school, then to business school, and now I'm finally in social work school.

It took me nearly three years to settle down on a program that fits me as a person and piques my interest.

It's not our fault that our minds are restless, so give us credit for that much at least.


We're also not indecisive, because if we were indecisive, we would have to think about wanting to do everything.

Here we are, just acting on wanting to do everything. There's a difference between the two, and I would highly appreciate it if you learned the difference between the two.

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4. Gemini zodiac signs can't make up their mind.

They’re flexible, which makes them seem as if they’re indecisive.

Geminis tend to be open to everything and anything, which makes them liberal in a non-political sense.

While they're open to going to that new bar or just listening to music with you in the park, it can most definitely be frustrating trying to get them to agree to do something.


Not that they're indecisive since most of the time, they're not — they could do either thing, which makes planning with them nearly impossible.

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5. The Twins tend to be their own worst critic.

Whether they're just unhappy with how things are turning out or they genuinely feel as if they screwed up, you'll never hear the end of it if you're friends with a Gemini.

Of course, they'll live and learn from their mistake or the situation at hand, but a true Gemini will consistently obsess over it.

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6. Gemini humor can be harsh.

They can't take a joke without making it into a severe ordeal.

I know with me, some people don't think that I have a sense of humor when I do have a sense of humor.

I won't laugh at something that isn't funny or perhaps insulting. Yes, I do laugh at jokes and memes, but they have to be funny.

Of course, humor varies from person to person, but sometimes, saying the wrong thing could mean that the game's over for you.

That's why you have to be careful with what you say around a Gemini because they could make you out to be the worst person ever for saying something potentially insulting.

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7. Gemini and their approach to commitments are tough to understand.

They're either too available or not available at all.

Perhaps this goes hand in hand with them having multiple personalities, but they either care too much or not at all, which makes them seem either too warm or too cold of a person.

Sometimes, it may seem like a Gemini might not care, and that might be the case.

But half the time, they too probably have a lot going on and are unable to dedicate the sufficient amount of time and energy to the conversation as you would like from them.

When it comes to discussing your issues, both parties need to have the proper mental space to process the conversation that's at hand.


So just remember that there's a chance that they do care about what you're talking about or doing.

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8. The Twins and their sudden reactions are disliked by many.

They base their actions on their feelings.


If a Gemini is happy, they're going to do activities that keep their happiness elevated.

However, if they're sad, they're probably going to push you away. How a Gemini feels is something for them to worry about on their own time since it's their problem.

You shouldn't be worrying about things that are out of your control since they're not your problem.

If a Gemini is feeling moody, they might take it out on you, but any good Gemini will apologize later on for it if they do take their feelings out on you.

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Sometimes, Geminis can't control how they act, so you have to take what they say with a grain of salt and listen more to their actions.


Actions speak louder than words anyway, so pay attention to how they act and not so much to what they have to say.

However, if they're sending you mixed signals, you might want to ask them what's up.

You always want to make sure that a Gemini isn't depressed or pissed since then things could and might go downhill relatively quickly.

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