How Chelsie Kyriss Is Handling Sexual Assault Allegations Against Her Baby Daddy Antonio Brown

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How Chelsie Kyriss Is Handling Sexual Assault Allegations Against Her Baby Daddy Antonio Brown
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Antonio Brown captured headlines this fall as he wormed his way out of a contract with the Oakland Raiders, only to turn around and sign with the New England Patriots, just in time for regular season play.

The wide receiver was traded by the Steelers last spring and headed to Oakland where he started to behave so outrageously in his dealings with management that they finally released him from his contract. He used his new free agent status to find a team more to his liking and got a deal with the reigning Superbowl Champions this weekend.

As Brown bounces from stadium to stadium, losing fans along the way, he has also lost something else: the support of his ex-girlfriend. Who is Chelsie Kryiss, Antonio Brown's baby mama?

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Kyriss is the mother of Brown's three children and had been with Brown for years before they broke up. Now, Kyriss is speaking out and revealing the truth after Brown recently called the cops on his baby mama.

Read on for all the details about their relationship, split, and accusations.

1. Antonio Brown is a football superstar.

There's no question that Antonio Brown has been a standout NFL player. He has been invited to the Pro Bowl seven times and he has led the league in receiving touchdowns, receptions, and receiving yards during multiple seasons. He spent nine seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he played in the 2011 SuperBowl, but didn't come out of the game with a ring.

By 2018, he was reportedly not getting along with Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wasn't happy with the amount of playing time he was getting, so he requested a trade. The team obliged, and he signed a contract to play for the Oakland Raiders. 

2. Brown has made reality TV appearances.

In addition to appearing on the field, Brown showed up on some unlikely reality shows. In 2016, he was paired up with Sharna Burgess for a season of Dancing with the Stars, where he finished with a respectable fourth place.

In 2019, he appeared on The Masked Singer. He wore a giant hippo costume and performed Bobby Brown's 1988 hit "My Prerogative" but he was eliminated in the first week of the show. 

3. Brown moved from the Oakland Raiders to the New England Patriots.

Over the summer, Brown reported to Oakland to play football, but was unable to practice due to an injury. Even after he was cleared to play, he failed to show up for practice, resulting in fines

He also aggravated the team by launching a crusade to be allowed to use an older model of helmet. The team and league refused to capitulate to his demand — the old helmets had been phased out in favor of a safer version — and he threatened to leave the sport if he didn't get his way. The league was unmoved and he was required to wear a regulation helmet.

Meanwhile, the Raiders voided part of his contract that guaranteed payment and he asked to be released. The Raiders cut him and he immediately turned around and signed with the New England Patriots. 

4. Fans and football analysts suspected were ulterior motives for Brown's switch to the Patriots.

The quick flip to New England got fans and analysts suspicious that Brown never really intended to play for Oakland and manipulated the situation to get himself positioned to sign with the Super Bowl champs. Some even think that a spot on the Patriots was his goal all along. 

"We all got played," legendary former player Jerry Rice said in September 2019. "He contacted me, he told me he wanted to play ball here in the Bay Area. I bought into it because I can only take a man at his word, but I think [signing with New England] was already planned."

Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, tried to assure fans that this wasn't all a very elaborate ploy to leap-frog over Oakland on the way to Foxboro. 

"We were in heavy negotiations with two teams going back and forth," Rosenhaus said, "and there was a good chance that Antonio was gonna sign with a team not named the New England Patriots... I can assure you that that was a competitive negotiation for him as a free agent, and the deal didn't get done until really until Saturday afternoon at around 5 p.m." 

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5. Who is Chelsie Kriss? She's the mother of Brown's three children.

One person who didn't say anything about Brown's machinations is Chelsie Kyriss, his former longtime girlfriend. Kyriss and Brown had been together for many years and share three children: Ali, Apollo and Autonomy. Both Brown and Kyriss also have children from prior relationships. 

Kyriss keeps a fairly low profile, with a sparsely populated Instagram feed, where she mainly posts photos of her kids. She was friendly with other wives of Steelers players, including Ashley Roethlisberger. 

6. Their relationship was always erratic.

While Brown and Kyriss appeared to put on a happy face on social media, they weren't always smiling together. Brown's relationship with Kyriss had sometimes been just as erratic as his recent relationship with the NFL.


In 2018, while they were briefly separated, he took to Instagram in a now-deleted post to excoriate Kyriss for the way she treated her older kids, writing:

"With all due respects any friends who consider @chelsie a friend should honestly help her vastly! She has two older kids Kellen Green 9; Brooklyn Green 7; she hasn’t seen or claimed in 4 years running around chasing me!" Brown wrote. "Her Mom Lynn Kyriss and Todd Kyriss cannot get ahold of her In regards of holding her accountable to her kids her family! Let’s not the internet confuse people upon her responsibility to her kids! I ask that if you are her friend encourage her to take care all her kids not just mine and be a woman we know she capable of! So we clear she’s my baby mama!"  

The couple later reconciled and he deleted the post. 

7. Who is Chelsea Kyriss? She often had comments about Brown flooding her Instagram account.

Kyriss has open comments on her Instagram page, and football fans aren't being shy about sharing their thoughts about Brown with her.

In a photo of the two of them, one commenter remarked: "Yo @chelsie you need to get your baby daddy ABs brain checked ASAP like if not you just enabling this downward spiral." Another user asked her, "So... How does it feel to be dating the biggest A-hole in sports?" Multiple additional commenters showed up to call Brown a clown and leave clown emoji in the comments.

Kyriss has stayed silent in the face of all the criticism. She hasn't made any statements in the press and she isn't responding to her critics in the comments. And not everyone is mad at her and Bronw. One commenter said "WELCOME TO NEW ENGLAND!!! Hope you don’t mind long seasons enjoy!!!" 

8. Brown was criticized for publicizing their tumultuous breakup.

After Brown and Kyriss broke up, they have been trading nonstop barbs through social media about each other. In a post on his blogging site, Brown wrote, "No more white woman 2020" and called Kyriss, "just his Baby Mama 3." 

However, Brown's baby mama fought back, writing on her Instagram stories, "You found somebody to help you get over me and I got over you by finding myself! We are not the same. Oh these are the games we want to play! I have pictures to end your entire life. If only the world knew the truth about you."

But Brown didn't stop there. He also sent Kyriss an eviction notice, demanding that she leave his home or he would file a lawsuit against her. So far, the Internet has been taking Kyriss's side, by expressing their horror over Brown making their breakup so public.

9. Brown recently called the cops on Kyriss.

He was accusing her of trying to steal his Bentley, posting the situation on Instagram Live, while throwing a bag of gummy penises at his ex! Yes, really. Brown also told police that he evicted Kyriss from their home and would have her arrested for trespassing.

And after dealing with police, Kyriss released a series of text messages between the two where he apparently had asked her for a threesome and wanted to get back together.

The exes remain that way, as Brown is currently dating Stephanie Acevedo.

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