How The Double Mercury Sextiles Will Affect Your Relationship Communication & Love Horoscopes Until November 2020

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How The Double Mercury Sextiles Will Affect Your Relationship Communication & Love Horoscopes Until November 2020

While the hardest part of conversations is often knowing when to have them, we get a gift from the universe this week as we experience two Mercury sextiles on April 7th (Mercury sextile Jupiter and Mercury sextile Pluto), which will help us feel that timing is on our side. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules thoughts and communications, meaning that whenever he is involved in a transit, it’s those areas of our life that are most affected.

In this case, though, Mercury is forming two sextiles — one with Jupiter and one with Pluto — signifying that not only are these conversations going to be important to our future, but will also ask us to face our darkness in order to do so.

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Mercury has been in a state of retrograde since early February, so we’re finally getting to that space of feeling like we’re actually able to say what we are thinking and feeling, which is due to the sign this planet of communication is currently in. After Mercury turned direct and left his shadow zone, he moved back into Pisces until April 10th; at this time, we’re still contending more with expressing how we feel rather than what we’re thinking.

In Pisces, Mercury has a difficult time operating as his logical self because this sign is all about intuition, emotion and love — none of which is logical. But in this case, whatever this past retrograde brought up for us was important enough that now we have a chance to talk about it.

These two sextiles are showing us that it’s not just a matter of whether we’re talking about our thoughts and feelings, but that doing so is truly related to the abundant futures we’re intending to manifest.

The first sextile is Mercury in Pisces sextile Jupiter in Capricorn. While Mercury is all about the communication, Jupiter is the planet of expansion, far-reaching horizons, luck, and abundance. In astrology, a sextile signifies that two planets are within 60 degrees of one another, creating a harmony of positive energy that leads to new growth and options based on past choices that we have made.

On average, this is a sextile occurs twice a year, and this is no different; the last one occurred in September 2019, and the next one happens in November of this year.

To get an idea of what may come up for us in relation to communication and abundance, it’s important to reflect back to September of last year. While, of course, there are times when we are able to break free and end certain cycles and patterns, there is often a connection piece that carries over into future lessons.

In this case, think about what was happening communication-wise related to aspects involving your future, abundance and authenticity, because it’s likely we’re going to see it resurface, but with a new outcome this time.

In Capricorn, Jupiter is all about breaking up stodgy or outdated patterns and cycles.

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This is the time when we get to experience just how much of that hard work has led to the ability to create the futures we are dreaming of, one that is free from the expectations of society. Jupiter doesn’t like restriction and doesn’t appreciate those that try to hold it back from possibility, which means, at this point, neither do we.

We’re done with following the rules, with making everyone else happy, and even abiding by our own story of limitation, which is where Mercury comes in. In order to leave behind these mindsets, we need to be able to communicate where we’re headed and what we’re feeling.

For so many of us, it’s our passion and our feelings that end up leading to abundance in our lives. But to be able to harness that requires that we also break through any blocks that are limiting us from seizing our fate.

This is where the second sextile comes into play: Mercury sextile Pluto. This is a transit that occurs on average twice a year, though last year we saw it occur three times; however, this year returns to its regular occurrence with the last one occurring in December of last year, and the next one occurring in November later this year.

While in some regards it seems that everything has changed, this is also a time to reflect back and see what truths we’re still not living, which is the true purpose of Pluto.

Pluto is known as the lord of the underworld, the keeper of all that lays beneath the surface. And in Capricorn, it’s about exposing what is in the way of us living our truth.

Pluto is the alchemist, and in Capricorn, any truth that is brought to light is done so for our greater stability; for what we have dedicated ourselves to work on and towards.

Together with Mercury, this is a time to talk about what we’ve discovered or uncovered about ourselves, to express truths and to own our reality, and to no longer hide what we’re insecure about.

Communication is one of most essential aspects of any relationship or connection, especially those that are romantic. But in having these important conversations, it’s not just about knowing what we want to say, but also knowing the right time to say it.

And while we can debate forever and put off the inevitable, sometimes it also just comes down to recognizing that as long as we’re afraid, we’ll never be in the place to recognize when the timing is right. This is part of the work of Pluto: to help bring those fears to light so we can acknowledge them, work through them, and then make the best out of them.

In alliance with Jupiter and Mercury, these three planets will help us get to that space when we can see that the very thing we’re holding back from expressing is also the one thing to set us free. And it's all so we can move into those futures we’ve been dreaming of and away from our pasts once and for all.

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