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Who Is Chelsie Kyriss? New Details On Antonio Brown's On/Off Girlfriend And Baby Mama

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Antonio Brown captured headlines as he wormed his way out of a contract with the Oakland Raiders, only to turn around and sign with the New England Patriots, just in time for regular season play.

The wide receiver was traded by the Steelers in the spring of 2019, and headed to Oakland where he started to behave so outrageously in his dealings with management that they finally released him from his contract. He used his new free agent status to find a team more to his liking and got a deal with Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But as Brown bounced from stadium to stadium, losing fans along the way, he also lost something else: the support of his on again/off again girlfriend, and mother of his children, Chelsea Kyriss.

Who is Chelsie Kyriss?

Chelsie Kyriss was born on September 1, 1989, in Springboro, Ohio. Kyriss is a Caucasian American woman.

She attended Springboro High School and went to Sinclair Community College, transferring to Georgia State University Perimeter College where she received her bachelor's degree. Kyriss is a former teacher and customer service representative.

Kyriss keeps a fairly low profile, with a sparsely populated Instagram feed, where she mainly posts photos of her kids. She is said to have become friends with other wives and girlfriends of football players, and was friendly with Ashley Roethlisberger, wife of Ben Roethlisberger, who plays for the Steelers.

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Does Kyriss have any children?

Kyriss is the mother of six children, two of whom are from a prior relationship, named Kellen and Brooklyn. With Brown, she has four kids: sons Antonio Jr., Autonomy, Apollo, and daughter, Allure, who was born in July 2020.

Brown also has two other children, Antanyiah and Ali, from his previous relationship with Shameika Brailsford.

Altogether, this blended family has eight kids. 

Kyriss and Brown have always had an erratic relationship.

While Brown and Kyriss appeared to put on a happy face on social media, they weren't always smiling together. Brown's relationship with Kyriss had sometimes been just as erratic as his relationship with the NFL.

In 2018, while they were briefly separated, he took to Instagram in a now-deleted post to excoriate Kyriss for the way she treated her older kids.

"With all due respects any friends who consider @chelsie a friend should honestly help her vastly! She has two older kids Kellen Green 9; Brooklyn Green 7; she hasn’t seen or claimed in 4 years running around chasing me!" Brown wrote.

"Her Mom Lynn Kyriss and Todd Kyriss cannot get ahold of her In regards of holding her accountable to her kids her family! Let’s not the internet confuse people upon her responsibility to her kids! I ask that if you are her friend encourage her to take care all her kids not just mine and be a woman we know she capable of! So we clear she’s my baby mama!"  

The couple later reconciled and Brown deleted the post. 

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Kyriss often had comments about Brown flooding her Instagram account.

Kyriss has open comments on her Instagram page, and football fans weren't being shy about sharing their thoughts about Brown.

In a photo of the two of them, one commenter remarked: "Yo @chelsie you need to get your baby daddy ABs brain checked ASAP like if not you just enabling this downward spiral." Another user asked her, "So... How does it feel to be dating the biggest A-hole in sports?"

Multiple additional commenters showed up to call Brown a clown and leave clown emoji in the comments.

Kyriss has stayed silent in the face of all the criticism. She hasn't made any statements in the press and she doesn't respond to her critics in the comments. 

Brown was criticized for publicizing their tumultuous breakup.

After Brown and Kyriss broke up, they traded nonstop barbs through social media. In a now-deleted post on Twitter, Brown wrote, "No more white woman 2020" and called Kyriss "just his Baby Mama 3." 

However, Brown's baby mama fought back, writing on her Instagram stories, "You found somebody to help you get over me and I got over you by finding myself! We are not the same. Oh these are the games we want to play! I have pictures to end your entire life. If only the world knew the truth about you."

But Brown didn't stop there. He also sent Kyriss an eviction notice, demanding that she leave his home or he would file a lawsuit against her. The Internet took Kyriss's side by expressing their horror over Brown making their breakup so public.

The exes have since reconciled, though he was rumored to be dating Stephanie Acevedo at one point.

Brown called the cops on Kyriss.

Brown accused Kyriss of trying to steal his Bentley, posting the situation on Instagram Live, while throwing a bag of gummy penises at his ex! Yes, really. Brown also told police that he evicted Kyriss from their home and would have her arrested for trespassing.

After dealing with police, Kyriss released a series of text messages between the two where Brown apparently had asked her for a threesome and wanted to get back together.

Kyriss filed a paternity suit against Brown.

Days after the incident, in January 2020, Kyriss filed a paternity lawsuit in Florida court, wanting Brown to be legally recognized as her childrens' father so the court would determine how much child support he had to pay and work out a custody schedule. 

The paternity dispute with Kyriss has been ongoing since 2017, after Kyriss filed a paternity suit accusing Brown of creating a hostile environment for her and the children when she was pregnant with their son Apollo, and Brown was dating Instagram model Jena Frumes.

