Which Zodiac Signs Make The Best Friendships Of All Time

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The Two Other Zodiac Signs You Need For Your Best Friend Squad

Sometimes having two best friends is the best because together you are a force and nothing can stop you. But there can be jealousy with more than two friends. If you think your one friend is favoring the other friend or you feel left out, it’s not a good feeling.

However, when there are three friends, all with mutual respect and love, the energy can be amazing. Having two people supporting you and backing you up. can make you feel empowered and as if you could do anything. Having a girl squad is incredibly important!

And using astrology to guide us, there are certain zodiac signs we connect with on a deeper level and are compatibility with. These signs may not be immediately obvious, and it may be that your differences are what bonds you.

It’s an amazing feeling when you meet someone and they just seem to "get" you immediately. Being able to trust two core friends with your secrets and know they aren’t judging is a wonderful feeling.

You want that core group of friends who are there for you when you need them, friends who make you laugh or hold you when you cry. If there’s drama, you know you’ll be able to get past it with their help. So, who is in your best friend girl squad?

ARIES: Gemini + Libra

Aries is very lively and needs friends with the same "up for anything" attitude — and that's Gemini and Libra. All of you are extremely social creatures who love to party, go out, and to have a good time.

You mesh well together since you all have upbeat personalities, positive attitudes, and are open-minded. You need people who won't get offended when you get blunt, or hurt when you are insensitive to their feelings.

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TAURUS: Cancer + Pisces

Taurus may not wear their feelings on their sleeve, but don't be fooled; they have all the feels and it's crucial for them to have friends they can trust and confide in. That's where Cancer and Pisces come in.

Cancer and Pisces are good at dealing with their feelings, and they can help Taurus feel safe and comfortable enough to talk about what's really bothering them or how they're feeling regarding a new relationship. 

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GEMINI: Libra+ Sagittarius

Geminis need friends who can hold their own in a conversation, like to have fun, and who are very social. All three of these signs are enthusiastic with a lust for life.

These friends spend a lot of time laughing together and having adventures. Every host wants this girl squad at their social event because they're the ones who make it a party with their presence.

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CANCER: Scorpio +Pisces

One of the things Cancer must have in a friend is a creative spark, and Cancer finds that spark in Scorpio and Pisces. This best friend group talks about their feelings a lot and they process what they're going through together.

Scorpio and Pisces would never accuse Cancer of being too emotional and are always there when Cancer needs them.

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LEO: Aries + Scorpio

In friends, Leo needs people with a strong personality and a strong sense of self, and they get it in Aries and Scorpio. Leo likes to be the center of attention and while Aries doesn't mind the spotlight, they're also generous in sharing it.

Scorpio is very supportive, and Leo needs that as they are very loyal themselves and demand it be given back to them. Leo, Aries, and Scorpio are a powerful trio and there's no stopping what they can do when they all work together.

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VIRGO: Capricorn + Cancer

Virgo, Capricorn, and Cancer are all intelligent, dependable problem-solvers, and all of them have a side to them that's a little risque, playful, and surprising. These three are creative, loyal, and passionate about their creative projects.

They share a love of the outdoors, music, and learning. These are the friends who always have your back and will always try to stop you from doing something foolish.

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LIBRA: Pisces + Leo

Pisces and Leo are a good friendship fit for Libra because they each bring different qualities that Libra needs. Leos encourage Libra to set goals and to go outside their comfort zone, and Pisces helps Libra tap into their imagination and be creative.

Libras have ability and talent, but sometimes they just need a little push. Having friends that cheer Libra on is everything for them. 

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SCORPIO: Cancer + Virgo

Scorpio needs friends who will be empathetic and faithful to them. Scorpio doesn't give their trust easily, but when they do, they give it for life. Cancer and Virgo can help Scorpio process their feelings in a healthy way, and they make a safe space that allows secretive Scorpio to open up and spill the tea.

Cancer and Virgo aren't scared by Scorpio's passion and intensity. These signs tend to find each other as children and stay friends for their entire lives.

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SAGITTARIUS: Gemini + Aries

Sagittarius loves meeting new people and they make new friends all the time, but they still need a core group of friends they know are always there for them. Sagittarius finds this with Gemini and Aries.

All these signs love to travel, have adventures, and try new things. Aries and Gemini are realistic enough that they can help keep Sagittarius' feet on the ground. These three signs have no patience for slowpokes because they think it's a crime to waste time.

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CAPRICORN: Leo + Taurus

Capricorn is very hardworking and reliable, but what you may not know about them is their incredible sense of fun. They need friends who are going to encourage them to take vacations or mini-breaks, friends who help them lighten up, and friends who encourage them to take a calculated risk every now and then.

This friend squad is made up of signs who have character but who still know the value of letting loose and being silly.

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AQUARIUS: Sagittarius + Aries

Aquarians are super smart and inventive, and they need friends who support their ideas and don't try to belittle them. Aquarians have a lot of friends, but they still tend to have a tightly knit core group that they spend the most time with and whom they trust.

Aquarians can be unpredictable, and they need friends who don't try to control them and who are able to go with the flow. Sagittarius and Aries aren't going to push back when Aquarius has an outlandish idea — they're going to immediately be on board with it.

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PISCES: Scorpio + Virgo

Pisces are sensitive, selfless, and creative, and they need friends who won't take advantage of them and who won't get in the way of their artistic expression. Scorpio and Virgo are imaginative enough that they get Pisces on an artistic level, and they're pragmatic enough to watch that Pisces doesn't get so caught up in a passion project and forget to eat or take care of themselves.

Sometimes Pisces will try to isolate themselves, even when it's the last thing they should be doing. Scorpio and Virgo will give Pisces enough time alone to heal, but not enough time to alienate all the people who love them.

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