54 Funniest Super Bowl Memes

It's gameday!

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The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated sports events of the year. This year it falls on Sunday, February 7, 2021 at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL.

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Super Bowl LV will feature two of these four teams: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, or the Buffalo Bills.

And for those of you who just look forward to the snacks and the halftime show, The Weeknd is performing this year.

While a traditional Super Bowl party may not be in the works this year thanks to ongoing coronavirus pandemic restrictions, that doesn't mean you can't still have some fun. 

These funny Super Bowl memes are exactly what you need to get you hyped for game day.

1. "Lady Gaga's halftime performance."

2. "The New Orleans Saints...

3. "When Drew Brees took one last look at the superdome."

4. "Everybody watching the super bowl like"

5. "Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes post game hang out."

6. "When your Browns lose to the Chad Henne lead Chiefs."

7. "Juju: 'You guys wanna run squads on fortnite later?'"

8. "Well the Simpsons predicted it..."

9. "OOO you almost had it. Gotta be quicker than that!"

10. "QuArTeRbAcK"

11. "My idea of a Super Bowl is a toilet that cleans itself!"

12. "Every future @TomBrady game should be on the history channel."

13. "AT&T Stadium: 'So how much confetti do we want after the game?' Rose Bowl committee: 'Yes'"

14. "Nobody: Cam Newton when his WR is wide open 2 yards downfield:"

15. "These two fans arguing sums up 2020..."

16. "That face when you show up at your friend's house for a Super Bowl party and realize they were asking you to bring a 12-pack of BEER. #SorryButNotSorry"

17. "Chiefs, Packers, waiting for the weekend halftime show."

18. "Battle of the insurance companies: Progressive vs StateFarm."

19. "Hello Beyonce? Hit the lights." 

20. "People rooting for the Chiefs. People rooting for the Browns."

21. "Cat videos. Me. Superbowl."

22. "Me watching the Super Bowl today. I'm just here for the memes."

23. "When you go to a Super Bowl party just for the food and people start to talking to you about football."

24. "Not choke in the playoffs or draw 25."

25. "Me after the super bowl still trying to understand why Lady Gaga sang telephone and didn't have Beyoncé there with her..."

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26. "Moms in 2019: Moms in 2020: Really wish the halftime show was family friendly. There are kids watching!"

27."People hearing sicko mode before Super Bowl LIII. People Hearing sicko mode after Super Bowl LIII.

28. "Nobody: Adam Levine:"

29. "Super Bowl Coldplay 2016:"

30. "Tom Brady has been to the super bowl so many times that other fanbases make fun of him for not making it at 42 years old."

"On the way to Miami, FL: 'Thanks for driving me to the Super Bowl.' 'No problem I had nothing else to do.'"


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31. "I usually don't dive into this kind of smack talk with memes and all, but this is pretty funny. #49ers #SuperBowl #SFvsKC. 'Does my insurance cover me against the 49ers pass rush?' 'Nope!'"

32. "As soon as #Shakira come on: 'Oooooh. Shakira. Shakira.'"

33. "I will reduce inflation! You got my vote!"

34. "There better be countless memes that come from this Super Bowl or I will be severely disappointed."

35. "'Boy howdy, that wasn't that much work after all.' 'That's not all of the work.' 'Pardon?'"

36. "tfw your boss calls you into their office at 9 am the day after the super bowl."

37. "Super Bowl LIV"

38. "The refs: Letting the Packers win; Letting Brady win."

39. "Where girls cried. Where boys cried. Where football fans cried." 

40. "Dallas Cowboys last Super Bowl party."

41. "When someone asks me who my favorite football team is: Go Sports"

42. "Me: eyeing the snacks table and waiting for the opportune moment when everyone is distracted."

"My friends: Host of the Super Bowl party and super into the game."

43. "Super Bowl LIV ... The battle of who wants to get to the White House more."

44. "Drew Brees: *retires*. Saints fans trying to come up with a petition to make him come out of retirement:"

45. "When you become an NFL referee: reality can be whatever I want."

46. "Didn't watch Super Bowl. Still won $100 in the office pool."

47. "Browns fans watching a helmet to helmet call two minutes into the next game."

48. "'Why is there a football game in the middle of The Lady Gaga con-' 'enough'"

49. "Bill Belichick watching Brady and Gronk right now."

50."When you realize that might've been Drew Brees' last game: It's enough to make a grown man cry, and that's OK."

51. "My friends and I being annoying while our boyfriends try to watch the game."

52. "This is me ... not caring about the Super Bowl."

53. "Oh, the Super Bowl is today? I hope both teams lose."

54. "When you show up to the Super Bowl party just for the snacks."

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