Zodiac Signs Who Love To Sew

I've always wanted to learn, guess it's a Pisces thing or not.

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Some zodiac signs love to sew. Maybe you've always known how to sew or have been wanting to learn.

Astrology reveals personality traits, and being a hands-on creative horoscope sign can be one of them.

Do you love to sew? Which zodiac signs do?

You are curious to see if your zodiac sign is in the same boat.

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I've never learned how to sew but I've always wanted to. I'm even curious to see if this list got my rank right?

I love trying out new crafts as I'm sure we all do. So why not now. Were all on lockdown because of COVID-19.

I don't know about you but I don't want to come out of this with no new skills.

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I mean I'm even trying to push myself to workout twice a day if I can as well as make time for my writing.

So why not sew? It will come in handy that day you rip your jeans or maybe even want to go as far as creating a brand new dress.

So take a chance and see if you're capable of sewing or maybe even capable of mastering it all based on your zodiac sign.


Check out your zodiac sign down below and see if you got what it takes!

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Here's which zodiac signs love to sew, according to astrology — ranked:

1. Love to sew: Virgo

You love to sew and can really get into making stuff. You might even create your own patterns.

You can't help but be very organized and sophisticated.

This sort of craft needs time and patience and you're the type of sign that knows how to manage time extremely well.

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2. Love to sew: Pisces

You love sewing and can see it as a spiritual process.


We are directly intuitive and creative so just imagine the design we could come up with.

Our ability to empathize and attempt to understand everything and everyone will translate perfectly into our sewing skills.

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3. Love to sew: Capricorn

You love work and sewing is something you love to do because it's a productive form of play.

This zodiac sign is the most fiercely determined out of the 12.

Whenever you’ve decided about wanting to accomplish something, nothing will stand in your way.

This is what makes the intricacy of sewing the perfect way for you to release your inner creativity.


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4. Love to sew: Scorpio

You enjoy sewing and find it therapeutic.

Not only are you extremely passionate, but if you start something, you'll keep at it until it’s done, and not just done, but done to your liking.

This is the perfect combo for success in sewing. The amount of loyalty and passion you have is what you need to fuel you to the end.

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5. Love to sew: Taurus

You may love to sew but you don't do it as often as you'd like.

You're known for being very strong-willed, dependable, creative, and ambitious.

So when it comes to a new project that may require a bit of your time, you'll definitely commit to the details.


You don't believe in quitting. You're unwilling to fail to make your recent sewing project, which is why you love to sew. It's a craft that keeps on giving.

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6. Love to sew: Aries

You don't really enjoy sitting down for long periods of time, even if you find sewing interesting.

You tend to be very giving to the point where you'll give everything you have to the people and things they commit to.

When it comes to a giftable craft like sewing it will certainly work out.

Plus it's a project that is easily done solo, since you are very independent you can do it on your own terms.


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7. Love to sew: Aquarius

Aquarius, you love art and the whole spirit of creativity, so if your friends love to sew, you'll buy their crafts.

Your sign is known for sharing knowledge since you're a deep thinker.

You can definitely take your time learning and sharing this new technique with others.

I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't already know how to sew since you could really help out friends and family with this skill.

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8. Love to sew: Cancer

Cancer, you might love to sew a small sentimental outfit or item by hand, but overall, your love of sewing isn't at the top of the list.


You have this natural connection with people and things.

You are often overly compassionate and have this knack for decorating so clearly you would learn to sew.

Although it is time-consuming and may not turn out as you want which may upset you deeply.

So take your time with it, your first time trying it out might not turn out too good.

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9. Love to sew: Leo

Leo, you love a great outfit but you'd like to let the people who really love the process of sewing be the experts on fashion.

The fact that you're bold and ambitious is what makes you ready to express yourself through sewing.


But at the same time even if you do learn this skill like you want to if others don't approve and aren't amazed by your skills you'll pick up a new one.

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10. Love to sew: Gemini

Gemini, while you take a hands-on approach to everything, you don't necessarily love to sew.


Your sign is very ambitious making you always up for a challenge.

So you sound like you’re the perfect candidate to take on a skill like sewing.

Although you can't help your extroverted nature, you can't exactly have the most outgoing sewing party, but who knows, why not try it out.

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11. Love to sew: Libra

Libra you love beautiful things, but there's so many other arts to try, finding the time to be alone and sewing is not always feasible for you.

Not only is your sign incredibly intelligent, but you're also very kind.

You possess this natural instinct to look out for others.


Due to this ability of yours, where you'll do anything for the ones you care for, you actually shine better in a social setting.

Sewing is a very quiet hobby that you may grow bored of due to lazy tendencies.

Even if you pick up the skill since you would like to learn it's just not worth it unless you'll stick to it.

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12. Love to sew: Sagittarius

Sagittarius, you may love to sew but you might not have the time to sit down and actually do it.

You have an adventurous nature making you want to try all types of things.

But the idea of you picking up a hobby that forces you to stay indoors for hours at a time might not be the most exciting.


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