How The Full Moon In Gemini (The Last Full Moon Of The Decade!) Will Affect Your Love Life And Relationships For The Rest Of 2019

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How The Full Moon In Gemini Will Affect The Rest Of 2019
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As the year comes to an end, it’s a time for retreating and reflecting as the full moon in Gemini on December 12th makes us realize that peace must be the priority.

In astrology and astronomy, the moon moves in cycles, and while exceptions can occur, traditionally, we see only one full and new moon in each sign during a calendar year. It’s this six-month cycle that echoes through the eclipses and other astrology transits that speaks to this natural cycle of sowing and reaping, action and reflection.

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The last new moon we saw in Gemini was on June 3rd of this year. During that time, our zodiac signs were getting ready to deal with Mercury retrograde and the beginning of eclipse season. It was a time where we were only halfway through 2019 and still had yet to let go of all we were meant to, or even become aware of the direction we were supposed move in.

Gemini is an air sign, which means it tends to be more difficult in thinking through a concrete plan and becomes distracted easily. An intellectual sign, the energy is encouraging us to have the ability to think, and make positive decisions and choices.

But for it to occur, we must practice discipline and focus, something that can be a challenge for this social sign.

Back in June, we were planting seeds even if we weren’t aware of it. We had hopes, plans, dreams, or even just the whisper of an idea. Things seemed positive during the summer, but now, six months later, we can see it was because we were looking at things through a filter of what we wanted to be true rather than seeing the truth.

This is what the lunar cycles are all about. Often, what we think will occur six months from now rarely does, but it doesn’t mean we messed up or created havoc around some divine plan. It only means we ended up where we were meant to instead of where our egos believed we would.

In the six months since the Gemini new moon, we’ve likely had big changes in terms of our future and what it will look like. This is especially true of our social interactions, and taking into consideration the emotionality of Gemini, this also affects our romantic relationships.

Sometimes, specifically in love, what we think of as our best or ultimate love is only a reflection of what we think is possible within the moment, or what lesson we are currently learning. As we move through the process, open ourselves up to the changes that occur, harnessing Gemini’s adaptability and letting ourselves embrace an open mind, another characteristic of this air sign is that our entire idea of what love is can change.

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If we’re honest with ourselves, that’s likely been a theme for us the past six months. It was the idea of having to see what our relationships and themes about love were, and not what we had hoped they would evolve into. This has been a lot for us to deal with.

Even if we feel satisfied with where we are now, whether that means we’ve had to say goodbye to someone we love or we’re beginning to plan our lives together, we’re still craving some time away to process everything that’s happened.

This is a search for peace and tranquility. While Gemini is normally a social sign, which correlates well with the holidays as there usually are a plethora of parties and get-togethers, this year is different. With this Gemini full moon, we’re craving that time to reflect on everything that has happened — specifically, everything that’s occurred in the past six months.

Even if we’re happy with how things currently are, it’s still been a lot. It’s been tumultuous, it’s been confusing, hard, challenging, exhausting, and now that we’re finally realizing we’ve stepped off the rollercoaster we’ve been riding for so long, all we want to do is find some solitude so we can rest.

While we’re more likely to curl up in front of a fireplace than put our heels on as we head out to the hottest event, it doesn’t mean we’re going to be anti-social. It just means we’re not just wanting to be around people, but only around those that contribute to our peace.

We all know those special relationships, whether friendship or romantic, where it feels as good to be with them as it does when we’re by ourselves. We feel rested, rejuvenated, not exhausted, or like we’re having to try for anything.

During this moon, we’re going to be more discriminating than previous Gemini moons and holiday seasons. For us, the most important thing is whether someone brings peace into our life, or chaos.

While this energy will affect any relationship, even affecting family functions we may duck out of early, it especially will take aim at our romantic lives for the remainder of the year, but may be part of a bigger theme.

At some point, it seems we all get caught up in the excitement of romantic drama. Maybe it’s being the other woman, or the cheerleader for the emotionally unavailable, or we just fall into the romantic sentiment of waiting for love. We become addicted and accustomed of always having something wrong romantically, of being unfulfilled, of having arguments or something we must deal with.

But there comes a point, and sometimes we think it’s because we get older. But maybe it has to do with the ability to love ourselves so we no longer need this mirror anymore. We no longer need the distraction of these types of chaotic relationships in our lives because we’ve realized the greatest gift any partner could give us is peace.

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