Charges had been dropped soon after, but a year later another lawsuit was filed. This time, Brown accused Kyriss of being an unfit mother. Brown also tried to sue Kyriss and evict her from his home in Florida. 

Antonio Brown is a football superstar.

There's no question that Antonio Brown has been a standout NFL player. He has been invited to the Pro Bowl seven times and he has led the league in receiving touchdowns, receptions, and receiving yards during multiple seasons. He spent nine seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he played in the 2011 Super Bowl, but didn't come out of the game with a ring.

By 2018, he was reportedly not getting along with Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and wasn't happy with the amount of playing time he was getting, so he requested a trade. The team obliged, and he signed a contract to play for the Oakland Raiders. 

However, his contract with the Raiders was short-lived and he never played a regular-season game after several off-the-field incidents, including a confrontation with general manager Mike Mayock.

After that, he signed with the New England Patriots but was cut after just one game because the NFL was investigating the sexual assault allegations made against him in 2019. He spent the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 as a free agent, and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a one-year contract where he played at Super Bowl LV against the Kansas City Chiefs, where Tampa Bay won. 

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Kyriss attended the game with their three kids, and Brown's oldest son.

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Brown has also made reality TV appearances.

In addition to appearing on the field, Brown showed up on some unlikely reality shows. In 2016, he was paired up with Sharna Burgess for a season of "Dancing with the Stars," where he finished with a respectable fourth place.

In 2019, he appeared on "The Masked Singer." He wore a giant hippo costume and performed Bobby Brown's 1988 hit "My Prerogative," but he was eliminated in the first week of the show. 

Overall, with his earnings from his NFL career and TV appearances, Brown's net worth is around $20 million. Kyriss, on the other hand, has a net worth around $200,000.

Brown now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Though Brown played the 2020-2021 season with the Buccaneers, there's apparently no sign that Brown will continue playing for the team in 2021.

Tom Brady, former Patriot icon and Buccaneers quarterback, has always been a big fan of Brown’s; however, their head coach, Bruce Arians, was never too enthusiastic about having Brown on his team, especially because of the bad rep that Brown has gained over the years and the ongoing sexual assault case. 

There have also been reports that the Buccaneers want to sign Brown and that offers have been made, but Brown and the Buccaneers reportedly aren’t close to a new deal. The Seattle Seahawks, however, are looking to sign a wide receiver, and their current quarterback, Russell Wilson, wants them to sign Antonio Brown as their wide receiver.

On ESPN's "SportsCenter," NFL reporter Jeremy Fowler suspected that the  Seahawks might swoop in to claim Brown if there's no update on Brown signing another year with the Buccaneers. "They haven’t made any major moves there yet, but if this goes into the spring and summer and Brown is still unsigned with the Bucs, I could see Seattle swooping in there,” Fowler said.

Brown has an ongoing NFL investigation into his sexual assault charges.

The September 2019 sexual assault charges from Brown's former trainer, Britney Taylor, accused Brown of raping her. The lawsuit alleged that Brown sexually assaulted Taylor on three different occasions throughout 2017 and 2018.

The NFL's investigation into the matter still has not been resolved. However, the case finally has a date set for December 2021 as the lawyers representing the plaintiff are looking for evidence to support the claims.

Kyriss posted a statement on Instagram regarding Brown's assault allegations. 

In January 2020, Kyriss posted a statement on Instagram after a number of allegations against Brown piled up. Her statement was posted days after his alleged incident, which involved Brown forcing his way into a moving van and hitting the moving truck driver over an argument of payment. He was also accused of throwing a rock at the van.

The incident resulted in a felony assault and battery. Charges including burglary of a vehicle, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor criminal mischief resulted in him being suspended from the NFL before Tampa Bay picked him up. 

Kyriss' now-deleted statement said, "Unfortunately, it seems Antonio has made questionable choices and continues to ignore the advice of those who love and support him. At this point the boys and I are working on building a new life free from any impulsive, reckless and unhealthy behaviors. My hope is that Anotonio [sic] will get help and seek the mental health treatment that he so desperately needs so that he can be the father all of his children need and deserve."

She then continued, "Over the last few years I have stood at the side of my children’s father Antonio Brown and watched the rise and fall of an incredible man and athlete. Our children and I have distanced ourselves from him and our former home. Although we have parted ways I wish nothing but the best for him."

This statement came a week after the incident where Brown alled the police on Kyriss for taking his car, then threw a bag of candy penises at her in front of the police. She filed sole custody of their children and requested that his time with the kids be supervised, which resulted in her posting the plea for Brown to receive treatment for his mental health issues.

Kyriss and Brown are currently engaged. 

After breaking up and getting back together during their long relationship, and a series of events and allegations made against him, Brown proposed to Kyriss in March 2020.

Antonio Brown shared a question on his Instagram story in March after proposing, about a possible wedding date. He responded that the couple would wed in summer 2020, but due to COVID, haven't yet tied the knot.

There's still no update as to when the two will have their wedding and get married, so it's still to be determined.

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