What Does It Mean When A Planet Goes Combust, According To Astrology

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Horoscope Planet Meanings & Why Each Goes Combust, Per Astrology

Let me just start by saying, no, a combust planet doesn’t mean it’s exploding.

When planets are in combust in astrology, it’s actually more complex than that.

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Being new to the practice myself, I found that this particular event has a lot going on and the process can get kinda confusing, not to mention inaccurate in its spatial placement.

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible, both for you and myself.

Essentially, what a planet being in combust means is that all of the positive effects a planet may have when it’s in your house or with a zodiac sign become negated.

Another way of putting it is that the positivity burns up. And why does it burn up? That’s where positioning comes in.

As people know, planets move in space. When it comes to astrology, where the planets play a big role.

With there being 12 zodiac signs, that divides a 360-degree circle into 12 equal 30-degree parts.

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In those 30 degree parts, planets enter and exit those while going through their orbits. As they get closer to the Sun, they get “heated” which “burns off” the positive qualities that each planet brings.

Each planet that is combust has a certain degree for when they go into combust too.

For instance, Mercury begins to go into combust when it’s within 5 to 10 degrees to the Sun.

However, the degree that a planet will combust can honestly vary depending on who you ask.

The reference that I’ll be going off of uses one consistent degree (about 6 degrees) and says what the combust is for each planet at that degree.

Oddly enough, not every planet is actually combust, and you’ll find that one of the six available isn’t like the others. So let’s see what each one does when it combusts.

1. Mercury

This is the planet of logical thinking and quick decision-making, so when it combusts, it can become very difficult to make decisions.

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Your mind becomes lazy and slow and it can be hard to decide on anything you want to have or do.

2. Venus

The second planet from the Sun represents the finer things in life, like luxury cars or romantic excursions.

When it combusts, you lose those things. You might crash that car, or your marriage that’s seemed perfect may suddenly turn nasty, maybe even resulting in a divorce. Anything nice becomes rotten.

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3. Moon

Yeah, the moon is not a planet. But in astrology, just like all the other objects floating around in space, it has a role to play too.

In this case, the moon represents emotions, so when it combusts, your mind darkens. You’ll feel more angry than usual.

In essence, the moon getting close to the Sun makes your mind hot, which means anger.

4. Mars

This is the planet that represents drive and energy, so when it combusts, you sort of lose the self-control that allowed you to keep pushing forward.

Your motivation goes out the window and you become very lazy. Any willpower you had will dissipate and you won’t feel like doing anything.

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5. Jupiter

The biggest gas giant of the solar system is just as big a factor in astrology. Specifically, though, this planet rules over money-related things like savings or investments. So when it combusts, you’ll find it’s very difficult to save money and investments may not pan out like how you thought.

6. Saturn

This last one can already be a planet of hardship, but it’s meant to filter that hardship into refinement.

However, when you take something that’s already a little negative and make it worse, it results in problems with careers and health.

You’ll end up in constant arguments with your bosses and you’ll have health issues you never had before, especially at a young age.

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