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What Annoys You About Other People, By Zodiac Sign

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Annoying Personality Traits: What Each Zodiac Sign Thinks Is Obnoxious

We all have that one obnoxious person in our friendship circle that bugs us. Someone that annoyingly stands too close and always has bad breath. Someone who asks too many personal questions, or someone who is always lying.

We think — why on earth do our friends hang out with this guy? Why does everyone seem to like him but me? How can they not see that this guy is the worst?

What personality traits does your zodiac sign find most annoying and obnoxious but others don't?

Sometimes, you are annoyed when someone is too much like you. Other times, it could be that someone is too different from you. But there are things, astrologically speaking, that some horoscope signs cannot bear while other zodiac signs hardly notice it at all.

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It may not be their fault. Sometimes, you may find something annoying that someone else won’t. You may pick up on something that your friends just don’t see.

Maybe you are just more apt to figuring out when someone is a liar. Maybe your friends like answering personal questions. Maybe you’re the only one with a keen sense of smell and personal space.

There are a lot of reasons why someone may be more annoying to you than to other people. There is a good chance that it has to do with your zodiac sign!

So, what personality trait do you consider as a fatal flaw that bothers you the most?

Here is a list of the most obnoxious qualities that you find most annoying in people, based on your zodiac sign.

The personality trait that annoys Aries the most is inactivity.

Aries are very competitive people. They are always trying to excel and increase productivity. As natural leaders, they are often looked to by the people that surround them for example. They feel the lack of productivity reflects poorly on them and is a sign of disrespect.

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The personality trait that annoys Taurus the most is flakiness.

They want to be able to count on you. They disrespect people who have wavering opinions and who are easily swayed. They tire of people who cancel plans last minute and don’t follow through with their promises. To get on a Taurus’s good side make sure that you are accountable and reliable.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Gemini the most is monotony.

Geminis don’t like things to always be the same. Geminis don’t want to go to the same bar every weekend. They don’t want to go bowling every Tuesday or talk about the same TV shows. It is annoying to a Gemini if they can guess what you’re going to do or say. They will easily tire of a friendship or relationship if it becomes too predictable.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Cancer the most is confidence.

Cancers tend to be very insecure. Usually what annoys them most about another person is their confidence. Especially when they are confident in something that makes a Cancer feel inadequate.

If a Cancer is insecure about their body, they will find people who are really into fitness annoying. If they are insecure about their intelligence, they will find it annoying to talk to someone with intellectual confidence.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Leo the most is indifference.

Leos command attention and are usually involved in some sort of drama. It grates on them when someone in their circle seems to care less about what they do. If their friend or significant other doesn’t pay heed or even admire their antics, it's annoying. If you want to fall into a Leos good graces, make sure to keep that am the center of your attention.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Virgo the most is attention-seeking.

Virgos like to fly under the radar, so they don’t understand the type of person who would actively try to be seen. It can seem frivolous and glutinous to put your insecurities on display.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Libra the most is argumentativeness.

The most annoying thing for a Libra is someone who is constantly confrontational. Someone who is always looking for a fight or debate. Libras hate confrontation, so when they are around someone who is volatile, they are stressed and on edge. They don’t understand people who just can’t let things go. If you are hanging out with a Libra, it is best to just try to keep your cool as best you can.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Scorpio the most is manipulativeness.

Scorpios are very confident and intelligent. However, they are also suspicious and distrusting. Scorpios are most annoyed with manipulative people. They don’t like it when they feel someone is trying to outsmart them by trying to control their responses.

For example, someone who may vaguely say something like “last night was so much fun” but then give no further insight forcing someone to ask them what happened last night that made it so fun. If you are friends with a Scorpio, don’t try to manipulate the conversation, just straight up go for it.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Sagittarius the most is neediness.

Sagittarius people need their freedom. They don’t want to feel like someone is counting on them or needs them. That is why they get super annoyed with needy people. It makes them feel suffocated when people count on hanging out with them on a regular basis.

People who assume their attendance before the commit or demand an RSVP at all. They are most comfortable with relationships that are seemingly indifferent to their presence.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Capricorn the most is wastefulness.

Capricorns are very practical and responsible. They get very annoyed with frivolity. They hate things that are overly silly or impractical. They want everything to be simple and to make sense. A Capricorn is going to want to sit around a fire and discuss politics. They are not going to want to take tequila shots and karaoke.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Aquarius the most is pessimism.

Aquarians are natural problem solvers and usually very optimistic. They get very annoyed with unbridled pessimism. They don’t want to surround themselves with people who are always seeing the worst-case scenario and not open to a solution to their problems.

Aquarians like to keep everything light and, on the surface, and solve any problems that come their way, so if you feel yourself being pessimistic around an Aquarius, it may be time for you to leave.

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The personality trait that annoys ​Pisces the most is arrogance.

Pisces are most annoyed by know-it-all personality types. Especially when said know-it-all embarrasses them and is able to prove them wrong.

Pisces are very selfless and compassionate, so it doesn’t make sense to them why someone would want to embarrass them. It makes them very unlikeable. So if you are around a Pisces and they misspeak, it’s probably best to let it go.

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