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How To Use Your Expression Number To Find Your Partner, Per Numerology

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What Is An Expression Number In Numerology (& How It Can Help You Find True Love)

Numerology can help you find true love. With the power of numbers, finding out why someone seems to like the “magic” you put out there may be as simple as checking a couple of number placements. What is an expression number and can it help you find your true love or destiny? Expression number combines with your Life Path, Personality, and Birthday number to form the top 5 core placements in our charts. 

While you are mostly all at least familiar with astrology, Numerology is just as steeped in human history. Besides it's a fun way to play with numbers even for those of us with, I will say, a bit of a “softer” math game!

With the basic addition used in numerology, you can discover much about yourself and your friends and family. It may surprise you how accurate it is! I was delighted by numerology when I first discovered it in the late 1990's.  Like Astrology it seemed to reveal many aspects I had discovered about myself and aspects I was wanting to develop further.

You can also use it to help guide you to what you may not want to be fostering for yourself.  For the purpose of this discussion, you will only need to find one number representing your "Expression." You will want to use a numerology chart that gives you the values of each letter, your full birth name as well as the full birth name of the person you would like to check against. 

Your Expression number can signify an electric connection that can be shared with another person who matches it, if say they also have a soul urge that matches your Expression.

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This technique does not necessarily point to mutual attraction so be sure to check it both ways! While it's certainly not the only indicator of a synergetic connection, It's a fun place to start!

Shown this way, the name Sally Ann Miller comes out to Sally 15/6, Anne as a 16/7 and Miller 33/6 adding those final numbers up for a 19/10  reducing that to the single digit of 1. Sally's Expression/Destiny number is a 1. For Sally Anne Miller, a name I pulled from the air, when she meets a Soul Urge person with a 1 placement, that person will be drawn to Sally for what she is expressing is similar to what they desire. 

In numerology, each letter of the alphabet has a numerical equivalent from 1-9.

  • Using the representative chart, assign each letter of your full name its value.
  • Then add the numbers altogether of your name and reduce them down to a single digit.
  • That single digit will be your Expression number. 
  • The same chart and reduction are used for the Soul Urge number but for that calculation, you will use only the vowels in your name.

Keep in mind though the letter “Y” may be either a vowel or consonant depending on how your name is said. For instance in the name “Sally” Y is a vowel due to being the only vowel sound next to a consonant. The opposite is true for say the “May” as the Y is next to an already present vowel.

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Some names with more than one Y include both placements. Something you can consider while crunching these simple arithmetic formulas. Once you have your math done, you’ll be ready for some analysis fun!

Our Expression number is a single digit number that portrays the traits you put into the world. The ways you interact with the people and world around you. Looking at your Expression number is a great way to gauge who you may attract in life.

Here's what each Expression number means in numerology and how knowing this can help you attract people you are compatible with into your life and to find your destiny, according to numerology:


Expression Number 1. The pioneers.

Expression Number 1 is compatible with Soul Urge 1. They are both pioneers. Pioneers are independent people. They are self-starters who need to control their own destiny. When someone with an Expression 1 and a Soul Urge 1 connect, there will be some type of fireworks. In astrology they are resented by the planet, Mercury and the Tarot Card, The Magician

The Expression 1 person shows to the world they are in control of their path and they radiate the power of the primal force of creation which is represented by the number 1.

A person with either an Expression number of 1 can learn about "jumping into" their life with both feet to be the boss they truly desire to be as these traits are what will be reflected, from someone with the same number 

These people could have some friction in their relationship as both may try to dominate the other. They would need to learn to support one another as independent people, motivated to create their own destiny. The Expression 1 person is in a place that lends to assisting the person born with a Soul Urge Number of 1 to take their life in a firm hand. 

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Expression Number 2: The peacekeepers. 

Their desire is to maintain balance and sharing and to have a partnership. I feel numbers 2s connecting could be a truly beautiful thing. In astrology, they are represented by the Moon, and The High Priestess in the tarot.

Their diplomatic sensitivity and ability to remain flexible during life's ups and downs, these together have an opportunity to really grow in a loving and understanding way. People with the Expression 2 will see the depth of care in the person with a Soul Urge of 2.

This points to strong mutual support. They would both need to work toward not falling into lazy patterns. The number 2 represents feminine qualities and a deeply giving nature. Both the Expression 2 person and Soul 2 person are driven for balance in all aspects of life.  



Expression 3: The optimistic. 

People who have an Expression number 3 in a core chart placement, have a special gift for creativity and passion. They are often spiritually deep with a great sense of humor and a strong need to keep you entertained. Their astrological Representation is Venus and the Tarot Card, The Empress.

Expression number 3s are giving this run in life their all! They can be artists most any area of their choosing. These free-spirited people have a "teenager" like quality to their nature, seeming to never really grow up. They are playful and fun.  They are often the optimist that can get back on their feet with a burst of creative thinking that would not occur to others.

The Expression 3 would have much to share with a Soul Urge 3 IF they can aim in the same direction! They can be quite scattered as they have so many paths to choose from. These people would no doubt be drawn to each other but then most of are drawn to the 3s and their infectious energy. The Expression number 3 has been a significant number throughout history and is often used to represent the Divine.  



