How The Mercury-Neptune Conjunction Will Affect Your Love Horoscope Until March 2021, According To Astrology

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How The Mercury-Neptune Conjunction Will Affect Your Love Horoscope Until March 2021, According To Astrology
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Mercury has been quite active lately, and the Mercury conjunct Neptune transit is just one more event meant to challenge us so we make the changes that are necessary in our lives, whether it's related to our love horoscopes, our relationships, and even our personal growth.

Occurring on April 3rd, the Mercury-Neptune conjunction, with both Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, draws the line between our dreams and our fantasies, while placing the responsibility of what we create in our hands. This is a transit that occurs on a yearly basis, though last year we experienced it three times with the last in April 2019.

We won't experience a Mercury-Neptune conjunction again until March 2021.

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In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules our thought processes and communication, and depending upon the zodiac sign that he’s moving through, we can feel those areas of our lives affected. In this case, Mercury is in Pisces, a sign he’s not all that comfortable in, and that he’s spent the majority of his time in since early February.

But that’s because it’s for a greater purpose. Mercury has just left his post-shadow phase after his first retrograde of the year, and we’re still getting our bearings on just what the purpose and meaning was.

Pisces is a sign that rules unconditional love, spirituality and dreams, while Mercury normally likes to be quite logical, using his cerebral energy more than intuition; it's a language the sign of the Fish prefers. During his retrograde in Pisces, Mercury showed us what illusions we’ve been living under and what truths we’ve not faced up to that could make or break the dreams we have for our lives.

But this isn’t always something we’re open or ready to receive, because our illusions are something we want to believe in. And we sometimes prefer these to whatever reality is.

Yet what we have to see and understand is that our reality can be as sweet as our dreams when we choose truth over illusion.

While this was something that Mercury was helping us learn during the past six weeks or so, if we don’t truly draw that line now, and if we don’t embrace our truth or speak up for our needs, we’re only living under an illusion.

Perhaps it’s an illusion that we’re happy; maybe it’s even an illusion that we’re where we are supposed to be, or that we’ll never have that love we dream of. Regardless, what we are being asked to see with this conjunction is that we have to choose.

So many times in life, we try to live within shades of grey. We try to neither say yes or no, not wanting to commit, hoping we’ll be able to build something definable with our ambiguity. But all that occurs is more illusion for us, because while we fear drawing that line — which may be about boundaries, needs or wants — we also can’t actually make those dreams a reality if we don’t.

It’s okay if we draw a line or say what we need and others pass on it. It’s okay if we say that we love and another doesn’t say anything at all, because then we know. We know the truth and no longer are we living under the illusion of not knowing.

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Once we can accept that no one actually is satisfied by the in between, we can find the courage to say what side of the line we are on.

Since the start of February, it’s likely that we’ve seen major changes in how we define our truth, specifically around the areas of love, relationships, life path, and even the dreams we have for our future. The reason is because we’ve let go of telling ourselves that certain things aren’t possible or that we lost our chance; instead, we’re simply accepting our truth, which means now that we’ve changed our vibration on what we are worthy of, we’re seeing ourselves attract that.

This is a beautiful thing because it means we’ve moved from living life according to a story we’re telling ourselves, to embracing the dream we have, no longer letting worthiness hold us back from growing the roots it needs to be a reality.

This is a one-day transit that will likely play a significant part in our week, especially as we move through the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which will be exact for six days.

When we already are seeing a planet centered around truth come together with the planet that rules abundance, we realize that Mercury and Neptune are in the mix too, meaning we have to own our truth. We have to get real about what (and who) it is we really want in our lives. No longer subscribing to the illusion of the story of our smallness, but instead believing in just how big, beautiful and amazing life can be.

Neptune and Mercury aren’t just here to serve as a reminder to no longer play small or try to keep everyone happy by not deciding; the planet of communication is here because we need to speak our truth.

We can never protect others from truth, we can’t live a life that others want us to, and no matter how we try we can only ever be ourselves. This is what 2020 is about — not just working hard and having it be different, but truly being ourselves. Embracing our truth, realizing that there is no in between of being us, and playing a part.

We have to be all-in on life, being us and owning our truth. But perhaps, most of all, we need to be all-in on designing the life we love, which means we can’t be afraid to speak on it.

We often wonder about the timing of our life, and then it seems one day we wake up. And rather than waiting, we decide the time is now.

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