Why Sagittarius Is So Attractive To Pisces

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Why Sagittarius Is So Attractive To Pisces

Certain zodiac signs have chemistry, physical attraction and a special spark that makes love so easy to fall into.

One zodiac sign love match with compatibility off of the charts includes Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs.

Despite their differences, the Pisces and Sagittarius relationship is a shining example of the phrase, “opposites attract.”

Even though Pisces may long for a steady, earth zodiac sign, it's that zany unpredictableness that Sagittarius possess that makes it hard to resist.

Why is Sagittarius so attractive to Pisces zodiac signs?

When two people in a relationship have too many similarities, the relationship can become boring and predictable.

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In Physics, The Law of Attraction states that a positively charged particle will reject another positively charged particle, but it will attract and bond with negatively charged particles.

The same rules apply to love.

A relationship between two people who have different interests, hobbies and ways of living is exciting because both people are able to experience new things through their partners.

Although too many opposing beliefs and ideas can cause strife, two companions that seem to be total opposites have a lot of chemistry and spice in their relationship.

Pisces zodiac sign personality traits

Pisces is known as one of the most emotional, spiritual, and kind signs of the zodiac.

Pisces are water signs, while Sagittariuses are fire signs.

Water signs are known for being intuitive and emotional.

Because they are emotional themselves, they are highly aware of the emotions of others.

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They often use impulse rather than their logic and are very dreamy.

Their emotional awareness allows them to be skilled at manipulating others because they often know what they are feeling.

Water signs also experience mood swings because of the fact that they feel everything so deeply.

They have a deep understanding of the circle of life as well as a connection to music.

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They are creative and naturally wise.

They are always forgiving and can have a tendency to do things for attention.

Pisces are blindly loyal and caring when in a relationship. Because of their passion, they have to feel a deep connection with their partner for the relationship to last.

Pisces are ruled by the planets, Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune represents all things spiritual.

Signs ruled by Neptune have an overflow of creative energy.

They tend to live in their own words and connect with others through empathy.

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Sagittarius zodiac sign personality traits

Fire signs are also impulsive like water signs.

They have big passions and are always in search of things that will excite them.

They are an inspiration to many because of their passion and the way that they are able to make brilliant decisions by simply trusting their gut instinct.

When brought together, these elements are full of passion and devotion. This duo can also lead to a lot of emotions and loss of energy.

Sagittariuses are energetic, adventurous and one of the signs most known to travel.

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They crave to be in touch with the world and experience as much of it as they possibly can.

They value freedom and enjoy exploring different cultures and philosophies.

They are extremely honest, sometimes leading to others feeling like they are mean or cruel.

One of the biggest things they need to learn is how to express themselves in a manner that is appropriate in every setting.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and adventure. Signs ruled by Jupiter are always hungry for more of what they love.

They have the best adventures and draw people in with their positive energy. Jupiter also rules Sagittarius.

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What Pisces finds so attractive about Sagittarius

In relationships, Sagittarius zodiac signs are playful and love to have fun with their partners, and this feeds into the dreamy nature of the Pisces zodiac sign.

Despite the Sagittarians love for change, they are dedicated and faithful in their relationships, which allows the Pisces to feel satisfied and secure.

Based on their differences, a Pisces may find their attraction to a Sagittarius confusing.

They are drawn to one another by their similarities as well as the ways that they can enhance each others’ lives because of their differences.

Pisces have a deep admiration for art. They love music as well as any type of visual art.

Sagittariuses can perfectly fulfill Pisces’ desire to dive deep into the artistic realm because they also appreciate art and tend to be artists themselves.

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Pisces and Sagittarius personality differences

A distinct characteristic linked to Sagittarians is their “tell it like it is” nature.

Sagittarians are going to share their opinion on just about anything, whether anyone asked for it or not.

Although it is always good to have people in your life who will tell you the truth, the sensitive, gentle Pisces may not appreciate this.

Pisces aren’t fond of know-it-alls or anything that they would consider cruel, so a Sagittarius’ personality may be too much for them at times.

Because they do not like being constrained, a Sagittarius could easily become irritated by Pisces’ sensitivity.

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Benefits of a Pisces — Sagittarius relationship

There is extra room in this relationship for adventure and excitement.

Both signs introduce one another to the things that they love and they are both excited and willing to partake in the new activity that their partner introduces them to.

Both signs being ruled by Jupiter means that they are willing to take risks based on their personal intuition.

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If their intuitions do not align, they will go with their personal beliefs regardless.

They are headstrong when it comes to doing what they feel is right and will bring them pleasure, regardless of how others may feel about it.

While this sounds like a recipe for disaster, a Pisces and Sagittarius relationship can actually do more good than harm.

Both signs are mutable, meaning that neither of them feels the need to dominate the other.

Why Sagittarius is so attracted to Pisces zodiac signs

They are both full of wisdom about different topics, allowing them to teach one another.

Both signs benefit from the relationship because of the things they learn from one another.

Their willingness and excitement to learn rather than always be right to make the relationship fun for both partners.

Pisces sensitivity, although annoying to the Sagittarius, may teach them the importance of thinking before they speak and that some people just do not care to hear their opinion.

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Sagittarius’ brutal honesty may teach the Pisces that people who love them will tell them the truth not because they are being mean, but because they care.

This allows Pisces to build tougher skin and not let things get to them as often and as deeply as they do.

Both signs also share Thursday as a lucky day, bringing prosperity to their relationship.

Pisces enjoy the presence of a Sagittarius because their differences and similarities allow them to balance one another out.

They are both flexible, adaptable, and willing to work through any conflict.

This shared trait will allow any Pisces and Sagittarius relationship to last no matter what hardships they face.

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