Expression 4: The builders.

The number 4 Expression person dislikes instability and they enjoy establishing structure and order in their (and your) world. In astrology, they are like Aries and the Tarot card, The Emperor.

They are precise self-directed people. They strive to be hard workers in life building something solid. Typically a Soul Urge 4 with an Expression 4 would be unstoppable when placed together. Their ability to put in the actual work to create something strong and long lasting would be evident in their work alone and together.

They would have a mutual admiration for what the other offers. They may be a bit of crude humor at times but hey, neither of them should mind overly! They are quite loyal to the people they appreciate. Being a precise putting in the hard work is definitely a good way to get both of their respect. Expression 4 people are not afraid to get their hands dirty!

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Expression 5: The adventurer. 

The number 5 person is a quick-thinking agent of change. They are seekers, change agents and artists.  It's the most dynamic of the single digits. Their lives will be filled with adventures and asides as they most from experience to experience. Tasting of life from many dishes. Their astrological representation is Taurus horoscope personality, and the matching Tarot Card, The Hierophant. They crave change in a way no others do. Often they will have walked in many shoes by the end of their journey.  These people are, however, very loyal to their partners. Instead, if the winds of change blow by they will completely leave to pursue new pastures, choosing instead to not be deceptive.

A 5 Expression with a 5 Soul Urge would be the best place as friends or family connections of growth, giving a Soul 5 an opportunity to see a glimpse of the freedom they crave by way of the Expression 5.  They may be successful as a couple for the sheer stimulation they could continue to supply one another with. Of course, If you are involved and struggling with a person who has a 5 in any core placements is wait 5 minutes and they will be onto something new!



Expression 6: The nurturer.

A number 6 person, may very well be one of the kindest gentlest people you can meet. They are loving, kind and sensitive.  Their give is one of nurturing and care. These people might give their own shoes to a homeless person and walk themselves barefooted to get a replacement pair. Think of the Gemini, in astrology or The Lovers card from the Tarot.

They will be people who give from a seemingly endless fountain of devotion to their fellow man. The 6 Expression person has it all out to see, they don't shy away when someone needs a hand or a shoulder. A 6 Expression with a 6 Soul would have many lovely aspects of themselves to express to each other and they would both be really listening and caring. Number 6 people can be prone to feeling anxious, they can also tend toward jealousy. 



Expression 7: The thinker. 

The number 7 person has the luckiest number on their side! These are the introspective thinkers and philosophers of the zodiac. They are the Cancer zodiac sign and the Tarot card, The Chariot. 7 has long been considered the luckiest number placement and it seems to live up to hype from my perspective. Number 7 is also considered to be a spiritual number as it is the combination of the divine 3 and the earthly 4. People with an Expression of 7 are living a deeply spiritual path, they are intense and considered to be the truth seekers.

They seem to know that there are forces of mystery working all around and they are driven to see the truths often being willing to look deep inside themselves. A 7 Expression with a 7 Soul, would likely be amazing gifts to each other as they will both be able to build onto what the truths the other has discovered once they could get past studying each other objectively. 7s though can be cynical and cold to the plight of the people around them, instead choosing to live a life of study. Einstein had a 7 in his core placements for example. 



Expression 8: The ambitious one.

A number 8 person would be a leader or supervisor type expression with their eye always on the prize!  They are goal-oriented people and have the potential to manifest what they want into reality. They are like Leo and the Tarot card, Strength.

The Express number 8 person has true street smarts naturally and is powerful to see fully developed in action. Their ability to direct others to get things accomplished is quite impressive. Expression 8 may be living there dream while the Soul Urge 8 is on a more subtle level.

The Soul 8 person could potentially consider the expression person to be a challenge to their own authority and vice versa. That could lead to some heat in their dealings with each other. They would benefit from giving each other space to lead in separate endeavors. This combination could lend itself to a powerful mutual attraction and chemistry as no one else would quite be able to thrill them like wrest control from each other. Think of the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith! 

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Expression 9: The philanthropist. 

The number 9 is a truly fascinating number! They are full of spirit and view mankind from a visionary standpoint. You can say they are idealistic. Interestingly, they are represented by Virgo in astrology, and The Hermit Tarot card.

Multiply 9 by any number regardless of the size, take the answer and reduce it to a single digit and that digit will always be 9 again. Alternately, if you add any number to nine and reduce the answer its will always be the other number!

The number 9 is considered to be a worldly number. An Expression 9 gives off a sophisticated aura, balancing both the masculine and feminine energies perfectly. While the number 6 is 9 reversed or vise versa they both contain nurturing qualities but from different perspectives, the 9 applies it to the big picture. They can sometimes forget about the individual though in their quest to help the world.

They are the Humanitarians with a strong visionary perspective always to contribute to a better world for all, not just one. Working together an Expression 9 and a Soul 9 could come up with bold and creative solutions for world issues.

They could also find themselves in heated debates. The number 9 is a vast combination of many qualities from intuitive understandings, to aloof and many in-betweens. Considered the least prone to being Judgemental they can, however, be distant at times. 9 Expression and Soul 9 are intense people with a big picture in mind.