The Most 'Basic' Thing Each Zodiac Sign Does

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The Most Basic Thing Each Zodiac Sign Does

How can you tell if someone is basic? When you’re basic, you like things that are popular and don’t take much energy to enjoy. Basic is defined as someone who isn’t cool, possibly lame, and is lacking in defining character traits that tend to make someone interesting, unusual, fascinating, or extraordinary.

There are those who look down on basic people, but secretly enjoy many basic things. There’s no reason why you have to be too cool for school that you can’t love Trader Joe's or putting your hair in a messy bun! And as astrology dictates our personality traits, it only makes sense that the basic zodiac signs tend to follow overrated trends.

Who determined what was considered basic? Did they feel embarrassed by their unnatural love for pressed juice, or how they considered Twilight as a love story for every generation? Like what you like and make no apologies.

If you’re trying to be something you’re not and like things that nobody else likes, you’re just a poser and not your true self. It’s better to be honest and proud.

ARIES: Participated in at least one wine and cheese party

Aries work hard and they're not one to turn down a chance to socialize and have an adult beverage or two. Wine and cheese are basic, but they're also delicious.

Aries know what they like and they're not ashamed about it. Neither the wine nor the cheese needs to be expensive — a box of wine will do just fine.

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TAURUS: Eats carbs

Carbs are delicious and Taurus isn't one to deprive themselves. Bread, pasta, rice, and even beer are the basics of a great meal.

They know that carbs don't make them basic — they're far too fabulous to ever be basic — but if other people think they're basic for enjoying artisan bread and homemade pasta, that's fine. Taurus' know that carb-appreciation is just part of living a life full of yumminess.

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GEMINI: Takes advantage of Instagram moments

Gemini is going to Instagram being freaked out by a zombie at the haunted house, laughing their butt off on that hayride, or even winning the snowball fight. They want to remember all their fun times.

Enjoying all the moments may make Gemini basic, but it also makes them someone who enjoys life.

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CANCER: Decorates for any occasion

Cancer does have a wreath on their door and it's nowhere near Christmas. For Cancers, their home is everything and they want everyone who visits them to feel comfortable and cozy.

When Cancer puts out the Halloween decorations or turns their backyard into a barbecue haven for the summer, it may be basic, but it gives them a lot of satisfaction.

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LEO: Shops at Target

If shopping at Target is basic, then almost everybody is basic at some point or another. Leo loves to shop, and they also love a good bargain — with Target they can do both.

Here's the thing: Leos have an eye, and they're going to find stuff that other people will miss. Now, don't think that just because Leo shops at Target that it's the only place they shop; they shop everywhere. It's just that shopping at Target is the most basic thing they do.

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VIRGO: Goes to Coachella or any music festival

Virgos love music and they love a good event, so if loving music festivals make them basic, they're basic all the way.

Virgos love making plans around the festival like where they're going to stay, what mind-altering substances they're going to consume, what they're going to wear, and, most importantly, who they're going to hang with once they're there. Knowing the bands and/or seeing their favorite artist just makes it perfect.

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LIBRA: Watches Project Runway

Sure, the show has been on forever, but it was recently revamped, so that should make it less basic, right? Well, Libra doesn't care either way. It's still full of fashion, drama, and people who have at least a small amount of talent to compete.

Sometimes Libra doesn't want to have to think; instead, they'd rather chill to some Project Runway and not have to worry about anything. If it makes Libra basic, they're not going to argue with you.

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SCORPIO: Has an overrated tattoo

Scorpio knew they wanted a tattoo, but they were scared it would hurt. They didn't want to look like a crybaby, so they got something simple and easy like a star or a butterfly — the standard beginner tattoo.

Of course, once they had their first one, the following tats were much edgier and more creative. Scorpio's first, somewhat boring tattoo is the most basic thing they've ever done.

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SAGITTARIUS Always uses the perfect emoji

Not only are up to date on the latest emojis, they know exactly when to use them and the best one to express what they're feeling. Sagittarians don't think of their emoji use as basic at all because to them it's more about creative expression.

However, relying on emojis to communicate is considered basic. Sorry, Sag, we know you think you're always unique and unusual, but your emojis say otherwise.

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CAPRICORN: Loves rideshare apps

Capricorns tend to be traditional and they like things that aren't too outrageous or extravagant, so you might say they have a basic personality. As basic as Capricorn may appear, they usually have a less obvious side to their personality that's a little spicier.

However, no matter how they're feeling, they love to use Uber and Lyft. They don't have to deal with the challenges of public transportation (Capricorns don't enjoy someone taking up all the room on the seat), and can do some work without having to worry about concentrating on driving.

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AQUARIUS: Addicted to Pinterest

Don't judge Aquarius for the most basic thing they do: Pinterest. They love having inspiration at their fingertips and there are so many images that spark their creativity that they need someplace where they can put it all.

Aquarians enjoy the process of creating boards, following other boards, and being able to easily find recipes, information, or activities. It might be basic to other people, but for them it helps them focus.

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PISCES: Enjoys sing-along movies

No, singing along to Rent or Hairspray isn't geeky or basic, it's fun! It's like karaoke with a better visual than that drunk guy from accounting trying to belt out "Shallow."

Since Pisces are very romantic and love romance, it's even better if what they're singing along to is a love story. Pisces know that even if they do something basic, there's no way that's true because they're too imaginative and interesting.

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