The Top 6 Drama-Free Zodiac Signs

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The top 6 drama free zodiac signs

No, not everyone is the drama queen that you are! In fact, there are drama-free zodiac signs in astrology who don't turn to overthrowing tables in restaurants or throwing massive hissy fits when they are upset. I'm not sure there are any super zenned-out signs either for that matter, but many of us seriously do no want drama in our lives, and we're ready to back that up with action... or rather, lack of action.

To want a life that is drama-free is usually a sign that you've matured, that you've found out through trial and error that making a big, fat dramatic deal out of everything is somewhat worthless in terms of actually getting anything done.

Drama is theater — it's a fictional put on, a distraction, unreal, not worth believing in. We create drama because we can't handle the simplicity of reality. We need to make it bigger so we can feel justified for what our hearts are telling us.

To live drama-free is not just a trendy slogan, it's a reality for those who come to understand that life is a whole lot more peaceful without the additional fiction that comes with the put-on drama. Some throw dramatic fits just to get attention, but it rarely does it do anything for them but extend the pain of the situation. Others walk away from drama, and these are the folks that are confident and trust their own selves.

1. CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Although drama seems to follow you wherever you go, as a Capricorn, you resent it, as it impedes the natural flow of progress. Anything that gets in the way of your trajectory goal is an impediment, and the drama of human interplay is a serious pet peeve of yours.

You hate it when others cause drama, though you frequently find yourself in histrionic situations.

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2. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

On the down low, you love drama... as an observer. You enjoy the vicarious thrill of watching others fall apart, go insane and lose their minds to hyper dramatic scenarios.

But you, yourself, are drama-free. You can't stand the high drama and crazed fiction in your personal life. and you go out of your way to ensure you never live that way. You crave drama, but you choose to get yours through Netflix.

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3. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

You are incapable of making a decision, and your lack of integrity is astonishing. You have no respect for anyone's timing and you're always late and eternally non-committal. How this makes you a drama-free person is in the fact that you simply remove yourself from all situations before drama can occur.

You have no life, and because of this, you rarely include yourself in the lives of others. Because you have no interest in the lives of others, you bring no drama to the table.

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4. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Unlike your fire sign siblings, Aries and Leo, you are prone to avoiding drama, as opposed to creating it. Your drive for independence is your number one teacher; you've learned that the less people you have in your life, the better, and with this in mind, you avoid contact with anyone who might bring drama into your world.

You enjoy being alone, and you've found that this works better for you. Less drama, more Rama.

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5. PISCES (February 19 - March 10)

Because you're basically a nice person who wants a peaceful life, you choose the path of the drama-free, but honestly, it never really works out that way, does it, Pisces?

You have a dualistic approach to being drama-free: you recognize it as a very good personal choice, but you also tend to go about it in less than peaceful ways. In other words, you crave a drama-free existence, but often times find yourself in a world of total drama and extreme behavior. Oh well, you tried.

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6. LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Being that you are as passive-aggressive as it gets, you like to play it cool. You make people think you've got it all together, and most people do believe that lie. As the top liar of the zodiac, you need to keep your lies in order so you don't get caught red-handed, and to do so, you walk away from anything that might incriminate you.

You are a drama-free person because you relinquish all responsibility for your actions. You are irresponsible and heartless, but it works for you and keeps you clear of drama.

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