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Who Is Mason Rudolph? New Details On NFL Player Rumored To Be Hannah Ann Sluss' Boyfriend

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Who Is Mason Rudolph? New Details On NFL Player Rumored To Be Hannah Ann Sluss' Boyfriend

It's been a minute since fans watched Peter Weber break Hannah Ann Sluss' heart on The Bachelor, but now, it looks like this lady is finally moving on. 

Recently, Sluss was spotted with NFL player Mason Rudolph in Los Angeles, sparking rumors that she's found new love — no thanks to Pilot Pete.

But who is Mason Rudolph, Hannah Ann Sluss' boyfriend?

Here's what you need to know about the man who's reportedly dating the most recent Bach winner. 

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Sluss has been single since the Bachelor finale aired in March.

Though Sluss ended up being Weber's final pick in the end, the finale showed him ending things with Sluss after he realized he actually wanted to be with Madison Prewett. However, his relationship with Prewett didn't last, either, and as far as fans know, Sluss has been single ever since — but now, it looks like that might be changing.

She and Rudolph were recently seen out and about in LA. 

Sluss was spotted with Rudolph in L.A. this week, when paparazzi captured them out on a coffee run on Wednesday — which just so happened to be the third time they were seen together recently. And according to those who saw them together, they appeared to be more than friends.

"They very much seemed lovey-dovey. He even opened her car door," a witness said.

But who is Mason Rudolph? He's best known for his football career. 


A post shared by Mason Rudolph (@rudolph2mason) on Feb 28, 2020 at 7:16pm PST

Rudolph is a 24-year-old professional football player who currently plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers as a quarterback after playing college football at Oklahoma State University. His claim to fame so far in his career is his fight with Cleveland Browns player Myles Garrett, who claimed that Rudolph had called him a racial slur. Rudolph has since denied those claims, though he was ultimately fined $50,000. 

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He seems to have a lot in common with Sluss.

On The Bachelor, fans learned that Sluss, who recently turned 24 herself, is from the south (she's from Tennessee) and her faith is incredibly important to her. The same goes for Ruldolph, too; according to his Instagram bio, he describes himself as a "Christ follower" and grew up in South Carolina. No word yet on how these two connected but it makes sense that they hit it off since they come from very similar backgrounds. 

Sluss has recently hinted at being ready to date again.

During Sluss' appearance on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Off The Vine podcast, she admitted that she had a FaceTime date and that someone had dropped off coffee to her as a romantic gesture, though she didn't share who that someone was.

“I’m not going to be exclusive with anyone for a while,” she said on the podcast. “I’m just getting to know different people, as much as I can, virtually, during quarantine. It’s weird because I got off the show, I was engaged. Then I was single, but I couldn’t go out, couldn’t go on a date or really text anyone because people would know I wasn’t engaged [anymore]. And then after the show, we go straight into being quarantined. I’m like, oh my gosh, my dating life is so dull.”

She hasn't talked about their reported relationship herself.


A post shared by Hannah Ann Sluss (@hannahann) on Apr 20, 2020 at 4:15pm PDT

As far as we can tell, Sluss seems to be single on social media, and hasn't mentioned Rudolph by name at all. But given her romantic past on The Bachelor (and social distancing being in place), it makes sense that she might not rush to reveal a new relatlonship just yet. Fingers crossed more details are coming soon!

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